Telltale Is Going To Finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season With Multiple Potential Partners

The closure of Telltale Games ends The Walking Dead: The Final Season at episode 2, lots of fans are hoping that the studio would be able to finish the game, luckily, there is still hope. Earlier, Clementine voice actor Melissa Hutchison and designers Emily Grace Buck and Michael Kirkbride both strongly suggested that it wouldn’t happen, but Telltale Tweeted that it might still happen.


Actually, is not a suprise if there are other studios interested in it, since The Walking Dead is Telltale’s flagship series. So far, nothing is garanteed but we might still see the ending of the series one day.


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The Walking Dead The Final Season Won’t Be Finished, Telltale Games Is Facing Layoffs, Possible Studio Closure Imminent

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