Terraria: Dead Man’s Chest Location (How to use the World Seed)

The guide contains World Seed and the Dead Man’s Chest location (screenshots and coordinates).



This guide contains World Seed that will help you to easily find the Dead Man’s Chest.
Screenshots with location (and coordinates) are also included.

In order to get the achievement, you have to try to open the Dead Man’s Chest like any other chest and then die within 10 seconds.

How to use the World Seed

Create a new world and click on the “Seed” area. This will open a window, where you can type the seed.

Copy this seed:
Paste it here and click “Submit”:

All in all, it should look like this:

Click on “Create” button.

Where to find the Dead Man’s Chest

Once you create the world and enter it, you will want to start looking for the chest.

Coordinates for the chest are:
371′ East
246′ Underground

Here is the location of the Dead Man’s Chest:

And here is how it looks like in game:

Get to the “room” and try to open the chest. Remember that your character has to die within the next 10 seconds. Achievement should pop-up immediately after death.

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