Terraria: How to Survive your First Night

Hello terrarians, if your new, you might wanna survive your first night, right? Well this guide will show you how to survive your first night.


1. Basics
So first, collect wood to make a house and to craft stuff. Next, Craft a Wooden Sword, it does more damage, and it swings better. Last, make a house to protect you from nightime monsters.

2. Survive The Night
Ok, you got your sword, and a house, and its nighttime. Now, you can stay in the house untill day comes, or fight surrounding monsters untill you need healing.

3. What should come out.
If you followed my steps and do what i said, and u survived your night with no deaths, then congratulations to you. You,ve completed my guide. If u didnt survive, then read this whole guide again and see id you do better.
Nine years ago, developer Re-Logic introduced the world to their action-adventure sandbox game, Terraria. Over the years, multiple updates have been released, each adding new features, mechanics, and improvements that made the game feel more whole. With today’s release of Journey’s End (update 1.4), Terraria is now considered “complete” by the developer.

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