Terraria: How to Use Texture Packs in 1.4

Terraria’s Journey End update is nowhere, and the changelog is absolutely massive. With this update, players get new Journey and Master Mode, many new items, new enemies, new music, and a ton of quality of life changes. Texture packs are add-on files, which change the appearance of some or all of a game’s content. This could include weapons, enemies, NPCs, furniture, even the player. if you want to use texture packs in Terraria 1.4. you go to the right place.


How to Use Texture Packs in Terraria 1.4

Any texture pack files posted above this message will not work for 1.4, as there is a change in texture pack formatting. A compatible version of the pack is being worked on and will be posted soon.


How to Use Texture Packs Before

Creating and Installing a Texture Pack

  • Texture pack files are saved as .zip files (with no password).
  • Texture pack files must be placed in the following directory:
    • On Windows, Documents\My Games\Terraria (C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\Terraria)
    • On Mac open Finder and press “Go” on the top. Then press “Go to folder…”. Type in ~Library/Application Support/Terraria
    • If using tModLoader on Mac, bring Finder to the front and press “Go” at the top of your screen. Then press “Go to folder…” and type in ~Library/Application Support/Terraria then go to ModLoader and then finally TexturePacks.
    • On Linux, $XDG_DATA_HOME/Terraria​
      • This is typically ~/.local/share/Terraria
  • For the texture pack to be detected and loaded it must be named Texture Pack.zip and be in the specified directory above. On Windows, the correct name and folder would look something like the image to the right.
  • The texture pack needs to contain only an Images folder. In the Images folder, any texture you include will replace Terraria’s texture of the same path and name.
  • Replacement textures should be saved as pnggif, or jpg. These are the image formats currently supported for this experimental version of the feature.
  • An example file can be found here. The zip file contains some basic texture images, as well as a sample zip file (named Texture Pack.zip) which can be installed to practice and test out the feature. The test pack replaces Wood blocks and walls.

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