The Classrooms: All Glowstick Possible Location (New Update)

An easy guide for Glowstick locations


About the Glowsticks

Glowstick is a new item that was added on update and was added to help players with the Smile in Section 4/Tape 4

The Glowstick have a duration of 30 seconds and you can use it by double clicking the Glowstick icon on your Inventory or pressing G on your keyboard

There’s a limit on how much Glowstick you can get per tape, depending on the Section/Tape you can only get one or two per life and it has several locations that I will show in this guide

Tape 1 and Tape 2 only have ONE glowstick spawns.
Tape 3 and Tape 4 have TWO glowstick spawns.

There’s no limit on how much Glowstick you can use at one time


Glowstick can be found inside Drawers on Tape 1, Tape 2 and Tape 4


On Library can be found next to the black sofa in the right corner of the room on Tape 1, Tape 2 and Tape 4

Waiting room

I Don’t know if Waiting Room is the correcly name for this room but you can found it behind the sofa where can have a doll on it on Tape 1 and Tape 4 (this room can spawn on Tape 2 but i never saw a glowstick behind it on Tape 2)

Lonely Table

You can found it inside the table on that Classroom that only has one table on Tape 1 and Tape 4

Fake Exit

You can found it behind the left door of the right side of that Fake Exit (that have a wall bricks) on Tape 2 and Tape 4

Medicine Cabinets

You can find it inside the Medicine Cabinets. Medicine Cabinets is most common to be found on walls on Tape 3

It’s also have a spawn on that bathroom with two doors on Tape 2 and Tape 3

Bathroom stall

Inside Toilets, It’s is more common to be found on Tape 3 but you can also found it on Tape 2

Computer lab

Below the main computer desk on Tape 1 and Tape 4

Thanks to TheLukas123 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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