The Hero of Kendrickstone: Lawful Good Achievement Guide

A walkthrough guide to Lawful Good and some other achievements along the way.


General Info and Stat Goal
The goal for Lawful Good is to get the stats Compassion and Order as high as possible and do some good along the way.
In this guide we will play a bard in Dame Mildred’s service.
It does not really matter if you accept rewards or not, but there are some things that you have to pay attention to:

  1. Complete all tasks and encounters successfully
  2. Be friendly and merciful
My end stats

The squire of Dame Mildred of Sonnemerci, a Knight of Kendrickstone.

  • Loyalty: 68%
  • Compassion: 94% Pragmatism: 6%
  • Order: 88% Freedom: 12%
Detailed Walkthrough
There may be some more efficient ways of getting this, but tthese worked for me.
At the end the achievement will pop up as soon as you reach the “Thank you for playing!” screen, so click all the way through to that.

1. A bard’s trickery is my weapon. I’ll fast-talk him to his doom.

2. <Pick a gender>

3. <Pick a name>

4. To protect the nearby city the Dragon-King attacks regularly.

5. An austere inn room, paid for by your nightly performances.

6. I wish to bring happiness through my music and words.
Leaving Home

7. I’ll return the man’s friendly greeting, of course!

8. “Are the roads not safe right now?”

9. “How much farther is it to Kendrickstone?”

10. “Safe travels, friend.”

11. Comfortably. I get a small private room and some hearty fare. [8 silvers]

12. Maybe I could stall them with words while I think of a plan?

13. Yes. The fight is over, and the bandit needs our help.

14. “I seek a worthy master to take service with.”

15. “I’m definitely interested.”

16. “Sure, I’d like that.”

17. Talk to Dame Mildred.

18. “Where are you from, anyways?”

19. “What’s it like being a Knight of Kendrickstone?”

20. “You’re right.”

21. “Are the roads usually this unsafe?”

22. “Did that bandit back there really shoot you through the heart like he claimed?”

23. “I’ve no more questions.”

24. I’ll go to the keep and enter Dame Mildred’s service.

25. I pretend to look for papers while I think of a plan.

26. Maybe I could talk them out of robbing me.

27. “What’s this about a writ of protection?”

28. “Who are you?”

29. “I see. So safety in this town has to be bought.”

30. “Where am I?”

31. I ask how to get to the keep.

32. I don’t need any more directions.

33. “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

34. Go to the keep.
La Belle Dame de Sonnemerci

35. I like my comforts, but I am careful how much I spend on them. [20 silver]

36. I entertain in the taverns for extra money.

37. “Why can’t the Knights of Kendrickstone handle it?”

38. “What’s the problem?”

39. I think I will do some shopping.

40. I buy the sling. [50 silver]

41. Request an audience with the Baroness.
<go through all options in order>

42. Question the farmers in the courtyard.
<go through all options in order>

43. “What’s your plan?”
<go through all options in order…>

44. “I’ll fight with you.”

45. No. It’s best if I attack from range.
The Razor’s Edge

46. I opt for the equipment.

47. I like my comforts, but I am careful in how much I spend on them. [40 silver]

48. I entertain in the taverns for some extra money.

49. I’ll buy a new writ. [50 silver]

50. “This job is going to be illegal, isn’t it?”

51. “What do you want me to do?”

52. “Do I really have a choice?”

53. “I’m getting paid for this, right?”

54. “When do you want this done?”

55. Pick up gossip about Lord Berwick and his household.

56. I go through the front gate and bluff my way through the guards.

57. I search for proof that Lord Berwick is involved in smuggling.

58. I search for the chalice.

59. The chalice is my first priority.

60. I keep hidden and wait to see what happens.

61. I bluff Lord Berwick and his guards into surrendering.

62. “I want the chalice.”
Grand Cup

63. “I want answers.”

64. “I want you to come with me. You’re under arrest for smuggling.”

65. “I’m loyal to the Knights of Kendrickstone, and no amount of money can change that.”

66. “I want the gold.”

67. I can afford to spend a little bit on comfort. [60 silver]

68. I entertain in the taverns for some extra money.

69. “There had to be a good reason if the knights were behind it.”

70. “What is this research anyway?”

71. “What do you need me to do?”

72. “I’ll go right away.”

73. I go straight to the gates.

74. I move forward carefully and investigate.

75. Actually, I’ve got a cunning plan to stop the bandits.

76. Try to bluff the bandits.

77. I defend the cart and the people sheltering behind it.

78. I stay back, and wait for the footsteps to subside.

79. I try to approach via stealth.
A Magical Place

80. “I ran into some trouble, but avoided it.”

81. “I’ll take one of the magic rings.”

82. The ring of the envoy.

83. The Duke did much good as a hero. I seek to follow his example.

84. Only if it will prevent mass suffering.

85. <Hear out all the plans>

86. “I’m ready to choose a plan.”

87. The Duke’s plan.

88. “Thank you for your gift, Your Grace.”

89. Lure the bandit to me, and then knock him out.

90. “Why does Milius hate Kendrickstone so much?”

91. “What about you? Why do you hate Kendrickstone?”

92. “Then why do you support Milius if he plans to destroy Kendrickstone?”
DC 20 Diplomacy

93. “Why aren’t we waiting until nightfall?”

94. “What’s the plan?”

95. “Who’s in command?”

96. I bluff the patrol.

97. “I’ll come with you.”

98. I try to take him prisoner!
The Hero of Kendrickstone

99. “What about the bandit who helped me?”

100. “I want that particular prisoner let go.”

101. “Their actions were not their own. Let them go.”

102. “I wish to be rewarded in gold, Your Grace.”
Starting Wealth

103. <Continue until the “Thank you for playing!” screen>
Lawful Good

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