THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake: How to Unlock All Weapons

A guide to unlock all 4 weapons in The house of the dead remake


Unlock armory

You have to save all scientists in 1 playthrough (any difficulty) before you unlock Armory to unlock any weapons

You will know when you unlock “Saviour” achievement

And hidden room at chapter 4 after you kill the bat guy will open for you to enter (the right room)

This achievement will unlock


In chapter 1

When you about to enter the castle, You will have to save this scientist to get in the front door

After enter the castle, When you see 2 monkeys, Kill the left one

Don’t get push down by this guy

And when you enter the first room after last guy, You will have to shoot the treasure chest behind the pillar (It’s quite fast so you might need to take a hit)

And you get a Crossbow


In Chapter 2

You have to shoot the trap door chains to open it (below this guy)

It will be open like this

After you get down and enter the kitchen and kill 2 guys in the fridge

After you get knock down, Shoot the chest behind the guy with hammer (This one also quite fast so you might need to take a hit)

And There’s a Pitter

Grenade Launcher

In Chapter 3

In the first room you enter, After your character know that the right door is locked and enter the left room with 3 guy in it

The chest will be behind in the right corner

And you will get a Grenade Launcher

Assault Rifle

In chapter 4

This one is also in the first room you enter

After you pass this 2 guys

You will see the chest in right

Shoot it and you will get an Assault Rifle

Thanks to Lolilith for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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