The Slormancer: Knight Meteor Shower (Wrath 10 Clear Speed)

[Version 0.1.09729] A guide for Knight focusing on astral retribution meteors to kill the entire map in a few click



first of all thank to hiraku, i used your guides as a template/guideline to make my own guide ^^’

The build is focusing on the legendary ” EARTHBREAK “.

Wich mean you will not be able to play it without this item.

There is another legendary that is not mandatory, but will help tremendously with the gearing process.
and this is the legendary bracers ” Damasius Awarness ”

since it let you have around 50% crit chance on your gear to be optimal instead of 70/75%.

Now that you are aware of the mendatory item you need let start with the guide.


– Very strong (kill and entire room in 2 -3 click)
– Very fast farming (you just walk in a room and everything died)
– Insane AoE
– I’m singin’ in the rain


– Relient on a specific Legendary to work
– Really squishy on rift start without the right set of legendaries
– No mouvement speed apart from the gear
– Meteor doesn’t leech life ,and grapplingling hook having a 2 sec CD this mean you have a 2 sec CD on your leech life so you need to be extra carefull.


The best Reaper to use is the big fury sword since Astral meteor is using skill Damage

The most powerful sword is ok too

Sword of the nimble warrior can be use at the start if you dont have enough crit chance and/or ancestral strike chance

Main and Secondary skills
The main skill in this build is :
Grappling Hook

Mastery 1
– single target : chain link
– AoE/farming : Long chain

Mastery 2
– Captain Hook

Mastery 3
– Gather Intel

Mastery 4
– Shining star

Mastery 5
-Miracle : Head Slam

basically every ancestral strike grappling hook’s doing, an Astral meteors proc thanks to the “earthbreak” legendary.
since we are playing captain hook we can gather all the room in once and with enough crit chance and ancestral strike chance you will see a LOT of meteors falling down on everyone

Chain link can be better on single target thanks to “enhanced luck” trait from the specialization letting you chain a lot of grappling hook when you are lucky, but long chain will be much faster overall.

Secondary skill can be whatever you want

Personally i play with the elder lance for the align the star trait from rank 2

The other rank doesn’t matter

You can play more defensively with creste shield

The others rank doesn’t matter
You juste need to have it in one of your skiils slots to always have minimum 15 % blocks


Haphazard Champion
Mastery 1
– Astral Descent
Mastery 2
– Elder Retribution
Mastery 3
– Astral repercussion
Mastery 4
– To Glory
Mastery 5
– Blessed Strike
Mastery 6
– Armageddon
Mastery 7
– Rain of Meteors
Mastery 8
– enhanced Luck

All the damage multiplier come from here, with Astral Descent and Armageddon, and we get A lot of proc thanks to Rain of Meteors to double our meteor procs and Blessed Strike to get the proc in the first place .

all the reste are little bonuses


30 Fury
Get to rank 30 to get

Then everything else on Savagery

Ancestral Legacy

Burning Shadow

Big damage buff on demande

Vengeful Hero

Some stat cause why not

Gear Stat Priority

Required Stats

Mana & Life Leech, one roll of each, aim to get these on epic stats to free up important magic/rare stats.

Critical chance depand on if you have the damasius awarness legendary or not, you should aim for 50/55% crit on your gear with the legendary (see on the gif at the end i am at 52% critical strike chance and its more than enough) and 70/75% whitout

Once you have the required crititical chance the reste goes as follow :

Offensive Stats
ancestral strike chance on every gear/slot that can have it
Critical Damage
Raw Damage
Damage to Elites

Defensive Stats
Maximum Life (flat and %)

Reaper Stats
+5 Astorias

Mastery Stats

does not really matter since we are not using the damage from the skill itself, you can use mastery levels to fill in the skills mastery until they’re high enough without.

Attribute Stats

fury until rank 30 then everything else on savagery


canot be played whitout.

Earthbreak [shoulders]

thats what makes grappling hook procs astral meteors so no build whitout this item

higly impactful legendaries

Damasius Awareness [bracers]

Free up a lot critical strike chance slots on gear .

Inextricable tourment [belt]

Help a lot in survivability especially on rift start when Gather intel (rank 3 from grappling hook) didn’t stack yet.


Young phoenix feather [helmet]

a nice cheat death , always good to have.

Swift wings of hermesal [chest]

to get a lot more uses from the fury atribute 30 rank

how to play

At the start dont forget to use inextricable tourment aura if you have the legendary

then just use your grappling on everything to see the apocalipse rain down on everyone , juste be carefull when you dont have the gather intel stack up you can very easily be one shoted.

dont forget to use your Ascention on cd to get the fury attributes bonus

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