Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery: All Missable Achievement Guide

Most of the achievements are story based and therefore can’t be missed. There are only 9 missable achievements and the earliest one is in chapter 11.


Missable achievements
Chapter 11

Total Recall
Forget crystal shards in the car.

Don’t click your car to take the crystal shards with you. Proceed to the end of the chapter and you’ll get the achievement. You’ll be able to fast travel and get them later so you won’t have to replay the whole chapter.

Chapter 12

Jimmy Ringo
Fastest gun in the West

Win a round in a duel game in insane mode.

Billy the Kid
Beat high score in Duel Arcade (Chapter 12)

Win 11 rounds in a duel game. Can be done in normal mode. Switching to ultra details in options and focusing on the clock helped me to get it rather quickly.

Treasure island
Find a Treasure island in Voyage Arcade Game (Chapter 12)

Turn your ship back and swim until you get to -18 points.

Chapter 13 part 1

Finish all the chores

Complete six activities:

  • chop wood (outside)
  • do the dishes (kitchen)
  • light up the fireplace (guest room)
  • straighten the items on the desk (second floor)
  • do the laundry (basement)
  • hang the laundry (outside)
Chapter 14

Hide the tracks
Delete the interrogation record

The camera is in the room with blue lock next to the interrogation room. The key is in locker 8 and the code to it is 97623 (SWAT van number).

Chapter 15 part 2

John Wick
Get maximum points at the shooting range (Chapter 15 part 2)

Get 50 points at the shooting range.

Independence Day (movie)
Correct mistake

Rotate a piece of paper with instructions on the table.

Total Annihilation
Explode some stuff while driving a tank

While driving the tank shoot these objects:

  • humvee
  • truck
  • security post (near the entrance)
  • watch tower (near the entrance, opposite security post)
  • fuel tanks
  • wc

Additionally drive through tents to flatten them.

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