Titan Quest Anniversary Edition: How to Open Full Map (All DLC)

This method clears the fog of war by 100%.



The visible area of the minimap will change from this:

To this:


Disable steam cloud sync before starting. Then you can turn it back on.

You need to download two programs. “ARZ Explorer[disk.yandex.com]” for unpacking game archives and “Clear All Fog[disk.yandex.com]” for removing the fog of war.

Unpack all archives to any folder. For example in the game folder.

Save Files

Find the save folders. It’s located: “C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\SaveData\Main\_^oHeroName\Levels_World_World01.map

Inside there are folders indicating the difficulty level.

I recommend you to back up these folders.

ARZ Explorer

For example, you played on a normal difficulty level. You need to go inside the folder and find “fowData.arz”.

Next, you need to run “ARZ_Explorer.exe”. Click “File > Open” and select your “fowData.arz” file. After loading you should see this:

Now you need to extract all files. Click “Extract > All Files” and as the destination folder select the same folder where “fowData.arz” is located. After extracting a “fow” folder will be created and you should see this:

Delete Fow Data

IMPORTANT!!! Now delete “fowData.arz” file!

Clear Fog

Copy all files from folder “Clear_All_Fog” to folder “fow” which you just created.

Run “ClearAllFog.bat”.

Wait for the command prompt to close. After that you can check the progress in the “log.txt” file.

Delete Clear Fog

Remove “ClearAllFog.bat”, “ClearFog.c”, “ClearFog.exe” and “log.txt” from this folder.

Launch the Game

Now get back to the game! The entire area will be open on the minimap, even inaccessible to the player.


Removing the fog of war occurs only on those parts of the map in which you were. If you have not visited Egypt before then the fog of war will remain there.

So you can use the easy way. You just need to download my “fowData[disk.yandex.com]” and replace it in your save. But I could have missed some locations. And I do not have “Eternal Embers” DLC at the moment. I’ll try to keep my file updated.

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