Titan Quest Anniversary Edition: Quickly Suicide Leveling & Auto Away From Keyboard Leveling Guide

This guide helps people who want to leveling their characters much faster or auto leveling away from keyboard.


I. Quickly/Suicide Leveling:

1- Your character’s EXP must have around 5% gained (so 95% to next level) to make this trick works, If lower, this trick can be less effective or even doesn’t works (if your gained exp is too low). Any skills that procs abilitye to save character from dying should be removed to make this process works faster.
2- Equip gears with bonus % experience as many as possible. All Unique gears with +%experience i already show in the video. There are 2 armor parts that don’t have +%exp on it that Arm and Leg. Although there are 2 armor sets that give bonus to %exp (Santa’s Garb and Freyja’s Panoly) but it require equip many set’s part to get that bonus, and it will not worth it to do, you can save those 2 slots for equip gears with “the tinkerer” suffix so you can added 2 legendary and epic Wodan’s Wisdom relics into its (which give bonus % to EXP) or % reduction to all requirement to wearing the Head and Chest armor that give the most % bonus to experience, and it can be added Wodan’s WIsdom relic that give bonus %exp too.
+ The helm give +25%EXP, torso give +20%, amulet give +42%, too rings give + 50% each, sword and shield give 20% each, those gears give +227%EXP.
+ Also, as you can see in the video, i showed 2 green head armors with Ceremonial prefix that give bonus 8%exp, added Wodan’s Wisdom relic (difficulties of relic depends on characters level to use). If you don’t have any unique with better bonus %exp than these kind of Ceremonial gears with relic +%exp (actually if you get head armor with Ceremonial prefix and “the tinkerer” suffix in Atlantis), total bonus %exp can be better than any unique gears that have +%exp.
3- Set game speed at Very Fast speed so it can help this process occult fastest.
4- Choose any places that have rebirth fountain close to any monters the most. I choosing this Olympus’ rebirth fountain in this case. Lure enemies close to the rebirth fountain then let them kill you. After rebirth, gather the tomb stone that to recover exp. With many bonus%exp from gears, your character will take alot more exp than the lost exp from dying by monsters.
5- Repeat this “Level Up Suicide” process till you get next level, then kill enemies to gained about 5%EXP can you can do it again for next level.

* As you can see, after about 7 minutes, my lvl 84 character gained about 70% of EXP bar to lvl85. Lower level character can using this method to lvl up too, but it will slower because limited of gears that have bonus EXP, and the bonus EXP from those low level gears is not as good as high lvl gears.

II. Auto/Away From Keyboard Leveling:

– This method require gears that have bonus EXP, gears with reduced dmg from Undead (both % and flat), gears with elemental retaliation dmg types, gears with some health regen. The detail of gears you can see in the video, start at 00:09.
– There is some place in game that have spawn some Dark Obelisks – contructs like, those Dark Obelisks has ability to summoned Phasmas Skeleton (skeleton mobs with glowing blue color). If you don’t destroy those Dark Obelisks, it will continuely summoned Phasmas Skeletons everytime previous summoned Phasmas Skeletons destroyed. And you can can gained EXP from killing those Phasmas Skeletons. There are 2 type of Phasmas Skeleton that Dark Obelisks summoned are mage caster and melee, both has quite small dmg compared to other mobs around.

+ With the San Bai’s Robe torso armor (Int base armor) that give less dmg from Undead by 50% and the the amulet added an Epic Persephone’s Tear relic + a Legendary Persephone’s Tear relic give your character 375 flat less dmg from Undead by total. Those less dmg from Undead by % and flat combine with Apple of Idun artifact (give bonus 10 flat health regen and +50% health regen) help character has good enough survival abilites vs those Phasmas Skeleton without using any health potions.

+ Shield is “Shield of the Shades” – part of The Shade set, give 100-170 frostburn retaliation by default the value of this effect and any innate effect of gears can be randomly in range 20% higher or lower depend on RNG (just searching RNG on Google if you don’t know what it is). This shield can be bugs as you can see, it has only 55str as attribute require at level 50 so all character type can using it. Incase this shield be “fixed” and Int character can’t be using it anymore, you can using the Rod of the Ancient staff instead. And there are several weapon/shield with retaliation dmg in game for your backup. + Two rings are 2 Andvaranaut rings, both give bonux 100% EXP. This ring has 1% to reflect 1000%dmg to enemies and 1% to reduced the character’s physical res by 500% (so you can sometime see my character lost some health by this debuff effect) by default, too.

+ Head, arm and leg armors that i using are green gears with “the tinkerer” suffix (this suffix allowed added 2 different relics/charms into it, those “the tinkerer” gears only drop from monster/sell in npc shop at Atlantis map) added a Legendary Wodan’s Wisdom relic (bonus 12%EXP) for boost EXP purpose and a Legendary Albino Spider’s Web (give 35% chance to retaliation back to melee attacker 480 Electrical Burn dmg) for “auto” attack. The Phasmas Skeleton is Undead mob type, and they have Undead resist which has high absorption to physical/pierce/poison dmg, after testing with gears that give %reflect dmg and gears that give retaliation elemental dmg type, i see that elemental retaliation dmg has so much better effective compared to reflect dmg, so i decided to using Albino Spider’s Web relic’s Electrical Burn retaliation dmg (and the frostburn retaliation on shield too).

– From Valley of the King’s portal, you go to the North, to Tomb of Merenptah, reach to the end of this tomb where has 4 Dark Obelisks spawn close together. Kill all non- Phasmas SKeleton mobs so they can’t kill you in the middle of leveling process if you Away From Keyboard (even Undead mob around there can kill if there have many of them because your gears don’t give good survival ability enough to deal with massive number of non- Phasmas Skeleton enemies).

– Stand close to the place that my character stand so all summoned Phasmas SKeleton of all 4 Dark Obelisks can see and attacking your character. – About Away from Keyboard part, normally you must stay in game so it running or game will pause if you swap to other tool/website browser, but if you swap to other tool website browsers or to Desktop when character is loading after using portal, game still working as i showed you at 03:03. After swap to any where and game still running, you can using web browser, watching/reading something, do whatever you want (and your pc can handle with both game and other works).

– About the EXP you gained: check 02:00, in this moment character EXP is 11,069,376 exp to next level and after about 1 minutes, at 03:01 character EXP is 10,797,824 exp to next lvl. Character’s level is 84, so it very late game and after calculated by using this method, character gained 271,552 EXP after 1minutes = ~4526 EXP per seconds. It’s not impressive if compared to the “suicide method” i showed before (actually this auto/AFK leveling method less effective than “Suicide” method by ~30 times :))) but if you know that a normal run in single game no mod with character lvl84, equipt good gears for late game builds do a killing enemies from last Rebirth FOuntain of Hades Palace to Hades direction in 1minutes gained less quite alot than this Auto/AFK method, you will change your mind. And beside of that, you can do whatever you want while character auto leveling, it’s very useful for people are boring after leveling normally again and again for many character at 3 difficulties.
– You can using EXP potion (drops/”sell” in Atlantis map) to boost EXP gained by alot.

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