Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist: How to Unlock the Bonus Alpha Goggles, Boots and Gloves (Save Game Editing)

This guide explains how to to unlock the bonus Alpha goggles, boots and gloves via save game editing.


Make a backup of your save file. It will erase your current progress.
The method works if you start the game from the beginning with a new clean save file.

Preparation phase
  • First, we need to find the Blacklist.ini file in the game folder along the path \Splinter Cell Blacklist\src\SYSTEM\
  • Next, open it and edit the line UseBinaryProfile=true changing to false.
  • Now we start the game and skip introduction.
    Important note!!! When you get to the Paladin, view the scene with Charlie by clicking on the spacebar, then getting into SMI map.
  • After this exit the game.
Editing a save file
Open a save file which is located on \Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\ random_number\91 (uplay ver.) and 449 (steam ver.) in any hex editor (you can google and use any free one. I’m using Hex Editor Neo) and find the line as on a screenshot.

Inject a code after the “UplayWinActionCompleteX” string, which highlighted red.
Each line opens a unique bonus. Don’t forget to add 2 dots and 4 spaces in the code at the end of every </m_bW2GUnlocksX>.

<m_bW2GUnlocks1> 1 </m_bW2GUnlocks1> alpha goggles
<m_bW2GUnlocks2> 1 </m_bW2GUnlocks2> alpha boots
<m_bW2GUnlocks3> 1 </m_bW2GUnlocks3> alpha gloves

If you open the file in the notepad, it should look like this:

When the job is done save the file.
Change UseBinaryProfile=false to true in Blacklist.ini back.
Go into the game and proud of ourselvesːcozybethesdaː. Now you can use the full Alpha Ops Suit.

By Ierr and Andreas

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