Toram Online: Main Quest & Leveling Walkthrough For New Players

A Basic Guide / Walkthrough for Main Quest and Leveling for new players on Toram Online. Will cover EXP earned (From EXP Chest Reward), items needed for Main Quest chapters & spots I would stop to level for a bit before continuing on Main Quest. You can use Steam Overlay to view this guide while inside the game.


Things to Take Note

I will be playing a new character (Bow) while simulating to be a new player by limiting myself with things like:

  • Equipment (Only from Drops / Basic Equipment)
  • Avatar (No Enchanted Ones)
  • Skills (Based on my Current Character Level)
  • Playing on International 4 [PC] unless really no PT for leveling

I will however be using my food buffs & mercenary to kill bosses easily (with some on Easy mode even). I am also using a 30 Day Standard Ticket.

Some useful tips:
At any point of your Main Quest when you need to travel back to City, Press M to open Map and teleport back (Loading might take a while). Places that your have been via Main Quest and has a Save Point for it can be teleported to via Spina.

Stuck on a Quest? Press J to check where to head to next! The Quest Arrow indicator sometimes will only show when you leave town / one map away from the next quest point.

Pressing N can change the size of the Mini Map, so you know which route to take!

Using the right Merc can save you time! Usually, a THS merc for Boss Battles and an Area of Effect (AOE) merc for mob killing part of quest (Such as Bow / Staff)


At the bottom of each chapter there is a list of item(s) needed, total EXP from the Chapter & time taken (with no skip) for those who just need those info (use the Headers on the right side to navigate)

End of Chapter 1: Level 45
End of Chapter 2: Level 62
End of Chapter 3: Level 74
End of Before Chapter 4 [Optional]: Level 95
End of Chapter 4: Level 98
End of Chapter 5: Level 104
End of Before Chapter 6 [Optional]: Level 124
End of Chapter 6:
End of Chapter 7:
End of Chapter 8:
End of Chapter 9:
End of Chapter 10:
End of Chapter 11:

Note: I will publish this first, should be complete by end of today 13 Jan. Need some sleep and change of pace first. Do check back later once done, cheers

The unedited files of my Main Quest journey

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Chaos

Episode 1: First Time Visit
[Leather Armor]
[30 EXP]
Tip: Before you leave Sofya, do add some friends via Shout to use as Mercenary(Merc) during Boss Fights

Episode 2: Straye Brother and Sister
[Defeat Boss Colon]
[Straye Badge]
[100S, 80 EXP]

Episode 3: A Golem on a Rampage
[Defeat Excavated Golem]
[Strength, Intellectual & Dex Gem x3]
[730 EXP]

Episode 4: The Goddess of Wisdom
[Collect Hard Dragon Skin x2] – Piedra (Mob)
[Collect Lamb Meat x1] – Wooly (Mob)
[2,060 EXP]

Episode 5: The Dragon’s Den
[Defeat Eerie Crystal] – Use a Merc
Tip: Get at least x3 Vine from Pain Leaf (Mob)
Tip: You can continue killing Eerie Crystal with Merc to level up (I stayed here till level 26)
[4,700 EXP]

Episode 6: The Ruined Temple
[Defeat x10 Goblins]
Defeat x10 Beak]
[9,330 EXP]
Tip: At Area 1, get at least x3 Thick Beak from Beak
Tip: At Area 2, get at least x3 Fairy Feathers from Roar

Episode 7: The First Magic Stone
[Defeat Minotaur]
[Mana Gem x3]
[16,700 EXP]
Tip: You can continue killing Minotaur to level and farm Minotaur Skin to earn some Spina (I stayed here till around level 45, at level 39 switch to Hard Difficulty)

Episode 8: Purification Incense
[Collect Fairy Feather x3]
[Collect Thick Beak x3]
[Collect Vine x3]
[27,900 EXP]
Tip: You should have them in Bag already if you followed previous tips.

Episode 9: The Dragon and Black Crystal
[Defeat Brutal Dragon Decel]
[Sofys Talisman]
[43,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • Hard Dragon Skin x2
  • Lamb Meat x1
  • Fairy Feather x3
  • Thick Beak x3
  • Vine x3

Chapter 1 EXP:

  • 104,530 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around 90 minutes

I am level 45 now with the above equipments. (Need get some tier 2 skills too)
Sold some Minotaur Skin as well (I sold them cheaper since it’s not a full stack)

Chapter 2: Look for Holy Gems!

Got some new skills, let’s continue!

Episode 10: The Merchant Girl
[Challenge Dungeon Unlock]
[Defeat Mochelo]
[64,000 EXP]
[Treasure Box Unlock]

Episode 11: Where Are the Gems?
[Star Hunter Flower]
[Defeat Flare Volg]
[3,000S, 92,000 EXP]
Tip: Talk to Shreya before fighting Flare Volg so that they join the party

Episode 12: Who is the Black Knight?!
[Defeat Ooze]
[118,200 EXP]

Episode 13: Trials in the Palace
[Defeat 10 Sword Marionette]
[[Defeat 10 Mage Marionette]
[Collect Swordsman Stone Coin x20]
[149,000 EXP]

Episode 14: The Moon Wizard
[Defeat Mauez]
[Proof of VIctory]
[172,000 EXP]

Episode 15: The Follower and Hater
[Defeat Demon’s Gate]
[227,000 EXP]

Episode 16: The Wizard’s Cave
[240,000 EXP]
Tip: Farm at least x5 Saham Crystal from Rotta Nemico
Tip: Farm at least x10 Jagged Fang from Gob Roga

Episode 17: The Star Wizard
[Defeat Boss Roga]
[255,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • Swordsman Stone Coin x20
  • Saham Crystal x5 [For Episode 21]
  • Jagged Fang x10 [For Episode 21]

Chapter 2 EXP:

  • 1,317,200 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around 100 minutes

Level 62 now, let’s go!

Chapter 3: Battle with the Ancient God

Episode 18: The Invincible… Enemy??
[Collect Sand Mole Meat x1]
[Collect Beast Claw x3]
[Collect Sand Frog Skin x5]
[270,000 EXP]

Episode 19: The Ancient Empress
[Defeat Ancient Empress]
[284,000 EXP]
Tip: Get at least x1 Spiritual Gem from Cassy

Episode 20: The Culprit
[Defeat Pojo x10]
[Defeat Green Boar x10]
[Defeat Owl x10]
[Defeat Lime Potum x10]
[Defeat Masked Warrior]
[319,000 EXP]
Tip: Recommended to level at Masked Warrior until level 70 with Mercs

Episode 21: Fate of the Fortress
[Sofya City Save Point]
[Collect Jagged Fang x10]
[Collect Saham Crystal x5]
[Collect Spiritual Gem x1]
[Etthos Fortress Save Point]
[335,000 EXP]
Tip: Since you’re level 70 now, get Tier 3 skills at Library when you stop by Sofya
Tip: You should already have the items needed in Bag

Episode 22: Memory in the Lost Town
[Defeat Pillar Golem]
[398,000 EXP]

Episode 23: The Stolen Sorcery Gem
Tip: You can use Mondan’s Secret Path to go to Saham from Lost Town
[417,000 EXP]

Episode 24: Living with a Dragon
[Defeat Grass Dragon Yelb]
[462,300 EXP]

Episode 25: Monster from Outerworld
[Defeat Nurethoth]
[540,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • Sand Mole Meat x1
  • Beast Claw x3
  • Sand Frog Skin x5
  • Jagged Fang x10 [From Episode 16]
  • Saham Crystal x5 [From Episode 16]
  • Spiritual Gem x1 [From Episode 19]

Chapter 3 EXP:

  • 3,025,300 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around 120 minutes

Before Chapter 4 [Optional]

This is optional but it is highly recommended to pause the Main Quest at this point and do some boss leveling.

Personally, I went back to Masked Warrior (since I’m now exactly 74) and level up till 84 (on Hard difficulty and stopped at 95 (on Nightmare difficulty from 84+, just so I can start the battle)

Tip: If there is no party in PC server, best to go to International 1 via Mobile because its a hot spot for players to level their pet there as well (personally I prefer Yelb). Some will allow you in party just so they can increase their ranking count + them being helpful.

Took me overall roughly 40 mins (I used 1 Training Book) + leeching =)
Tip: You do get that open x330 free chest in Shop, so open them daily. Books/Tickets does not affect the EXP you gain from quest rewards

By now, you should also have a new character slot. You might want to make a new character as placement and change status to latest so that the new level 1 character will skip Chapter 1-3 (As the EXP gained is lower & a lot of running to do as well)

Chapter 4 is pretty short with no item farming needed. The level 1 character can easily level up using Mercs in fights on Easy mode. You can also access all Chapter 1 – 3 bosses once that character is near to the boss level (+/- 9 level, for better EXP received)

Now let’s continue the Main Quest!

Chapter 4: The Creeping Shadows

Episode 26: The Mage Diels
[562,000 EXP]

Episode 27: Journey for Reconstruction
[Defeat Goldoon]
[585,000 EXP]

Episode 28: The Sacred Gem in Akaku
[Defeat Goovua]
[Akaku Flower]
[710,000 EXP]

Episode 29: The King of Darkan
[Defeat Tulin x30]
[Defeat Greg x30]
[740,000 EXP]

Episode 30: The Lurking Evil
[Defeat Scrader]
[803,000 EXP]

Episode 31: Find the False Black Knight
[Defeat Black Knight of Delusion]
[913,000 EXP]

Episode 32: Technista’s Movement
[1,000,000 EXP]

Episode 33: The Falling Feather of Death
[Defeat Chandler x10]
[Defeat Phobos x10]
[Defeat Evil Crystal Beast]
[1,100,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • No items needed

Chapter 4 EXP:

  • 6,413,000 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around 70 minutes

Note: After finishing Episode 33, the cut-scene will automatically bring you to Episode 34 (Chapter 5).

Chapter 5: The Storm in the Darkness

Episode 34: In the Unknown Darkness
[1,150,000 EXP]

Episode 35: The Charm
[Defeat Cerberus]
[1,310,000 EXP]

Episode 36: Parching Dark Mirror
[Defeat Zolban]
[1,370,000 EXP]

Tip: Sunion drops a Fire Element arrow if needed

Episode 37: Fierce Battle in the Garden
[Defeat Aranea]
[1,550,000 EXP]

Episode 38: A Light in the Darkness
[Defeat Bexiz]
[1,750,000 EXP]

Episode 39: The Ones Nesting in the Manor
[Defeat Imitator]
[1,970,000 EXP]

Episode 40: The Dark Castle
[Defeat Aranego]
[Defeat Imitacia]
[2,210,000 EXP]

Episode 41: To the World of the Living
[2,220,000 EXP]

At the end of Chapter 5, you should received another Character Slot as Emblem Reward. You may want to repeat the recommendation on ‘Before Chapter 5 [Optional]’ regarding filling up the character slot.

Items Needed:

  • No Items Needed

Chapter 5 EXP:

  • 13,530,000 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around 60 minutes

Before Chapter 6 [Optional]

Another optional but recommended portion since I am now level 104.
From 104 – 145 you can easily level up through the bosses that your have done in the previous chapters. Personally (this is my own preference), I would go to

  • 104 to 114 (Masked Warrior ULTIMATE)
  • 114 to 124 (Cerberus NIGHTMARE)
  • 124 to 131 (Scrader ULTIMATE)
  • 131 to 145 (Cerberus ULTIMATE)

However, I stopped at level 124 to continue on the Main Quest. By not having a level 150, meaning no Tier 4 skills, it is not easy to find a willing party to take you in.

Thankfully, my guild mates were leveling their pets at those areas, so I practically leeched off their party. This is why joining a helpful, active guild in my opinion is important.

Many guilds out there, so as a new player, do find one you can call home & family while in the game.
Now at level 124, lets start Chapter 6 (I accidentally did the 1st episode of Chapter 6 earlier)

Time Taken (From 104 – 124):

  • Around 90 minutes (With x1 Training Book + Standard Ticket)

Note: At this point I assumed you have your 1st character and hopefully 2nd character which can farm (A Storm Mage Perhaps). As such, I’ll simulate having 500,000S into the character.

Things you can farm by now (just to name a few):

  • Minotaur Skin
  • Flower Nectar
  • Blacksmith Proficiency Items
  • Nightmare Crystal

Spent 410,000S to update my items to those. You don’t exactly need latest equipments to play Main Quest. Just buy what you think you could use in the meanwhile while saving your earned Spinas.

Chapter 6: The Two Technista

Episode 42: Demi Machina
[2,600,000 EXP]

Episode 43: The Town of Pax Faction
[Defeat Iconos]
[2,700,000 EXP]

Episode 44: Mechanical Heart
[Defeat Ifrid]
[2,800,000 EXP]

Episode 45: Black Knights of Lyark
[Defeat Ornlaft]
[Defeat Felien]
[Defeat Gwaimol]
[2,820,000 EXP]
Note: You will die in the battle, it will increase your defeated count by 1

Episode 46: The Mysterious Artifact
[Defeat Proto Leon]
[3,030,000 EXP]

Episode 47: Truth of the Artifact
[Einklang Save Point]
[3,099,000 EXP]

Episode 48: The Price of Treachery
[Defeat York]
[3,320,000 EXP]

Episode 49: The Blasphemous Factory
[Defeat Demi Machina x10]
[Defeat Tyrant Machina]
[3,640,000 EXP]

Episode 50: Mystery of the Black Knights
[Defeat Mozto Machina]
[4,020,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • No Items Needed

Chapter 6 EXP:

  • 20,369,000 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around 85 minutes

Chapter 7: Upheaval in Ultimea

Note: I will add these later, wanna play another game first + didn’t attempt yet on the ‘new player’ character

Episode 51: Monster’s Forest

Episode 52: The Underground Town

Episode 53: The Elves in Lyark

Episode 54: The Mad Laboratory

Episode 55: Tragedy in the Jail

Episode 56: Calamity in Droma Square

Episode 57: Head for Ultimea Palace

Episode 58: Chaotic Truth

Items Needed:

Chapter 7 EXP:

  • EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around ?? minutes

Chapter 8: Road to Eldenbaum

Note: I will add these later, wanna play another game first + didn’t attempt yet on the ‘new player’ character

Episode 59: The Mine Where Monsters Lurk

Episode 60: The Mysterious Shadow

Episode 61: The New Diel Country

Episode 62: The Ruins of the Gods

Episode 63: The Former God of Justice

Episode 64: The Remaining Thrones in the Shrine

Episode 65: Gods’ Whereabouts

Episode 66: The Wait at Specia’s Shrine

Episode 67: The Warden of Ice & Snow

Episode 68: At Mountains’ End

Items Needed:

Chapter 8 EXP:

  • EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around ?? minutes

Chapter 9: Recapturing Eldenbaum

Episode 69: Deadly Road to Eldenbaum
[Defeat Tuscog]
[15,800,000 EXP]

Episode 70: Unforeseen Traps
[Defeat Eroded Pilz]
[17,100,000 EXP]

Episode 71: Traces of Technological Progess
[Defeat: Pyxtica]
[18,200,000 EXP]

Episode 72: An Unexpected Acquaintance
[Defeat Shampy]
[Defeat: Kuzto]
[19,200,000 EXP]
Tips: At Labilans Sector, get Labilans Wood x10 from Toretta

Episode 73: Front Line Base Operation
[Collect Labilans Wood x10]
[Defeat Sapphire Roga]
[20,300,000 EXP]
Note: You should have the Labilans Wood in your inventory by now.

Episode 74: Strategy to Redeem the Treetop Harbor
[Defeat Gravicep]
[21,500,000 EXP]

Episode 75: The Teleporter Left Behind
[Defeat Repthon]
[22,700,000 EXP]

Episode 76: The Man Who Seeks Death
[Defeat Vulture]
[23,900,000 EXP]

Episode 77: The Battle to Recapture Eldenbaum
[Defeat Venena Metacoenubia]
[25,000,000 EXP]
Tip: The 1st time doing this portion will include 4 mini-sections and will take around 15 – 20 minutes which must all be completed in one attempt.

Episode 78: A New Beginning
[13,000,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • Labilan Woods x10

Chapter 9 EXP:

  • 196,700,000 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around ?? minutes

Chapter 10: The Lost God’s Ship

Episode 79: Off the the Fateful Land
[26,000,000 EXP]

Episode 80: The Inhabitants Under the Cliff
[Defeat Pisteus]
[27,400,000 EXP]

Episode 81: The Nightmare Returns
[28,800,000 EXP]

Episode 82: The Whereabouts of the Missing Monks
[Defeat Arachnidemon]
[30,200,000 EXP]

Episode 83: The Goddess of Courage and the Squatters
[Defeat Agelada x6]
[Defeat Besy x6]
[31,600,000 EXP]

Episode 84: Navigator of the Ark
[Defeat Black Shadow]
[Defeat Bagaya x10]
[Revita VI x10]
[33,100,000 EXP]

Episode 85: The Witch in the Woods
[Defeat Hexter]
[34,600,000 EXP]

Episode 86: The Duel in Nov Diela
[Defeat Irestida]
[Sofys Talisman II]
[36,200,000 EXP]

Items Needed:

  • No Items Needed

Chapter 10 EXP:

  • 247,900,000 EXP

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around ?? minutes

Chapter 11: Off to Toram

Episode 87: Flying the Ark
[Defeat Reliza]

Episode 88: Land of the Unknown
[Defeat Rhinoceros]
[Defeat Gemma]
[49,000,000 EXP]
Tip: Before going to Gemma collect Broken Horn x20 from Rhinoceros in Fugitive Lake Swamp.

Episode 89: The Strolling Forest
[Defeat Ferzen the Rock Dragon]
[Collect Broken Horn x20]
[51,000,000 EXP]
Tip: To go to the inner area of the Guardian Forest, first move to the middle portal mark then move to the right portal mark and finally to the left portal mark.
Note: You should have the Broken Horn in your inventory by now.

Episode 90: Eumanos the Forest Dwellers
[Defeat Junior Dragon Zyvio]
[53,400,000 EXP]

Episode 91: A Sproutling is Born
[Defeat: War Dragon Turba]
[55,700,000 EXP]

Episode 92: Please Wait for the Update…

Items Needed:

  • Broken Horn x20 [From Episode 88]

Chapter 11 EXP:

  • 246,900,000 EXP (Subject to changes when MQ updates)

Total Time Taken(Including Leveling):

  • Around ?? minutes

Final Words

Now that you have caught up to the latest Main Quest, firstly, congratulations.

Any Main Quest attempt from the second time onward will have a SKIP feature that can be activated by pressing ESC key. The skip will fast forward cut-scenes but you will still need to select whenever there are options to choose. This will cut main quest time by a huge lot!

Overall EXP earned:

  • EXP

Overall time taken:

  • Around ?? minutes

Time taken with skip:

  • Around ?? minutes

Note: If I am missing something or you want to to add something, feel free to comment.

Note: I know above not yet filled, I’m taking a break first for now.

I will update the guide as/when new update for Main Quest comes out. Cheers & Happy Toraming!


  • 11 Jan 2022 [0948]: Completed Chapter 1
  • 11 Jan 2022 [1008]: Added TL;DR Section
  • 11 Jan 2022 [19:11]: Completed Chapter 2
  • 11 Jan 2022 [21:07]: Completed Chapter 3
  • 11 Jan 2022 [21:10]: Added Before Chapter 4 [Optional] Section
  • 12 Jan 2022 [01:40]: Completed Before Chapter 4 [Optional] Section
  • 12 Jan 2022 [17:28]: Completed Chapter 4
  • 12 Jan 2022 [22:45]: Completed Chapter 5
  • 12 Jan 2022 [22:27]: Added Final Words Section
  • 13 Jan 2022 [04:48]: Added Before Chapter 6 [Optional] Section
  • 13 Jan 2022 [05:38]: Completed Chapter 9
  • 13 Jan 2022 [05:41]: Completed Chapter 10
  • 13 Jan 2022 [05:47]: Completed Chapter 11
  • 13 Jan 2022 [08:03]: Completed Chapter 6

Special Thanks

  • Hateru [For letting me leech without complain from 84 – 95 and 104 – 124]
  • AaghostA [For joining the PT for leveling me from 104 – 124]
  • ZORO 75 [For helping with the information from Chapter 9, 10 & 11]
  • Everyone else who allowed me to leech EXP at times in party, as I really ‘pretended’ that the new character I made is my highest level character.
  • All the Mercenaries I used to help me kill the Bosses.

Thanks to HairlessPanda™ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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