Tormented Souls: All Puzzles Guide

Tormented Souls contains many puzzles that you must solve to advance the story. All but one of these puzzles are necessary to complete the game. This guide will show how to complete all the puzzles quickly, which can prove helpful when doing the Speedrun, or simply for reference on a first playthrough.
Depending on which patch you play this game on, you may find that certain sections of this guide do not match. That is because some items were moved around, and even some rooms changed entirely, in the early patches. This is especially noticeable between 1.00 and 1.01. This guide is accurate as of patch 1.02.


Padlock Code

*In the room where you begin the game, there’ll be a padlock on a cabinet. Unlock it with 1235 to grab a Wrench, then interact with the head of the Wrench to open it slightly. Now use the Wrench on the door.

Generator Puzzle

Once you get into the Generator Room, you will need to activate the generator. Grab the Valve next to where you start the generator, and go down to the control panel. Place the Valve on the bottom left pipe, then open them all except for the bottom valve on the right section so the dial reads 11kg/cm. Now return to the generator itself and turn it on.

Library Door Knocker

Once you obtain the Door Knocker from the Chapel and the Stethoscope from the Sewing Room, you will need to use the Door Knocker on the Library Door in E-F2. You now need to knock the correct sequence to open it. Before the game will let you do this you must use your Stethoscope on the statue in Main Hall. Return to the Library Door and knock the solution: * *** * *

Elevator Puzzle

Once you access the hallway in W-F2 with a Thread Bolt, go down the elevator to F1. Push the trolley directly outside into the elevator to block the doorway. Head up to Reception in W-F2 to acquire the Thread Bolt, then return back down to the elevator in Chapel to go to F2. Use the Thread Bolt on the fusebox here

Skeleton Puzzle

Once you access the Experiment Room in the Basement, there will be a skeleton with buttons on it, and a plaque with a riddle. Press the buttons in the following order to unlock a secret passage:

  • Head, Stomach, Hand, Throat, Heart, Throat

Combination Key Doors

Once you get the Combination Key from the Experiment Room and Boiler Room, you will be able to unlock four doors throughout the mansion, each with a puzzle.
In East Wing Corridor in E-F1 will be a door to the Pharmacy. The solution is:

  • Star, Triangle, Hexagon

Archives Door

In the Chapel in W-F1 will be a door to the Archives. The solution is:

  • Square, Triangle, Star

Dining Room Door

In the Dining Room in E-F2 will be a door to an unnamed room. The solution is:

  • Square, Hexagon, Pentago

Intensive Care Corridor Door

In West Wing Corridor in W-F2 will be a door to Intensive Care Corridor. The solution is:

  • Pentagon, Triangle, Circle

Cash Register Code

After accessing the Archives, you will be able to access behind the counter in Main Hall where you will find a cash register. Open this with 0414 to receive a Coin. The code is derived by the number of lines intersecting with the dot on the clues.

Judge’s Podium Puzzle

In Room 2D in W-F2, there will be a judge’s podium with several dials that you can rotate. Before you can do anything with this though, you will need the Hammer and Parchment Scroll. Use the Parchment Scroll on the indent of the judge’s podium, then rotate the dials to match the puzzle on the parchment:

  • Hands on Eyes, Hands on Ears, Hands on Mouth, Headless

Once the dials are positioned, use your Hammer on the judge’s block to receive a Staple Gun.

Floppy Disk Puzzle

Once you have the Floppy Disk from the Shower Room in W-F1, head to the Store next to the Chapel. In here you will find a computer to re-write the key code. Before you can re-write it though, you will need to interact with the Floppy Disk. Rotate it around and interact with the lock in the bottom right to enable writing. Now insert the Floppy Disk into the computer and input the code:

  • Martha

Grandfather Clock Code

After accessing East Wing Hall in E-F1, you will find a clock which allows you to change the date, month, hour, minute and second. Set this to 25 Dec, 8:15:25 and you will be able to grab the Jade Eye.

  • 25 Dec, 8:15:25

Vinyl Puzzle

Once you have the Jade Eye, you can use it on the bust in the Office in E-F2 to open a panel with seven buttons. You will need to replicate the song played on the gramophone in the same room. Use the solution shown below

Key Dial Puzzle

In order to put the Key Dial into the indents downstairs in the Main Hall, you will need to rotate all the dials on it to match the indents. Match the below orientation to place it in.

Infinite Room Puzzle

Inside the Underground area, you will find a room with a recording tape image in front of it. This room is the Infinite Room.
This room is one big puzzle, with 4 doors, 4 plinths and 4 directions. There is a plaque in the corner that tells a story, and you need to go through the right door for it to progress, else it resets. With every correct step of the puzzle, a candle in the chandelier will light up. Below are the correct steps to escape:

  1. “New Adventure” – Golden Door
  2. “Fallen into the sea” – Empty Basin
  3. “Ursa Minor” – North
  4. “Furious Storm” – Wooden Door
  5. “Floating Alone” – Dirt Basin
  6. “Deserted Island” – Ember Basin
  7. “Days have past” – West/O

TV Puzzle

In the Sewer you will find a TV Dial, which you can use on the TV in Caroline’s Bedroom, accessed through the mirror in Sewer Storage Room. You’ll be able to cycle through 12 channels, 5 of which will show an image. You need to cycle between the 5 images in a particular order, much like a combination lock. Do note that if you over-rotate the dial at all, it will reset the puzzle. Simply turn the TV off and on to try it again. The solution is:

  1. Start on the Yin Yang
  2. Turn dial right/clockwise 8 times to the Spider
  3. Turn dial left/counter-clockwise 5 times to the 4-Leafed Clover
  4. Turn dial right/clockwise 7 times to the Tricycle
  5. Turn dial left/counter-clockwise 4 times to the Die

Gasoline Pump Puzzle

In Bunker 1-2B you will find a gasoline pump with lots of valves. In order to do this puzzle you will first need three Pipe Caps, found in Bunker 1A, Bunker 2A and Bunker 3B. You will also need a Gas Canister, found in the Prison at the end of the Bunker.
First of all, examine your Gas Canister and open the lid, then interact with the pump to place the canister down. You now need to direct the gasoline through the pipes by capping pipes and turning valves. See below for the solution:

Thanks to Harden for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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