Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers: All Trophies

A translation/cheat sheet of all Trophies available to unlock in-game, so that you can Shift+Tab your way through stages instead of Alt+Tabbing them. All the hard work by Touhou Wiki contributors.


A.K.A. Achievements. Spoilers as usual. See to Passive Cards Blank Card for alternate ending. Bad endings are by Game-overing then continuing and beating the game. (I don’t know if Easy still blocks off normal endings). 1CC = 1 Credit Clear, don’t game-over. That will unlock Extra Stage for the character.

00: Cleared with Reimu (Alternate Ending) (Well done!)

01: Cleared with Reimu

02: Cleared with Marisa (Alternate Ending)

03: Cleared with Marisa

04: Cleared with Sakuya (Alternate Ending)

05: Cleared with Sakuya

06: Cleared with Sanae (Alternate Ending)

07: Cleared with Sanae

08: Reimu Bad End

09: Marisa Bad End

10: Sakuya Bad End

11: Sanae Bad End

12: Reimu Extra Clear

13: Marisa Extra Clear

14: Sakuya Extra Clear

15: Sanae Extra Clear

16: Easy Clear (We’re only getting started!)

17: Normal Clear (Congrats! You’re good.)

18: Hard Clear (Congrats! You really did it!?)

19: Lunatic Clear (Welcome to my world!)

20: Easy 1CC (Brilliant! You’ve done well!)

21: Normal 1CC (Congrats! You’re on your own now!)

22: Hard 1CC (You’re good! You’re the type that plays a lot of STGs, aren’t you?)

23: Lunatic 1CC (Another one of the Lunatic Shooters has been born!)

24: Unmarketable Market ~ View Alternate Ending (An empty card is able to become a card with any ability. It’s the template.)

25: Perfect Clear (Cleared the game without dying. That must have been hard…)

26: Unowned Being (Cleared Lunatic without dying. Only a handful of people in the world could accomplish this. You are a God unleashed.)

27: King of Kodoku (Cleared Extra without dying. Your focus is impeccable! You really are great! Just, be careful to not run out of oxygen.)

28: Spell Card Collector (Captured every Spell Card. Nice!)

29: Card Dealer (In the end, you’ve become the biggest seller of ability cards. It’s all at the mercy of Iizunamaru Megumu and Tenkyuu Chimata…) [I’m assuming this is “collect every card”].

30: No info, will update, I’m assuming its 100ing% the rest.

Most people are not going to get 23, 26 and 27, likely. Don’t feel bad about not getting every one of these. You can probably do 28 at all difficulties, though! I believe in you!!

By Fatih

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