Town of Passion: Book & Pillar Puzzle Guide

Town of Passion is created by Siren’s Domain, an RPG Maker Adventure game that uses puzzle-solving and riddles to further the game. here is a simple guide for book puzzle, if you are stuck in the puzzle, it may help you a lot.


Town of Passion  Book and Pillar Puzzle Guide

Book Puzzle:

To get passed the barrier (Marked O) you need to put all 4 books on their
particular shelf. 2 books are on shelves, 1 on the table and 1 in the red box (Marked O).
Here is the tricky bit. Hint: Thy shelf’s neighbour holds the clue. The purple
pillars (Marked O) will disappear almost at the end of the Lust Route, the chest gives 3 Goddess Coins.

Get the book, you are now tired, go home and sleep, we can give the book
in the morning.

Note: Going home now is optional, you can skip the two events below if you want by just visiting Rose now.
Morning: Go to Rose and hand the book, she’ll tell you to join her to
night. Go eat breakfast, lunch and dinner or rest at the bench until
Night: Visit Rose and talk to her.
Rose’s mini-game 3: Since there isn’t anything major I’ve to reveal on a
map here. Just explore the area to get 3 Goddess Coins, notice that Mary
and Raylene is here, when done, go up to Rose and gain the heart.
Access to Reverse Riding/Cowgirl scene.
Morning: Talk to Rose. Access to Rose’s upstairs now available.
Night: Visit Rose upstairs, behind the curtain. She will give you a key to an area. Ask for Reverse scene again for another variation.
Morning: Talk to Rose, she will tell you to visit the Library, go to the
Library and speak to the Fae the Librarion about the key. She will
tell about restricted areas, being reminded about Rose’s Storage.


Go to Rose’s Storage Room, the key will open the gate on the side.

Enter through the gate, dig up the rubble and jump into the pit. This first
area should be familiar to you.

Pillar Puzzle:

This puzzle is really similar to the Tutorial/Minerva’s pillar puzzle. Enter a
particular order I like to call the “Scalene Torch” (Marked numbers). 2 and/or 3 will be out as you enter the sequence. Enter the portal and be taken
to another Goddess Realm, Minerva shows up.
Gained Power: Fire Balls (only works in this area, unfortunately). Press Q
or Page Down to throw balls if you did not read.

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