Train Sim World® 2: How to Solve Sand Patch Grade GP38-2 (2 engines) Not Moving BUG

This guide is a simple explanation of how to solve the Sand Patch Grade GP38-2 (Two nice big american locos) when they seemingly won’t move unless you have a lot of power and it still feels like the brakes are on even though you have released them all!


Sand Batch Grade – Brakes Still On?
Sand Batch Grade – Brakes Still On?

If like me you don’t know everything there is to know about trains but still love playing TSW2, then there is every chance that you have run into what appears to be a bug in the game.

You start in the yard at the seat of a GP38-2, for those like me who have no idea what that is, it’s the big american looking that looks like this

Anyway you start in the yard shortly after completing a brief tutorial, you flick the switches you are supposed to, move the handles you are supposed to and finally you add some power and the thing just sits not moving but growling very angrily at you. You recheck your brakes and everything is off! So you add more power! (I mean who wouldn’t just add more power right!)

The engine starts to move but the wheels are screeching and you are only moving slowly and if you reduce power slightly the who thing comes to a complete stop. You check and double check everything in both cabs and still cant figure out what is going on so either force the engine to do the job or like me you rage quit and go do something else.

I trawled forums and various websites looking for an answer and then someone in a chat room said have I flicked the MU-2A valve switch… I’d never heard of the MU-2A switch in question and didn’t even know it existed but sure enough it was right where I was told it would be and sure enough after I flicked it my train ran perfectly fine.

So here’s how to solve the above problem with the train not wanting to move. If you look down to the left of the engineers seat, under all the brake handles on the side of the console you will see a switch labelled ‘MU-2A valve Trail 6 or 26’ all you need to do is switch the switch to read ‘MU-2A Valve Lead or Dead’ and suddenly everything works fine!

This is a simple yet frustrating thing that was missed out of the tutorials, but that’s how it’s solved!

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2 thoughts on “Train Sim World® 2: How to Solve Sand Patch Grade GP38-2 (2 engines) Not Moving BUG

    Ken Curtis

    (September 8, 2021 - 7:38 pm)

    I done this and still won’t move, do you have to do it in a certain order?


      (September 16, 2021 - 10:13 pm)

      For me it was the generator field…

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