Train Station Renovation Save File Locations

Train Station Renovation is a sandbox game that you can clean the stations, repair damaged objects, furnish, and decorate the interiors.

The game offers 10 maps, on which you will be carrying out your work: starting from small, countryside stations and ending with huge city terminals. Every map will offer new solutions, which will give you valuable experience and which you will be able to use at other stages of the game. Additionally, you will have the possibility to develop your in-game mechanics upgrade by unlocking perks such as: advanced restoration techniques, additional tools or new skills.

However, there is a bug that doesn’t allow you to play levels from the map. you can fix this issue with deleting the save file. here is the save files folder.


Train Station Renovation Save File Locations

C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Live Motion Games\TrainStationRenovation\Save
(AppData may be hidden so maybe you will have to reveal hidden folders)


The game is set in abandoned and destroyed train stations, you will start with small rural ones to ease in and eventually be challenged with sprawling train stations in metropolitan areas.  it is now available on Steam.

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