Train station renovation: Walkthrough Tips

I am not a professional gamer or journalist, the manual is based on personal gaming experience and may contain inaccuracies and errors. All the tips and recommendations described are verified by the author and are relevant at the date of publication of the material. The material will be updated as the game progresses. A version of Windows 10 was used for the game. Suggestions and comments can be left in the comments. If the company does not start, then probably you were playing a demo of the game before that. In this case, create a new game profile and everything should work


The basics

If the company does not start, then probably you were playing a demo of the game before that. In this case, create a new game profile and everything should work. Put as many trash containers as possible, then they can be sold for the full cost, but you will have to pay $ 200 for garbage removal from each container, so we fill them completely. Doors with locks are opened using a bolt cutter located in the car. Electricians and wagons are repaired with a wrench. Large debris such as boxes, tires and boxes can be destroyed with an ax, so as not to drag them into the trash. A scanner (Q) is used to highlight active objects. Tools dropped to the ground do not have to be returned to the car; they will reappear automatically.

Part 1. Chistobur

Tasks: remove all garbage, place furniture at the station and repair the station’s power system.
A lot of rubbish in the form of stones is scattered on the tracks around the station, it is quite difficult to replace it – use the scanner (Q).
In the large room of the station we place benches, a ticket machine, waste baskets, a vending machine, watches and plants. In a small room with a stove inside the waiting room, we equip the office: we put a table, an armchair, a closet and a nightstand.
On the tracks against the station are trains with logs – they need to use the key to repair the wheels and suspension.
On the platform we put benches and waste baskets.
The electrical substation is located in a separate building near the station. The power cabinet opens with a bolt cutter, which lies in the car. In the cabinet, it is necessary to replace the machines and then apply voltage by pressing the lever. On the side of the substation we equip the toilet. After completing the level, it will not be possible to return here again.

Part 2. Kleinovice

Tasks: remove garbage, place furniture at the station, install a pump.
Pay attention to the grass that grows on the basement of the station and near the path around it, you need to remove it. At the station, you need to equip the office in the basement, use surveillance cameras to fill electrical objects. In the toilet you need to place two pieces of furniture (?). What kind of objects it will not matter. I used metal racks because they are cheap and can somehow go to the toilet. On the tracks next to the platform, you also need to collect garbage and repair the broken sleepers (there is no one sleeper and you need to install it with a key). The pump lies in the car, it must be installed in the building of the station and connect two hoses to it, also lying in the car. After use, the pump must be removed.

Part 3. Identity

Tasks: remove radioactive waste, remove garbage, equip the station.
First we put on a protective suit that lies in the car, then drag all the waste barrels into the fenced part next to the black van (it is located next to our car). After that we put on our satchel and go to deactivate the radioactive contamination remaining from the barrels (luminous green puddles). In the station building we equip an office, toilets and a waiting room. We collect all the garbage, on the track around the station there are many bricks that are not immediately noticeable, a scanner is used to identify them (Q). Near the station building there is a power substation building, the door to it is opened with a bolt cutter, which lies in the car. We remove garbage from it and put furniture (racks). We equip both platforms, on the tracks it is necessary to replace damaged sleepers and clean the rails. Next, you need to fix the wheelsets of the wagon trolleys located on the tracks,

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