Trashed: Beginners’ Guide (Alpha 0.1)

This guide is intended to give a short overview over the beginning a new game (Alpha 0.1)


First Blueprints
After talking to your predecessor, who passes the “♥♥♥♥♥♥ job” to you, you will find the blueprint terminal in the next room.

Open the terminal (Button E) and buy following blueprints:
– Conveyor (this one is very important)
– Battery
– Solar Panel

The Battery and Solar Panel are needed if your setup consists of separate conveyor lanes as each conveyor group requires access to power. In any case you will need Batteries and Solar Panels as soon as you start building turrets.

Use the Lift to get to the ground and collect the trash blower and the (medi?)pack from the friendly pink robot.

Drop Zone A
As soon as you have your gear, head left to the garage and get the bulldozer.
Drive the builldozer to the right (east) until you get to drop zone A. Ignore the first trash shipment which is dropped near the office – dealing with that will cost you precious time, as almost all shipments after the first one will come to zone A (and later B)

When you arrive at drop zone A you have only few minutes until the first trash shipment is inbound.
Place additional furnaces next to the one which is already there – if you place two furnaces adjacent to each other they snap together and become a large furnace. Build then double conveyor belts leading to the furnaces.

The order to build:
– hit CTRL
– move your toon/the cursor on the spot you want to build on, click on the check mark
– now a menu opens up where you select the item you want to build. Click on the left/right-arrows (which do the exact opposite effect than expected) to highlight your building you want to build and click on the check mark
– when placing conveyors you will see two rotation buttons appearing left and right from your build box. You can change the orientation of the conveyor (and all buildings built after that) with these buttons. Click on the check mark again and your building is placed
– As soon as you have placed one building, you can place a copy of that building by double-tapping CTRL.

Set up 4-6 furnaces and build enough conveyors so that the dropped trash is moved to the furnaces as soon as it hits the ground.

When your money reaches 1250, return to the office and get the blueprint for the turret

Scrap-monsters and how to defend against them
When you successfully acquired the turret blueprint, the next step is quite easy:

Check the positions of the scrap monsters and place a turret emplacement nearby.

The turret emplacement should contain:
1-2 turrets
1-2 batteries (adjacent to the turrets)
3-4 solar panels or 1-2 wind generators

If you are lucky, the turrets start immediatly decimating the monsters – if not, there is always the option to reload the game 😉

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