Treasure of Nadia: How to Get Secret chest key at Casula Temple

A simple guide on how to get a secret chest key from the Casula Temple, deep in the jungle. Spoiler Alert!!!


To access this key, you need to at least have opened up both left and right rooms inside the temple.

In-game hint
Before diving into the secret, do consider looking at the in-game hint first.

Left room

Head to the room on the left and look for the ray of light on the lower left corner of the room.
Trigger the spot shown in the photo.
If successful, you should hear a sound coming from the right side, and the ray of light would have been gone.

Right room
Next, head to the room on the left of the altar, and look for another ray of light near the upper right corner of the room.
Upon activation, the ray of light should disappear too like in the previous room, and you should also hear the same sound you heard earlier, but this time, coming from the left side of the screen.

The chest key
Once both sides are activated, the key would spawn in the middle of the center room.

Thanks to OneHandGamer for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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