Tribal Hunter: All Cow Locations(How to Find)

This is a quick guide about the location of the 3 hidden cows.

The first one is located in Forest 8, the cow is pretty easy to find.

The second cow is located in caverns 7, It’s a bit tricky to find it. You need to access to the middle of the map via the secret passage on the right hidden by a crate.

The third and last cow is located in Hive 5, the cow is waiting on top of the map to get there you need to do some platforming with the huge bumblebee.

Credit to Wimmer
Tribal Hunter is an action platformer. You play as a village guardian who can modify his body shape, allowing him to grow huge and devour enemies. As you grow, you can use this ‘growth’ as energy to fire projectiles at enemies! you can play this early access version on Steam now.

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