Tribes of Midgard: How to Unlock Berserker Class

Here is a guide on how to unlock the Berserker Class in Tribes of Midgard.


The Plan

Forget about the Saga Bosses for this run. Any class will do so pick your poison. we are going to work on your Village. The Village at night will be attacked by countless amounts of Helthings and after a few nights go by, there should be plenty enough to unlock the Beserker Class.

1) Gather you materials

  • Branches
  • Flint
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Iron

These materials are vital to the plan. You will also be required to upgrade your Village Tinker to level three to be able to convert you raw materials into what you will need to upgrade your Village walls, and Archer Towers.

2) Locate the Land of Pools

We are hunting for Linnorms (The Dragon Snake creatures) and Lunar Stormcap Mushrooms. These bad boys drop Linnorm Spikes, and Mushroom Moon Bolts, These materials can be used to craft the weapon of choice for this run, the: Nornir Axe I.

What you need to craft the Nornir Axe I

  • 9 Stone
  • 5 Linnorm Spikes
  • 2 Mushroom Moon Bolts

Note: It is not required to tech up your Nornir to the next grade, but doing so only makes the process easier.

The Setup

Once you’ve acquired adequate resources to upgrade your Village, Decide between one of the three Walls of your Village to set aside. This side Will only get An upgrade to the Walls.

The two other sides will receive both an upgrade to the Walls and to the Archer Towers.

I recommend you upgrade your Archer Towers first over the Walls since waves are both shorter and smaller in the early game. This Allows you to worry about other trivial tasks than having to defend.

Executing the plan

About right around day Seven in your run you will begin to get enough spawns of Helthings to accomplish this Challange.

What you will need to do now is wait until the night is about to end. At this point a large number of Helthings will have gathered together at your Wall. This is the time to strike.

Jump down from the wall and start killing the helthings. Keep in mind that Twinlings Upon death split into two entities upon death. Both entities spawned from its death DO count towards the requirements for the challenge.

If you have killed off your Helthing Wall stack with fruitless results, quickly make way towards one of the other two Gates. You still might have time left to pick off one or two Helthings before the timer runs down.

If all Results Fail, Wait until the next night. Rinse and repeat until desired results.

Thanks to Hans for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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