Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: 100% Completion (How to Commit Tax Evasion)

A complete how-to commit tax evasion, with locations for tax documents, hats, hearts, and even the secret boss!



Hello there! This is a guide to 100% Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion!

This guide has a TON of spoilers, so view at your own discretion!

I won’t be spoiling the final boss to the game in this guide, that’s something you must experience on your own. That being said, I will be explaining how to get to them.

Tax Documents

Here’s where you can find and rip up all the tax documents in the game!

Tax Bill

Your first document! Rip it up right when you start up the game!

Strawberry’s Love Letter

Deliver the florist’s flower to the strawberry to rip up this document!

Wanted Poster

Find this document in the Weapon Woods!

Jerry’s Check

Kill Jerry and give the rent money to the blueberry landlord to get this document!

Waysandwich Receipt

Dig in the trash can next to Waysandwich!

Construction Beet’s 1099

Talk to the beet chilling outside the Bustling Barn!

slayQueen32’s Autograph

Give slayQueen32 in the Bustling Barn a Tier 3 sub!


Talk to Belch after giving slayQueen32 a Tier 3 sub!

How to do your Taxes!

Find this book in Mayor Onion’s office in the Bustling Barn!

Receipt for Carrot Seeds

Find this in-between the carrot patch and the Forsaken Farmhouse!

Matt’s Draft Letter

Find this in the room with the two cupcakes in the Forsaken Farmhouse!

Army Telegram

Find this in the room right before the boss room in the Forsaken Farmhouse!


Give Cran-cran back her red apple munchkin!

FlipFlop Petition

Give Holly back her cell phone!

Vandalized Wanted Poster

Find this just north of Annie’s lab in the Forgotten Forest.

Acorn’s Deed

After beating the Forgotten Forest’s boss, talk to the Acorn on the tree stump next to Annie’s lab. They’ll give you a leaf that you can bring to the real-estate agent in Layer Lane. Head there, talk to them, and they’ll give you a letter to bring back. Go back to the acorn, and they’ll ask you to “read” this document to them.

Graveyard Letter

Find this letter on a tombstone in the Grim Graveyard!

Nuclear Hazard Info Sheet

Find this document in the entrance to the Bomb Bunker.

Old Newspaper

Find this in the parent’s room on their bed in the Bomb Bunker.

Liz’s Diary Entry

Find this in Liz’s room on her bed in the Bomb Bunker.

Basic English for Big Dum Dums

Find this book in the library in the Mysterious Mafia Base.

Layers to the Onion

Find this book in Mayor Onion’s office in the Mysterious Mafia Base.

Dad’s Letter

Find this letter in Don Turnipchino’s office in the Mysterious Mafia Base.

Greenhouse Deed

Find the deed to your greenhouse when you beat the game. (Any ending!)


Here’s where you can find all the hats in the game!


Deliver the florist’s flower to the strawberry and talk to the florist again.


Talk to slayQueen32 after beating King Pig.


After beating King Pig, talk to the beet in the winding hallway in the Bustling Barn. He’ll ask you to grab wood for him in the alleyway in Layer Lane. Do that and come back and they’ll give you the hardhat.


After beating the Forsaken Farmhouse, talk to the Pickled Gang. They’ll ask you to get them a hammer so they can break out. Head to the alleyway in Layer Lane and talk to the carrot there. Bring the hammer back and the Pickled Gang will give you the fedora!

Explorer Hat

Talk to Annie after beating the Forgotten Forest.


Dig up a grave on the top left of the first section of the Grim Graveyard!


Bring Tots’ (Grim Graveyard) letter to Pops’ (Idle Icebox) and return to Tots after doing so. You can obtain Tots’ letter by talking to him again after getting the Shovel.

Farmer Hat

Bring Pops’ (Idle Icebox) letter to Tots’ (Grim Graveyard) and return to Pops after doing so.


Bring Edgar (Layer Lane) the hair dye you can find in the bathroom in the Bomb Bunker.


There are many heart fruit spread throughout the game! Here’s how to find them!

Boss Heart Fruits

You’ll get a Heart Fruit every time you defeat a boss in the first 4 dungeons!

Alleyway Heart Fruit

You can find a Heart Fruit in the alleyway in Layer Lane after beating the Bustling Barn! Just do the Boombloom puzzle to find it!

Pickled Gang Heart Fruit

After beating the Forsaken Farmhouse, you can free the Pickled Gang from their jar. This is the side quest that unlocks the fedora, so do that! Once you get the fedora, you can talk to the Pickled Gang again. They’ll say their goodbyes, and you can leave the room and come back to find a Heart Fruit they left behind!

Graffiti Guy Heart Fruit

In the generator room in the Forsaken Farmhouse, you can find a can of spray paint. Bring this to Graffiti Guy in Weapon Woods and he’ll give you a Heart Fruit!

Plain Plains Heart Fruit

After beating the Forgotten Forest, head to the right of the Plain Plains and use your Potted Petalporter to uncover this Heart Fruit!

Cavern Cat Heart Fruit

After collecting all the Tax Documents and Hats in the game, head over to the Crumbling Cavern on Rocky Ramp and find the Heart Fruit the cat left behind.

Secret Boss

To fight the secret boss (required for 100%), you must first rip up ALL the tax documents in the game. After that, fight the boss of the Mysterious Mafia Base and on their defeat, you’ll fight the secret boss!

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