ULTRAKILL: All Layer 4 Challenges Guide

This guide will help you understand how to complete the challenges in Layer 4 – Greed


4-1 Slaves to power

This one is explanatory but how to do it is a bit difficult unless you know how movement is stored in this game. The way I did it was with slam storage but you can do it with the shotgun and some slamming to get height

Charge your green shotgun and get on top of the roof at spawn and blast jump across the gap

Alternatively you can use slam storage to jump across (video example of a route using slam storage)

After you cross the first gap you can do 2 things against this wall

You can either do another slam storage (refer to video above)

Or Slam jump to get height and jump up the wall

After that it’s smooth sailing towards the exit

4-2 God Dᵃmn the sun

Killing the Insurrectionist in under 10 seconds may seem daunting but there is a simple way to kill him instantly.

Start off by doing the level normally

Until you get to the area with the Red Skull

Once here you’re going to want to make sure to leave 1 pane of the glass left

Then you’re going to use the grapple arm to put the skull into it’s slot across the gap

Then go and stand on the pane of glass that you left behind and wait for the Insurrectionist to jump at you. After he does, he’ll break the glass and die instantly

Then it’s just a clear cut to the exit to get that easy challenge completion

4-3 A shot in the dark

Simple to explain but it’s just a bunch of fumbling in the dark and finding censers to burn, the shotgun and malicious railgun are useful hereIgnore the torch and light the censer with the railgun or shotgun

Enter the first room and start looking for the censers using whatever you can to light your path i.e. shooting, explosions, etc

After getting through the first room proceed as usual and clear the room with 4 censers in it

After you clear the room you’ll see a wall with a crack in it before the checkpoint. Break it and enter the Tomb of Kings

When you enter the tomb break the first coffin on your right and grab the skull out of it, this will act as a torch the rest of the way through the stage

Now complete the stage as normal clearing the rooms and using the skull as your torch to light censers

You even get a different light color in the final room

After clearing the room go to the exit and complete this challenge

4-4 Clair De Soleil

This one is just a test of how fast you can go and utilize the grapple arm you get from beating him

Having a screenshot display isn’t going to do this one any justice so watch this if you’re getting stuck

Thanks to Goat?! for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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