Untrusted: FAQ for Beginners

Untrusted is a hacking simulation game released on Steam recently. if you are new to the game. you should read the FAQ firstly.


Untrusted game FAQ

Can I pick up my class/role for each game?
No, when a game starts it randomly assigns a class/role to you.

How to see my class/role?
You can see your current class at the top left corner of your screen. If you want to learn more about your class and other ones, click on it or press F1 on your Keyboard to open the class/role list.
Especially check your current class’s Win condition and play according to that.

How many players can spawn with the same class/role?
Some classes are unique meaning there can be only 1 of them in any game but for the rest it can be up to 2 players with the same class.
There’s an item in the shop called Chaos Box and if you buy it there’s a chance that you spawn as the 3rd player with the same role, but I’ve personally not seen this in action!
So if you see 3 people claiming the same role, at least one of them is a fake claim and you might want to lynch them to find the fake one(s).

How does NETSEC win?
NETSEC wins by hacking the target node or by eliminating all Agents.

How do Agents win?
Agents win by gaining root access from the current Operation Leader and then arresting him or by eliminating all NETSEC members.

How is it a tie/draw?
If the time runs out and NETSEC couldn’t hack the target node and there’s an Operation Leader and at least one Agent member present in the game, it’s a Tie/Draw.

Can I still chat with other players if I’m arrested/dead?
Yes, if you are arrested/dead you can still talk to other arrested/dead players in Dead/Ghost chat but alive players can’t see your chat. In this case your chat messages become purple.

Can I safely abandon a game at any time?
If you are arrested/murdered you can safely leave and abandon the game otherwise it will lead to a suicide and you’ll lose both the game and some xp/credits.

How to lynch/vote people out?
Click on the player’s name in the players list to the left of your screen and then click Yes.

I misclicked or changed my mind after voting for someone, How do I rescind?
After 10 seconds you can click on the player’s name and Yes again to rescind.

How to send Emails?
There’s a button right to the left of each player’s name which you can click on it to send Emails to other players.

How do I log my actions?
Please check the in-game NETSEC tutorial again. You can open your Personal Log by clicking on its button at the top right corner of your screen and then start appending actions each DAY/NIGHT and saving them.

Why should I fake log?
If you are an Agent or a hostile Neutral class/role you need to fake your log to survive because NETSEC will lynch/vote out classes/roles that are against them.

How do I fake log?
Open your Personal Log and at the bottom right change your class/role to another one that you want to fake and append actions every DAY/NIGHT. [N/A] means that action is not for that phase (DAY/NIGHT) so don’t append [N/A] actions to your log.

People ask for my log, how can I send it?
Open your Personal Log and click and drag on the whole log you have appended in the left side so it becomes blue and then click on SEND SELECTION AND CLOSE to send it in the chat.

What does “Split at X” broadcast message mean?
If you see a broadcast message saying “Split at X” or something like that, it means that Dr.X and players above him/her in the players list to the left of your screen will hack the top node and the rest will hack the bottom node. It’s up to Dr.X to go for the top or the bottom node unless the broadcast makes it clear.

How and what to broadcast as the Operation Leader?
There’s a Broadcast button in the top right corner of your screen above Personal Log, use it to command NETSEC about the hack, to ask for someone’s personal log or to lynch suspicious players and things like these.

What is Toggle A.S.C?
In case you didn’t really want to check the in-game Agent tutorial but came here to read this, if you are an Agent member (Agent Leader/Field Agent/Mole) you can see the Toggle A.S.C button above Personal Log, use it to communicate with other Agents as NETSEC cannot see your chat in this channel.

What/Who is a Mole?
A NETSEC member or a Rival Hacker who is converted to an Agent member by the Agent Leader and works for them.

Why is everyone sending Emails to me?
Probably because you got spoofed meaning that Social Engineer/Resentful Criminal/Investigative Mole used Impersonate skill on you and sent emails to others using your identity. If this happens simply say “I think I’m spoofed” in the chat.

I am a CCTV Specialist and I had a camera installed on someone but I can no longer see who visits that person, why?
If that person’s hideout is changed by any of the skills listed below, your camera will be removed from them. Also note that some skills do not visit, for example if Field Agent uses Sting skill on that person to arrest them, you won’t see who arrested them.
Skills that change hideout: Move Hideout (self protection), Emergency Extraction (by Operation Leader), Escort (by Enforcer), Planned Raid (by Field Agent)
If the camera is gone, its symbol/icon next to the player’s name will also be removed.

Can I see who DDoS’d a node?
In the past you could but that game mechanic has been changed so you can no longer know who DDoS’d a node unless Network Specialist uses Wireshark in the same day to catch all the people behind DDoS attack(s).

Why can’t I use my skill/ability anymore?
If there’s a “CD” sign next to your skill/ability it means it’s on a cooldown and you need to wait a specific number of days for it to become available again. If there’s a “0” in front of it, it means it’s out of charge and depending on the skill you may or may not be able to recharge it. (For example Create Hideout gives another charge of Move Hideout)

Why are there some nodes in the topology that are inaccessible?
I guess it all started with a bug but now we say it’s intended and can be helpful for when you are fake claiming as an Inside Man so you can say the node that cannot be accessed has intel, because no one can access it to download from it to prove if you are wrong or right, but they might not believe you.
Also Field-Op Mole can use Add Route skill on those nodes to connect them to a random nearby node when possible, so NETSEC might actually hack in the wrong way.

Why can’t I send my message in the chat?
If you can type in the text box but after sending your message it disappears, open and close Event Log once or play with some other UIs and it should be fixed.

Is there a way I can see my profile or last played games?
You can check your profile including your last 10 played games and some more info by changing the “PLAYER” in the link below to your in-game name and then opening the link in a browser.


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