Untrusted: Terminology in-game (You Should Know)

Some terms you might see in the game but you have no idea what they mean:

OL = Operation Leader
AL = Agent Leader
FA = Field Agent
NS, NETSPEC = Network Specialist
SE, Social Engi = Social Engineer
SP = Spearphisher
IM = Inside Man
IH = Improvised Hacker
BH = Blackhat
RH = Rival Hacker
RC = Resentful Criminal
RS, Snitch = Runaway Snitch
SK = Script Kiddie
CD = Corrupt Detective / Cooldown
BOHU = Bounty Hunter
JOURNO = Journalist
ENF = Enforcer
SOCIO = Sociopath
MOLE = Converted NETSEC member or Rival Hacker to Agent
DDoS = [Distributed] Denial of Service
RB = Rollback
OCC, OCC’d = Occupy, Occupied

Credit to KRH


Untrusted is an online multiplayer (10 to 16 players) hacking/social deduction game released on Steam. if you love the hacking simulation game. you should not miss the game.

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