Unturned: Honorary Benson Achievement Guide

Your own dedicated server required.


Create your own server

There a lot guides how to do it. Here only settings how to play on Elver map.


Name MyServer2
Maxplayers 1
Port 27015
Map Elver
Mode Easy
Perspective both
Cycle 3000
Cheats on


  "File_IDs": [
  "Ignore_Children_File_IDs": [],
  "Query_Cache_Max_Age_Seconds": 600,
  "Max_Query_Retries": 2,
  "Use_Cached_Downloads": true,
  "Should_Monitor_Updates": true,
  "Shutdown_Update_Detected_Timer": 600,
  "Shutdown_Update_Detected_Message": "Workshop file update detected, shutdown in: {0}",
  "Shutdown_Kick_Message": "Shutdown for Workshop file update."



1. Join to your server and type in server console command:

/teleport YOUR_NICKNAME credits

2. Find there “Continue” sign and press F to receive achievement.

Thanks to Trashes for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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