Valheim: Better Object Pickup Notification (How to Install PickupDisplay Mod)

The little notification in the top-left when you pick up isn’t enough or as immediate as some may want. Here is a guide on how to install the PickupDisplay mod that has 3D Text appear and hover right on your player when you pickup any object or item!



  • 3D Floating Text
  • Positioned Near Player for Immediate and Fast View
  • Uses Localized Item Names – Works in Valheim supported languages
  • Easy Install
  • Supports huge amount of items picked up at once
  • Easy Install + InSlimVML support
  • Text Color Per Item Category
  • Easily Maintained and Updated To Fit Feature Requests and New Items!

How To Install
  • Make sure you have InSlimVML Mod Loader installed!
    Don’t have it installed? Find an install video and the files here[]
  • Download the mod file from here[]
  • Go to your Valheim data folder:
  • Now Go to the InSlimVML mod folder:
  • Place the newly downloaded file: Vale-PickupWorldDisplay.dll in this Mods folder!
  • Done! Now Launch and Enjoy the Easy Viewing of Pick Up Text!

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