Valheim: How to Flatten an Area in One Command

In this guide you’ll learn to use the Terraforming mode in Valheim.


TerrainMaster Mod V1.0

Published by Valheim Mods (Adv. Building / Terraforming), join the discord support : click here[]

The mod allows you to
  • Flatten the floor to build
  • Flatten the floor to paste a vbuild
  • Remove all trees / rocks on the ground

To install it

Follow this youtube guide but download this mode : Dowwload the mod[]

To flatten the field

You can use 2 formats:

  • tm flatten [x] : Flatten a square of x*x. (x must be < 50 otherwise we set it to 50)
  • tm flatten [x] [y] : Flatten a rectangle of x*y. (x AND y must be < 50 otherwise we set them to 50)

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