Virtual Cottage: Useful Shortcuts List

This guides list all the helpful shortcuts(I have found so far) for Virtual Cottage since the application does not outright tell you what they are. If you know about any more secrets or shortcuts feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the guide.



Virtual Cottage is a very useful productivity app which has soothing Lo-Fi music and ambient sounds; like rain, fireplace, wind and snow sounds go along with it in the background. The UI is pretty clean and easy to use but if you are having any trouble with it I recommend checking out this guide by noah.

That being said there are some hidden shortcuts/secrets that the game doesn’t outright tell you, some of those can be pretty helpful so in this guide I’ll show all the secrets I have discovered so far.



Pressing space on your keyboard does the last action done by the mouse. For instance if you paused the song by clicking the pause/play button with your mouse and then pressed space it would click the pause/play button again and play the song.
It is to be noted that if you just opened the app and have not interacted with any buttons yet pressing space will do nothing.


Pressing tab moves to the next action. It is not visible by just clicking tab but lets suppose that your last action was pausing the song, if you press tab and then space it would shuffle the song instead of pausing it. If your last action was clicking the To-Do button pressing tab and space would toggle the pet instead of interacting with the To-Do button again.


F11 switches the app from Windowed mode to Fullscreen mode. You can use this shortcut instead of clicking the on-screen button. F11 is a pretty common shortcut for fullscreen so you might already know it. Interestingly enough Alt+Enter does not work for this app.

Secrets and Other Interesting Stuff

Playtime Toggle In-Game

Pressing P at any time when in game will toggle display for playtime. This also shows the playtime in offline mode, which steam does not counts.

Pressing any button other than P after pressing P toggles playtime again and hides it.

Putting Non-Numerical values in the focus time box

Putting Non-Numerical values in the box that asks for the number of minutes at start up will result in the timer being set for 1 minute by default.
For example, if you typed “hello” in the focus time box the focus time would be set for 1 minute.

Those of you who like messing around with stuff would have already discovered it though.

Thanks to SX for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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