Wallpaper Engine: How to Fix Infinite Circle Issue (Android Mobile)

So you just downloaded Wallpaper Engine on your Android but when you go to connect your phone to your computer you are met with an infinite loading circle. I had this problem myself and Have seen many others with the same issue. This guide will show the most likely problem and how to fix it.


The most likely problem

First make sure both devices are on the same network and neither devices are using a VPN. Also read the official troubleshooting section here: https://help.wallpaperengine.io/en/mobile/pairing.html#mobile-pairing-problem-solving
If your phone still isn’t connecting with your PC the most likely problem for most users right now is Windows Firewall blocking the connection. You need to create a rule in Windows Firewall for ui32.exe, if you know how to do this, great, but if you don’t keep reading.

Finding your exe directory

First you will need the directory of ui32.exe. Right click Wallpaper engine in steam, hover over manage then click Browse local files.

A File Explorer window will open, from here open the folder named bin.

Now right click the bar at the top and select Copy address as text

The address will now be saved to your clipboard, you will need this in the next step.

Making the Firewall rule

The next thing we need to do is to open Windows Firewall advanced settings. To do this first open your system settings and search for firewall in the search bar. Then select Windows Defender Firewall from the dropdown list.

A new window should open and now you can select Advanced settings from the left of the window.

In the advanced settings window select Outbound Rules on the left then click New Rule… on the right

The rule wizard will open, on the first screen make sure the Program option is selected then click Next

Now select This program path and then click browse. In the File Explorer window that opens click the bar at the top once and then paste the address we copied earlier and press enter.

Now select ui32.exe and then click Open. Now you can click Next

Now make sure Allow the connection is selected and then click Next. On the next page make sure all the boxes are checked then click Next.

You can name the rule whatever you like, then click Finish

You should now be able to connect your phone, if the problem still persist make sure both devices are on the same network and that neither are using a VPN, you can also Repeat these steps for Inbound Rules

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