Wargame Red Dragon: Canada Deck Guide 2021

A guide on how to build a Canada Deck. Canada is a interesting deck to play with severe weaknesses in several areas. If you want to actually play Canada competitively, just play CMW or Norad but this is just pure Canada, if you want to suffer through Canada this is what you have…


Canada’s strengths and weakness

Moto Opener
Medium Tanks

Anti Plane AA
Cheap Anti Heli AA
Medium Heavy-Super Heavy Range
Mediocre-Trash Plane Tab past Fighter and SEAD
Heli Tab
Recon Tab

All units of Canada

Past here is a overview of every unit…


Canada’s Logistic Tab is average… You have nothing special like the Achzarit Pikud (Ok Ok, it is DLC BS) or stuff like HQ Section + Lynx AH.7.

But it gets the job done…

Viable Picks:

Grizzly CP
It’s a 10HP CV for 125pts, nothing special but don’t underestimate the Browning

Command Squad
It’s a Cmd Infantry Squad… What did you expect?
All transports expect the truck are fine

Iltis CP
It’s a fast jeep… what else?

CMD Leopard C1
It’s a 150pt 2TAV Armored CV… nothing special

It’s a 2FAV,2SAV semi survivable CV… it’s only 120pts

The most unique unit!
It’s a FOB!

It’s a 30pt Supply truck


M38A1 CP
Just use the Iltis

M35 Cargo
Just use the HLVW

CH-147 Cargo
It’s a Logistic Helicopter… Good for large games, inefficient for everything else


Canada’s Infantry Tab (Along with Mexas) are the only really reason to play Canada over any other nation… It is solid but along with DLC BS and French Bias, it’s nothing higher.

Viable Picks:

Canadian Rifles
This is only really here to spam, it has more availability than Can Rifles 85 so it comes down to do you prefer extra availability or the improved LAW… Use these for Cannon Fodder

Canadian Rifles 85
The improved version of the above… It gains a LawA4 but loses avail. It’s 5ptr sucks but you can still use this as Cannon Fodder. The other reason to use this is for the TH495. It used to be 15pts with 2FAV 2SAV… It’s still a decent IFV

Canadian Airborne 90
This is your shock infantry which is fast and very solid, you have the CG M3 which has 275m extra range for the LAW than normal and 20AP, Comes with Best MG ingame and comes with acceptable AR. Take with Bison

Highlanders 90
This is your 10 man Eryx squad… It’s the same price as Legion 90 yes yes, but that is French bias so… Anyways 10 man Eryxs are beasts while defending and the Minimi is the best MG… take with Bison


It’s a bit redundant with highlanders 90 but it doesn’t mean it is bad

Javelin G/L
It’s Mediocre MANPADS but still fine

The only thing keeping this out of trash is it’s access of the TH495


Canadian Airborne
It’s meh shocks but obviously better than having no inf but you have other stuff

It’s just worse base Can Airborne unless you care about 3 more CG M2 Rounds

You will have more success killing helicopters by blowing a pipe

it’s a 5 man FIST Squad


Welcome to the amazing Support Section!

I’ll let your hopes die down
It’s very mediocre and has zip Anti plane AA but it has all the tools needed to defend the line from everything else

Viable Picks:

It’s a mortar…

This is to defend your wheeled opener because what else do you have ands it’s only 35pt

Your only decent AA…
It is a dual purpose missile, it has decent anti heli range, It can also hurt tanks, just keep in mind that this is SUPER micro intensive and a Arty/Plane Magnet… not the best Anti plane but what else do you have?


Centurion Marksman
It’s gun AA, it’s not the best but what else do you get?

M109 R.C.H.A
Use this to ground pound with 7HE for 50pts…

M109A2 R.C.H.A
It’s the above with better range

Bison 81mm
It’s a wheeled mortar…


The Tank Tab is very decent for what it has but everything past mediums has decided to take a liking of not existing…


Leopard C2 Mexas
This tank is amazing…
It’s 14FAV (which is 1FAV above the 13FAV threshold), 17AP is Decent, 10RPM and it’s only 80pts… A must have for any deck involving Canada…

Viable Picks:

Leopard C2
It’s a decent tank, it has 1 extra AP for free over the Leo 1A5… and 17AP at longer range is much better than 16

Leopard C1
it is a ok 10RPM Fire support, it unfortunately has only poor optics unlike the Leo 1A4…


Centurion Mk.5
It’s a 25pt FS with Decent Armor (For the Price) and a decent gun


Centurion Mk.6
For 5pts (To the Mk.5) more, you gain 2AP that you don’t care about…

Centurion Mk.11
For 5pts (To the Mk.6) more, you gain 1AP that you don’t care about… the 275m range is nice but it’s bad

Centurion Mk.5AT
The ATGM is trash and the 5pts isn’t worth it


Welcome to recon… a very big letdown…
Commonwealth’s and therefore Canada’s recon tab is sad…

Viable Picks:

It’s a recon Heli


It’s your best recon vehicle…
It has very good optics but bushmaster is utter crap… atleast it is accurate I guess

Atleast it can fight…

Sneak around with it I guess


Cougar Recon
I mean, It could be used but it is also bad

Ferret Mk.1

M113 C&R Lynx
Also why?

Iltis Scout
It’s a recon jeep…


The Canadian Vehicle tab is… for once important… unfortunately that importance is in the Chimera…

Viable Picks:

I don’t hate the Chimera but I don’t like it either… You are forced to take it unless you want to be raped by anything heavier than 100pts

It’s a Tow 2 Carrier… it is very useful because what else do you have? It is fast so it can relocate

M113 TUA
The above but without the speed…
Also why is this 2Fav and 2Sav but the inf M113 has 1Fav…? Pls gib Canada M113A2 Eugen

Iltis TOW-2
This is actually decent as for 40pts, you bring a Tow 2 and you usually get one shotted anyways…



M113 106MM M40

M150 I-TOW

M150 TOW

M151A2 TOW

M38A1 106MM
In Cmw just use Wombat

It is the Vehicle tab…


Canada’s Helicopter Section is truly… as other people have said, a joke…


CH-135 Gunship
It’s an AH.7 without the inf, and the speed, and the autonomy, and a full set of rockets… but what else do you have? It’s good enough if you need FS, it’s still sad.

Somewhere in this list:

CH-118 Gunship
Haha Heat rockets funny…The Miniguns have half the RoF of 2x Browning…


CH-118 SS-11
The SS-11 is trash… Nuff Said


The Air Tab is great at holding the skies (For a Minor) but holding the skies only really means you may watch 8 CF-116 Bombers dropping bombs on the enemy

Viable Picks:

EF-101B Electric Voodoo
It is 90pts for 50% ECM and Medium Stealth… What a bargain!

CF-188 Hornet
It is a decent workhorse, it has the 6-5 Set up which is great!, the 6 Aim 9Ms are a bit much, but it’s defo better than the A Eagle with 6-4… Veteran, Vulcan… What do you want?


CF-18 Hornet
It has the crappy clusters but you have 8… not Block 5 Levels but certainly better than the American Fighting Falcons…

CF-116 Freedom Fighter
It has a VERY GOOD payload for 70pts… but it is a one way ticket…

CF-104 Starfighter
It is a rocket plane… Atleast it has some heli hunting capabilities…
Yoogen pls gib HEAT Rocket plane, this has the same ones on the Gunship


CF-101B Voodoo
hahahhahhehe… just use the Electric Voodoo


I mean, Canada has something decent here

It’s Naval:

CF-18 ASuW
It’s a decent ASHM Plane… and Don’t play Naval.

Building the Deck

Now with a look at every Canadian Unit, we may finaly build the deck…

Building the Deck Part 1: Logistics

So first, we want a Survivable CV…
So we have 3 options:

Leopard C1 CP. It’s a tank cv with 2TAV

The M577, It’s 2FAV, 2SAV, 10HP and only 120pts

Command Squad, It’s a Inf CV.

Than you want a second CV:

You CAN take a Jeep CV but with the Avail Bonus, you really don’t need.

The Grizzly CP has 10HP for 125pts…

If you haven’t taken the Inf CV, you may take it here.

Now we have a Logi Truck:

The HLVW is a 30pts which imo is ideal…

You may take the 15pt truck but… it’s really inneficient.

and the FOB…

My deck would have: CMD Leopard C1, Grizzly CP, HLVW and the FOB (Downvet all)

Building the Deck Part 2: Infantry


Wheeled Shock:
Canadian Airborne 90 + Bison
It has the best MG in game… A Decent launcher with a extra step in range and 20AP is good enough… Not Vampyr levels… That is only for Chad VDV 90 and Lstr 40 but still Decent

10 man Eryx:
Highlanders 90+Bison
It has a Eryx… 10 man and Minimi…

Canadian Rifles+M113A1 As I have said, avail Bonus

Canadian Rifles 85+M113A1/Bison… Yes Bison is 10pts but it has 2FAV… You can always also just take it in the 5ptr… only 1Fav though…

Canadian Rifles 85+TH495
Decent IFV, Decent Infantry

This last slot is flexible

Are you struggling with tanks?
Maybe 20pt Eryx Spam

Are you running out of spam? get more spam…

Do you run out of Shock inf? Well get more Can Air 90…

The Infantry

You want Heliborne Inf? Can Air 90 in Helo…


My deck would have: Canadian Airborne 90+Bison, Highlanders 90+Bison, Canadian Rifles 85 + M113A1, Canadian Rifles 85+TH495 and Canadian Airborne 90 in CH-147 (All Downvetted)

And Note… Bison>Grizzly…

Building the Deck Part 3: Support

Wheeled AA:
Wolverine… It’s not the best but it might be the thing between your opener and Mi17s

Anti Helo:
ADATS: It is too Overpriced as a Anti Helo but it’s what you have it’s a very good AA Weapon and a Decent AT…

Centurion Marksmen: not the best but what else do you have?

M125: It’s a Mortar

M109 R.C.H.A: It’s 50pts For 7HE… What a Bargain!

So basically:
M109, M125, Centurion Marksmen (Downvet) and ADATS and Wolverine (Upvetted)

Building the Deck Part 4: Tanks

Medium: Leopard C2 Mexas (It’s Amazing as I have said)

Light-Medium: Leopard C2

Fire Support: Leopard C1/ Centurion Mk 5

My Tank Tab is:

Leopard C2 Mexas, Leopard C2, Leopard C1 (All Upvetted)

Building the Deck Part 5: Recon

Recon Heli:

CH-136: It’s a Recon Helo…

Recon Vehicle:

Cougar Recon: It’s 20pts and can actually shoot…

Coyote: Can actually shoot and 45pts…

Recon Infantry:

Pathfinders: Your recon inf
Yoogen… where Pathfinders 90/Jtf2???

Recce: Take in Grizzly or CH-147… Not needed but it’s there…

My Recon Tab is:

Pathfinders+Grizzly, Pathfinders+CH-147, Coyote, CH-136… (All Downvetted)

Building the Deck Part 6: Vehicles

Wannabe Heavy Tank:

It’s non turreted and slow… and no stab… and low RPM… but it’s all you have so… (It’s a minor… ask Anzac if it has a Heavy Tank)


Iltis Tow 2 It’s a Jeep ATGM… dies to a sneeze but what Non Transport/Pereh Transport Doesn’t?

Lav III Tow 2: Lots of extra ATGMs…

I bring Chimera and Iltis Tow 2

Building the Deck Part 7: Helicopters

Ch-135 Gunship is the only thing you really want here… if you have extra AP… you can take the HEAT Rokit pod Helo

Building the Deck Part 8: Aircraft

There are a few options…

Fighter: CF-188

SEAD: Electric Voodoo

Bomber: CF-18 , CF-116

Rocket pod plane: CF-104 Starfighter

For My Deck I have:

CF-188, Electric Voodoo, CF-18 and 2x CF-116

CF-188 Upvetted and everything else Downvetted


Canada is a minor nation that does minor nation things…it’s not the best but pf course I’d play it any day every day over Anzac 1980

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