Warhammer Vermintide 2: How To Play Kerillian’s New Career

A surefire guide meant to teach you how to play the new elf career



Kerillian (aka 2nd best waifu after Bardin) has recently received a brand-new career, Sister of the Thorn, and this guide is intended to teach you how to properly play it, all the while impressing everyone you see with your new found talents. SotT is a high-intensity, nerve wracking career intended for professionals or people who enjoy living on the edge.

The How-To’s (Basics)

Step One: Settle down in your new home.

Step Two: Increase property value with lovely shrubbery

Step Three: Resell house later at a profit

And that’s it – you’ve now mastered the basics of being a Sister of the Thorn! When you feel like you’re ready, continue on to the advanced course.

The How-To’s (Advanced)

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to discuss some advanced Sister techniques. Players are still discovering new tactics, and these are just a few examples of advanced Sister of the Thorn mechanics.

Piggy Protector

With this technique you will be able to protect your piggy from roving bands of marauders, ratmen, and Bardin’s murderous appetite.


Your hedges can also be used to keep your prized possessions away from prying eyes like Lohner.

Speaking of


In Conclusion…

As you’ve seen from this guide, Kerillian’s new career is a breath of fresh air that drastically changes how you can play the game. I hope that this guide was able to showcase just a few of her new powers.
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