Warm Snow: How to Unlock Missing Mother and Sibling Bond

Here is a guide on where to find both items needed to unlock the Missing Mother and Sibling bond in 暖雪 Warm Snow.



There are two items that are needed to unlock the achievement. The first of which is the rotten bun, which is a random drop. I got it right before the nameless swordsman fight but I think you can get from any scene in that chapter. The second is Mother’s Message which only drops in a secret area in a specific scene in chapter 1 before the first boss fight/miniboss.

It looks like this when entering. I got this scene by taking the first left after entering the settlement, but levels in this game are semi random so there’s no point in memorizing specific path choices.

How to get to the hidden area

Once you’ve arrived at the scene, head up and left.

If you’re at the right scene, you’ll see a zombie child and a child next to a tree behind a building.

You can’t get to them from this side, so head up, then left, and back down again.

My character is facing right in this image but the correct way to go is left.

Stop here

Instead of heading left to the end of the level, head down and right. There’s a hidden pathway.

Neither of the children are hostile, but the zombie one must be slain to get the mother’s message.

Ignore the pink monster, at my difficulty level, every enemy I kill has a high chance of spawning one. If you’re playing on a lower difficulty, the pink monster likely won’t spawn.

Message Contents and Story Entry

Thanks to Shadowcrane for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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