Weed Shop 3: How to Find lil Pothead Collectible Cards

How to find lil pothead collectible cards in order to purchase the suites in Hotel 69.


What are lil pothead collectibles?

Lil Pothead Collectible Cards are brightly colored cards that randomly spawn throughout the inner city starting about one block away from the boardwalk. They spawn near the benches on the sidewalk along with various bongs, pots, and turds.

The quest allowing the search for collectable cards are unlocked by raising the farthest right value of the pawnshop owner to 100% (This is done by selling various things to the owner of the pawnshop)

  • 6 Cards are required in total in order to unlock the ability to purchase a suite.
  • ANY of the cards count towards the 6 you need (including duplicates)
  • As far as I can tell only one card spawns per game load. Saving and reloading from that save should spawn a new card after you’ve collected the previous.
  • You can deliver the cards one at a time or all at once
  • The Suite costs $500k
  • Not all of this may be correct, I just play the game

Thanks to Chrisdabeer for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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Post Author: Robins Chew

2 thoughts on “Weed Shop 3: How to Find lil Pothead Collectible Cards


    (June 11, 2022 - 5:26 am)

    A) You do not need to raise the relationship meter at all. It is level locked.
    B) You can find all the cards in one go- no loading game required. Just look harder.

    Alternative strategy- find the cheapest Dxxber Weeds order (that you can afford to fail) and just drive around the map looking for the cards. Much faster to locate. Drive your car to the card, then walk to the car.


      (June 14, 2022 - 3:32 pm)

      Where is the apartment located?

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