What Comes After: 100% Achievement Guide

What Comes After is a short adventure game featuring 2 endings.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ In this guide we will tell you how to gain every achievement.

 Achievements unlock upon close

Estimated 100% time: 40m~ when skipping dialogue, 1.5h~ otherwise.

Will unlock as you start the game.

The last train
Welcome on board

Before taking your seat, approach every NPC on the train and stay near them until the dialogue disappears. There should be 20 conversations to listen to.

Talk to all NPCs on the normal train

After taking your seat on the normal train.

The very last train
Board the train to what comes after

Talk to every ghost on the train you see as you go to the right. it should unlock after using the swing and talking to the tree.

Ghost whisperer
Talk to all ghosts on the train

When you talk to animals, make sure to interact with them a second time to pet them.
Animals you can pet: Cat, dog, kitten, sleeping dog, elephant.

Love knows no bounds
Show your affection to all of the eligible animals

Simply talk to the baby to unlock this achievement.

Oh baby!
Talked to The Baby

Unlocks after using the swing and talking to the tree.

Wisdom comes with age
Talked to The Tree

After talking to the tree head back the way you came from and you will find the chief at the bar.

A meal to remember
Talked to The Chef

Note: Only do this if you talked to all ghosts/pet animals if you’re going for those achievements.
After the conversation with the chef, keep going left and take a seat. The cat will approach you.

Nine lives aren’t enough
Talked to The Cat

Should unlock after talking to the cat and waking up.

Life is worth living
Get the good ending

To unlock the bad ending start a new game.
Take a seat and when you wake up go right and talk to the conductor, now don’t chat with any ghosts and immediately go back to your seat and sit there for 5 minutes for the ending to trigger.

I’m afraid of ghosts!
Get the bad ending

By Bunny and marklar

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