When The Past Was Around: How to Fix Resolution Stucked

Few players have reported that after interacting with options, like switching the game language, their resolution stucked at some uncomfortable value and can’t be changed forcing them to play with compressed screen. This is a fix for it.


Can’t change resolution in the game?
This is a typical issue which I met in Unity games before, in Disco Elysium or Witcher: Thronebreaker, and there is a fix which I want to share:

1. If you need to change the game language, run the game and do it using options.
2. Then quit the game and run “regedit” (start typing in Start menu). We need to edit the registry.
3. Go to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mojiken Studio\When Past Was Around
4. Change parameters – double click on the value:
fullscreen to 1
Screenmanager fullscreen mode to 1
Screenmanager resolution width and height to the ones you need.

5. Run the game. The resolution should be fixed now. Don’t touch the options! 😉

PS Thanks goes to Nikanuur for registry trick that solved the issue in Disco Elysium.

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