When The Past Was Around Walkthrough (100% Achievements)

When The Past Was Around is simple and lovely game.
This guide will help you to solved all puzzle of the game and additionally you`ll receive all possible achievements.


Hello! first thing first, English is not my first language so forgive me if there any grammar mistakes or wrong translation. The reason i made this guide because i really loved the game i thought to myself ‘hey why not’. When The Past Was Around is really simple game but sometimes it little bit frustrated when getting stuck, I hope this guide will help you.

Chapter 0 : Prologue


[1] Take Eda’s key.

[2]Take Owl’s key under the carpet.

[3]Go to the desk and used Eda’s key.

[4] [Additional for achievement] click the picture and you will get Memoir achievement

[5]Now used Owl’s key and take the cutter.

[6]Used cutter for open the box.

[7]Click it and done.


[1]Get the key by clicking drum that are black.

[2]Take piece of clef behind 2 jar.

[3]Take Owl statue in the up right .

[4]Click trash can on the left and get crank handle.

[5]Click the book and there is code 1434641.

[6]So basically 1 = ■ , 4 = ★ , 3 = ⬬ , 4 = ★ , 6 = ● , 4 = ★ , 1 = ■ .
but…you just need to remember the number to make it easy 1 4 3 4 6 4 1 from the left to the right.

[7]Go to the piano.

[8] [Additional for achievement] 1 > 1 > 5 > 5 > 6 > 6 > 5 to get Twinkle Twinkle Little Star achievement.
Now used note that we found in the bookshelf 1 > 4 > 3 > 4 > 6 > 4 > 1. If Doesn’t work go right click and try again.

[9]Now go to little box in the center.

[10]Put a key,handle and owl.

[11]Now you found the last piece of puzzle now go to far left and click cupboard.

[12]Put 3 of them and it will unlocked.


[1]Take a bread behind a cup.

[2] [Additional for achievement] To get Shattered you must break all the pots in the entire game. For this chapter go to the right and click all of them.

[3]After you break the pots take dirty sponge in the floor.

[4]Open red box and take it.

[5]Go far left and break all the pot.

[6]Plug in the cable.

[7]Turn off a fan and take clockwise.

[8]Put a bread in the blender turn it on and take it.

[9]Put a tap turn it on and clean the sponge.

[10]Open window in the center of the room. [Additional for achievement] to get Let The Wind Blows achievement you must open all the window in the entire game.

[11]Put breadcrumbs in the plate.

[12]Open a letter and take clockwise. thanks bird!

[13]Go to the right use a sponge the clean the mirror.

[14]Put in the clockwise and put 19:15 / 07:15.

[15]And used that for open the box in bottom right.

[16]Used a key for open red book in the middle.

Chapter 1 : When the Door Opened
[1][Additional for achievement] Break all of the tombstones and you will get Requiem achievement.

[2]Open flowers basket.

[3]Put Owl eye in owl statue and it will unlocked the door.

[1]Put a crank in the gear and roll it and it will open.


[1]Click a desk open red box and get a cutter.

[2]Open travel bag and get dutchtape.

[3][Additional for achievement] Click all the junk to clean to room and get Spick and Span achievement.

[4]Take a key under a the carpet.
[5]Used that key to open drawer and take a power on button.
[6]Used a cutter.
[7]Put a button and turn it on.
[8] Now used tv button to change from young Eda to an adult Eda [ 2 > 4 > 5 > 1 > 3 ]
[9]After that you will get a key to unlock a door.

[1]Take a flower in front of door and you will get musicall note.
[2]Click a bike and put same musicall note that we found. After that you will get bell button.
[3]Go to the right use bell button and dutch tape.
[5]Open the door.

Hmmhmm hmm.. Hmmhmm hmmm..

Chapter 2 : When I Found You



[1]There is crank handle on the floor and take a key.

[2]Inside the box you will get a button used that for unlocked a case.

[1][Additional for achievement] Open all window there is 4 window, 3 on the left and 1 on the right.

[2]Click on bird and open a letter, This is a clue for outside puzzle.

[3]Go to Eda’s table, There is a note with symbol, Wallet and Empty Cup.

[4]Open a wallet and take the money and give it to the barista.

[5]Take teapot it’s a near barista.

[6]Back to Eda’s table and fill the empty cup.

[7]This a clue for opening red box check note on the left and just used symbol X so it’s gonna be like :


[8] Click on red box and used a code symbol.
[9]Take slice of cake and go outside.

[1]Put cake in the wooden long chair.

[2]Back to Eda and click the gate.

[3]Click the bird, One of them drop a symbol on the floor take it and go back to wooden long chair
and click it.

[4]Theres is 3 poster symbol that similiar that we see on letter Y and K.

[5]Click on messenger post and put :


[6][Additional for achievement] Don’t forget to click a bird inside messenger post for getting
Messenger Bird achievement.

[7]After get 3 symbol now go to the gate and put them all in.

Chapter 3 : When We Were Together



[1]Fill it with water and used it for watering the plant.

[1]Click green table on the right side

[2]Remove a feather and take a matches, and blue papper on bottom.

[3]Use matches to lit a cadle and take a mug.

[4]Click kitchen kabinet put milk and coffe for the Owl and tea (red) and (white brown) for Eda.

[5]Back to them in dinning table and take flower.

[6]Put milk coffe on top and tea on bottom.

[7]Take a biscuit and enjoy.

[8]As you can see there is locked red box in top right but we leave it for now.


[1]There is starsfish inside red bucket and coral above the bucket.

[2]Go to left there is ice cream stand click it.

[3] [Additional for Achievement] Eat the right side of ice cream (Owl side) for get Right
Tastes Better

[4]Look at stick ice cream and logo on top left, this is a clue for red box in the kitchen. For now we keep moving.

[5]Take 2 Flag in coconut and in the ship.

[6]Put 2 Flag in sand castle.

[7]Put shell,starfish,coral and flower.


[1]Used matches to lit campfire.

[2]Go to left open van door and take camera lens.

[3]On the right side of van there is telescope click it. A bird is on Left bottom.

[4]Go to second telescope near violin, Used camera lens and find Owl. It is on Top Right.

[5]Go to table near Van there is a note for opening basket.

1-2 = 1:15 2-3= 1:30 3-4= 1:45 4-5= 2:00
Here’s the thing in my experince sometimes there’s a bug, even if you put correct answer it wont unlocked. Just move it silighty different, sometimes it work just 2:05 or 3:10 just move it arround that until you unlocked it.

[6]After you unlocked take scissors and click on sandwich.

[7]There’s Eda name written on it and that’s another clue for opening red box in the kitchen.
So if you match it with the stick ice cream it will be :


[8]Back to the kitchen and click red box.

[9]Back to the Beach now Open the box from bottom far right

[10]Back to camping put Blue papper and used scissors and put nail on it. After that put in the stick near campfire.

Chapter 4 : When The Day Arrived


[1]Turn on all the light

[1]Click it and hang all the clothes.

[2] [Additional for Achievement] Go to the left and turn off radio and you will get Sound of Silence achievement.

[3][Additional for Achievement] Now Input 1915 on the safe and you will get 1915 Achievement.

[4]Take detergent on the left .

[5]Take red bucket near washing machine.

[6]Fill the bucket with water.

[7]Take a scarf and put in washing machine. Then put a Water and Detergent as well.

[8]Close it and turn in on and leave it for a while.

[9]Fill the bucket with water again.

[10]In the table there’s JNE JNX Package and a Red Book in the chair.

[11]First code is ■ ●▲ ● ■ for easiest to remember just rembember it’s like owl face or UwU

[12]On the next page of the book there is a different photo each photo has a number on it.
1 = 𝄞 2 = 𝅘𝅥 3 = 𝅗𝅥 4 = ♫ 5 = 𝅘𝅥𝅮 6 = 𝄇
For easiet to remember just remember 𝅘𝅥 𝅗𝅥 ♫ becuase 𝄞 always in begining and 𝄇 its already default.

[13] Now go back to Washing Machine and take the scraf.

[14]In the blanket there is picture of Owl, Butterfly, Broom and a Bird. Count each of them

Owl = 1 Butterfly = 9 Broom = 3 Birds = 5

[15]Now Input 1935 on the safe.

[1]Take a pill

[2]Go to the left and input 𝄞 𝅘𝅥 𝅗𝅥 ♫ 𝄇

[3] Take a seed and put in empty pot in the middle and water it with bucket.

[4]Give a pill and flower to the owl.


[1]Click on trash can on the right

[2]Input the number in electrical meter. 13 12 15 and turn it on.

[3] Take Garden shovel in bottom right.

[4]Go back to the table on the left.

[5]This one you must put all the bird from the right side to the left side and all the owl from the left side to the right side.
Click from left to the right and bottom:
Owl 1 > Bird 1 > Bird 2>
Owl 1 > Owl 2 > Owl 3>
Bird 1 > Bird 2 > Bird 3>
Owl 1 > Owl 2 > Owl 3>
Bird 2 > Bird 3 > Owl 3.

[6] Take black cube go to far left and hanging a clothes then take cutter form blue shirt

[7]Back to garden and digging with garden shovel.

[8]You found cookies box, this one i think it’s random so i can’t help you but you can figure it out it’s easy you got this!

[9]Open it and as expected there is no cookies in the cookies box Dammit!!

[10]Take Black Circle and go to Rooftop.

[11]Open Jnx Package with a cutter.

Drag 1 to the top
2 to the bottom and leave it one square
3 to the right
4 to the top
5 to the far right
4 to the bottom
6 to the bottom
3 to the right
flower to the bottom

[12] Take Black cone and go back to locked door in the hallway.

[13] Click door put them all.

Remember? OwO now click ■ ●▲ ● ■ If doesn’t work right click and do it again.

Chapter 5 : When The Past was Around

[1]Before you go you need find Musical note all over the place until the color change.

[2][Additional for achivement] Open all window inside the cafe again and you will get Let The Wind Blows achivement.

[3] In the Beach find Musical note as well.

[4] In the garden break all the pot and you will get Shattered Achievement

[5] Put in Musical note

[6] [Additional for achivement] In the credit pop all the bubble to get Virtuoso achievement.

After you get all the achievements you will get Finale

Thanks for reading. Hope i was able to help you!

By mark

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