Will To Live Online: Fuel Guide (How to become Fuel Rockefeller)

Hello fellow gamers, with recent uptade (Moped) sometimes I had problems with running out of fuel. Of course you can buy 3 cans of refined from the ingame shop for 50 whateveryoucallit coins (NOT TOKENS!) . So I prepared for you some SPECIAL education. With these few steps I’ll try to help you with every step of making your of purified gasoline in large quantites at once! (I’ll try, don’t yell at me)


Step 1: Secure the funnel and hoes hose
Hose: White box truck cabin at the garages in H8-2
Funnel: In truck between K5-8 and J5-4 or in burned bus nearby
Lil James tip: Easiest way to get to garages it through railway car suspended over green river in Minaevskaya mine, in grid G7-6

Step 2: Ascend from Gasness (?)
So, if you’re still in the garages, why don’t you pick up the free gas can that spawns in hangar, in the storage box on the bottom shelf in grid H7-6?
If you want to get more gas cans, you can buy more at Grisha in Minaevskaya mine for 100 tokens per can

Step 3: Rain Gas
Now, this is tricky. You can get gas from red barrels at some locations (They don’t explode, do not worry). Easiest way to pick some “Pi*s” gas is from Radio Telescope in grid K5-5. There are 7 barrels total there that can give you gas. You can get only one “Pi*s” Gas canister from one barrel

  • 2 near bottom truck
  • 1 in first room near bottom truck (Not guard shack)
  • 1 behind main builing, near corner
  • 1 near second Obi-Wan truck on a little higher ground
  • Final 2 near transformer, one barrel on each side

Of course there are several other locations where you can pick some fuel, but I found out that Radio Telescope ones always “work”
Lil James tip: There are two teleports that teleport you to Radio Telescope and back to Blockpost near Korovie (That settlement is important). Teleport to Radio Telescope is at I10-1 and the one that teleports you back to Korovie border is at K7-3. Remember that they dont teleport you directly, so to your destinations you need to take few steps!
But for interested, here are several locations that I know of that have fuel barrels:

  • 1 at “Engineering” Village, in first depot hangar, between shelves
  • 2 behind shop in “Engineering”
  • 2 at Gas Station in grid B2-2, one barrel per container (Those two are next to eachother)
  • 2 at Minaevskya mine, next to Grisha, next to press machines
  • I guess, there are some at Gas Station at C10-8 but I never checked, I’ll uptade if I find out
Step 4: Unleash the gas
So, you just collected gas (It’s heavy, ain’t it?). That’s why I suggested taking gas at Radio Telescope, so you can easily TP to Korovie. Then just dump those fuel cans at Senya the gunpowder in secure inventory (Ya know, that one where you can buy more space for tokens?) and get ready for next step

Step 5: Skewer the woods from wood
Ok, you are at little grinding step, but it will be allright. You need to gather firewood. A cr*p ton of it, ideally 25 firewood per fuel filter. Why that specific number? Well, campfire costs five pieces of firewood + match and one campfire can easily and quickly process 20 firewood, so it gives you 10 charcoal. Then get 2 bandages, empty plastic bottle, and voilà- you just crafted Fuel Filter
Easiest way to farm wood is at Swamp or Dead Forest (Seperate location, not that one signed on the map, entrance is located at I13-6)

Step 6: Wield A Fist of Coal
Go to Minaevskaya Mine and mine some coal. You need 20 pieces to craft one purified gasoline

Step 7: Raise crafting Hell
Take your filters and coal to Senya the gunpowder and aproach the chemical station there and begin crafting.
To craft one Purified Gasoline you need:

  • 1 fuel filter
  • 20 pieces of coal (NOT charcoal)
  • 2 Canisters of “Pi*s” gas

In return, after crafting time (Something around 30 minutes, but it might be changed) you get one empty gas canister and one canister of purified gasoline

Step 8: FREEDOM!!!
Well, you have your Gasoline, so your bike is fully tanked and ready for action. If you want more, just follow the steps again. Or just sell the extra gas for profit. Now go, ride like a lightning!

Thanks to A guy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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