Wing of Misadventure: Information Guide

In this guide, I will try and explain all the mechanics that aren’t well described in the game. This game has very deep character building and the game doesn’t really explain much.

This game is like a mix of Ragnarok Online, Old School Runescape, and an action RPG. As of writing this guide, the game is still in-development and some features are not complete.


Gathering Professions

Crafting is not yet fully implemented but there is some crafting in the game you can get a headstart if you want to.

Brief overview of alchemy/lumberjack/mining.

**[Planting Seeds]**

Herbs/Trees have 3 phases of growth. Each phase takes 2 minutes but it starts at phase 1 so it’s 4-minutes total to reach phase 3.

Phase 1 – Harvest to gain seeds
Phase 2 – Harvest to gain twigs
Phase 3 – Harvest to gain wood/herbs

*[Tip]* – You get a lot more experience from planting seeds compared to harvesting.

[Gathering Leveling Information]

Alchemy – Gathering Herbs / Planting Seeds
Lumberjack – Gathering Trees / Planting Trees
Mining – Gathering Ore

Every 15 levels in a gathering tradeskill gives you +1 everytime you harvest anything. This includes seeds. Being a subscriber gives you an extra 30% while gathering.

[1-15 Lumberjack/Alchemy]

For level 1-15, if you want to “powerlevel” your gathering, simply get 1 seed, plant the seed by double clicking, then immediately harvesting it. You will get 1 seed in return. You will gain XP both from planting the seed and from harvesting it back.

[15+ Lumberjack/Alchemy]

Planting seeds, letting them grow to phase 3, then harvesting. Every zone has a limit on how many harvest nodes can be on the map. Some maps have higher limits! Explore the world to find out where you can plant 20+ trees/herbs!

*[Tip]* For alchemy, you could also craft a massive amount of potions to get a little bit of XP and also gain some potions for less downtime.

[1-20 Mining]

Fungal Cave has 5 mining nodes total. They each respawn in 1-minute. You can run laps harvesting them to gain levels.

*[Tip]* – Possibly sit near a double spawn of mines. While waiting for respawn, work on elemental experience. Kill two birds with one stone.

[20+ Mining]

Fungal Cave 2 as well as Meris Grotto has Tier 2 gold ore. Pretty straightforward to level from here. Simply gather lots of ore!

Production Tradeskills

Crafting is not yet fully implemented but there is some crafting in the game you can get a headstart if you want to.

Currently there are only a few production tradeskills added and they still need some balance tweaks so be aware if you are leveling these, its currently very grindy and will probably get some adjustments in the future.

Blacksmithing – Creates Weapons (Higher base damage and potency)
Sculptor – Creates Magic Weapons (Higher magic stats and magic potency)
Chef – Creates food buffs. (Currently only has 2 recipes.)
Mage – Enchant/Disassemble/Improve. Currently only “Improve” is implemented where you can add cores to your gear for additional stats.

Currently, the level requirement of the item being crafted determines what crafting level you ned in order to make the item. (Example: Level 9 sword will require level 9 blacksmith to create.)

Higher level recipes grant more experience but like I said, some of the recipes are unbalanced and require way to many materials. In the future, this will be balanced a lot better.

The higher your craft level is relative to the item being created, the higher your chance at creating a higher rarity.


I am a level 50 blacksmith. If I create a level 1 sword, it will have a very high chance at being transcendent for example. Creating a level 50 sword at level 50 blacksmithing will most likely yield a white or green quality item.

Below is a list of the current item rarities (Crafting in the future will have a chance to go beyond transcendent):

Elemental Experience (Character Progression)
Video Guide:

-I take no credit for this information. Everything I learned about elemental experience is from this forum post:

BASE elemental level has breakpoints. Upon reaching a breakpoint, ALL previous levels turn into the new value. If you are struggling while solo, I suggest working on your elements.

[2 Ways to level elements]:

1.) Using skills. You gain XP based on the damage and the element. (Magic Potency scales magic skills)

2.) Using basic attack (left click). You gain XP based on the damage dealt and the element of your weapon. The element is the top value which will say “Attack 75-150 (Fire)” for example. This would level only fire.

[Neutral Damage Weapons] If a weapon says 75-150 (Neutral) it will level all 6 elements at once but at a much slower rate.

***[Tip]*** To survive solo, you will want to level up fire/earth on any character. Hitting the 50 or 100 base breakpoint will help you survive.

[Below is a quote from the official forums showing the values of the breakpoints] Credit goes to Alexandro from the Wing of Misadventure forums!

50 fire: 3 health per Elemental level over 50.
100 fire: 6 health per Elemental level over 50.
150 fire: 9 health per Elemental level over 50.
200 fire: 12 health per Elemental level beyond 50.

50 earth: 0.5 defense and 0.25 magic defense * per Elemental level over 50.
100 earth: 1.0 defense and 0.5 magic defense * per Elemental level beyond 50.
150 de land: 1.5 defense and 0.75 magic defense * per Elemental level over 50.
200 earth: 2.0 defense and 1.0 magic defense * per Elemental level over 50.
* Magic defense gains only half over 50.

50 air: 1.5 potency per Elemental level beyond 50.
100 air: 2.0 potency per Elemental level over 50.
150 air: 2.5 potency per Elemental level over 50.
200 air: 3.0 potency per Elemental level over 50.

50 water: 0.7 regeneration health per Elemental level over 50.
100 water: 0.9 health regeneration per Elemental level over 50.
150 water: 1.1 health regeneration per Elemental level over 50.
200 water: 1.3 health regeneration per Elemental level over 50.

50 of darkness: 1.5 magic potency per Elemental level over 50.
100 darkness: 2.0 magic potency per Elemental level over 50.
150 darkness: 2.5 magic potency per Elemental level over 50.
200 darkness: 3.0 magic potency per Elemental level over 50.

50 light: 0.5 magic defense and 0.25 defense per Elemental level over 50.
100 light: 1.0 magic defense and 0.5 defense per Elemental level beyond 50.
150 light: 1.5 magic defense and 0.75 defense per Elemental level beyond 50.
200 light: 2.0 magic defense and 1.0 defense per Elemental level beyond 50.
* Defense gains only half beyond 50.

Example of how it works:
From level 1 to 50 you gain only 3 life per level.
Upon reaching level 51 each point is worth 6 health per level.
Upon reaching level 101, each point is worth 9 health per level.”

-Quote from the official forums posted by: Alexandro


Grouping in Wing of Misadventure is a great way to earn character level faster or take down world bosses!

Few things to note about groups!

1.) When you are in the same zone, ALL players receive 100% of the experience for everyones kills. If you are in a 8-player group and split up, you are essentially getting XP eight times faster potentially.

2.) Experience values in this game are determined by the following:

-Monster is within +/- 10 levels of your character you gain 100% XP.

-Monster is +/- 11-20 levels of your character you get 10% less XP per level over or under. (Example. If you are level 10 and you kill a level 30 monster, you will gain only 1 xp. If you are level 10 and kill a level 20 monster, you will gain 100% of the XP value of that monster)

3.) You can help guildmates or powerlevel lower players by killing monsters within there level range. You (the helper/powerleveler) will receive 1 XP but the other players receive XP based on there level in relation to the monster level of the kill.

Random Scenario: Maybe you are a guild leader and you recruit a bunch of new players. Maybe they want a few extra levels in a level 20 zone. As a guild leader, you could potentially level up your “elemental experience” while helping your guildmates get “character levels”. You are actually benefiting from helping others. You could also work on crafting, such as planting/harvesting trees/herbs or mining while killing monsters for your guildmates.


Guilds can level up in Wing of Misadventure.

Every level up grants:

+1 Technology Point
+2 Member Limit

Technology points can be spent on:

Experience gain
Item Drop Rate

In order to get guild experience you will need to do guild dailies.

Press “H” and click the crown icon to see your guild dailies. When completed, you don’t need to turn them in, you automatically get the guild XP.

Dailies reset at 7PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Traveling Merchants
Brief Video Guide:

Traveling merchants are part of the “daily reset”. In total, I think there are five merchants. They spaen randomly in the world and usually the location will be announced by other players in global chat.Some traveling merchants require a quest to unlock there shop which you only need to complete once.

The shops sell a variety of items from cash shop items (Using tamas which is the “gold” currency), equipment, companion cards, and pororo points.

Nump Pet Quest (Free Pet)
Video Guide (English):

The most confusing parts are Invartum part 1 and part 2.

Part 1: You must go to the library in town and interact with the bookshelf.

Part 2: You must kill 2 named spawns in Invartum Forest (North of town)

PororoAW spawns near the NPC in the center of the map.
Yotiny spawns in the southwest.

They both have a short respawn timer of a minute or two and will provide you with the items needed for part 2.

**[Optional Tip]** If you create a new character and repeat the nump quest, you can trade the nump card to other players OR use it for yourself to level up nump. This can be repeated endlessly.

Item Rarities

13 total item rarities!

In the future, crafting will be able to create items above transcendent.

**[Note]** Early game items drop very frequently. As you level up, the drop rate gets lower so you don’t need to worry about inventory clutter later on.

Inventory Management
Every character level gives you +1 inventory space.

Early game, the inventory can get frustrating. Tons of loot drops and your bag fills up very fast.

Right clicking on items will “select” the item. You can select multiple items at once. By clicking “Destroy” you will turn all the items into “dust” which stacks up and saves you space.

Dust sells to the NPC for 10 tamas each. This might help you earn a bit of tamas early game but is unnecessary later in the game because less items drop. In other words, inventory is no longer a nightmare later in the game.

**[Tip]** Early game, 1-40 items don’t sell that well to the NPC. I suggest “dusting” anything you won’t use. Once you reach the 2nd continent, items start to sell for 1200+ tamas per item.

Skill Levels / Skill Points
Every character level grants you +1 skill point.

In your skill screen [hotkey”K”] you will see an experience bar that fills up. Every time it fills up, you get 1 skill point. You can fill it endlessly so eventually you can max out every skill but note that this will take a long time.

Character Enhancement (Arkin Gems)
Arkin gems are used to “enhance” your character up to 7 stars. Each star requires more arkin gems and more tamas but you get more and more stats for each star! Once you reach 7 stars, you will start to obtain “Corrupted Arkin Gems” which are used to level up “Elements” using affinity points. (Sort of like Paragon levels in Diablo 3 but not endless)

Arkin Gems can be obtained in a variety of ways:

1.) Daily Mercenary Board (+1 Arkin Gem)
2.) Daily PvP Quest (+3 Arkin Gems. Unlocks at level 50)
3.) World bosses (Drop chance is unknown but it’s not super rare.)
4.) Buying from other players.
5.) Daily Login (+5 Arkin Gems every few days)
6.) Traveling Merchants (Shop and location reset daily)

Brief Leveling Guide

Complete all the quests you find and discover all the secret chests. Grinding is actually very “light” in the first 45 levels. It might seem overwhelming because you are new and don’t know all the zones but there are enough quests to get you to 45 without much grinding. If you do need to grind a level to be able to accept a quest, try and find a group. Grouping has no XP penalties and if you are on the same map, you all get the XP for each kill! (Refer to the grouping guide section)


The 1st continent offers quests all the way to 50 but I suggest finding a group and heading to the 2bd continent. Both factions arrive in different locations so this might be a little confusing.

Why the 2nd continent? By design, the monsters give A LOT more experience. The game wants you to travel to the 2nd continent if you are looking for XP.

Example: A level 50 creature on 1st continent might give 300-500XP. A level 60 creature on 2nd continent will give 5000XP and 100,000XP if its 3 stars.

Level 45-60 will be lightning fast if you get a group to grind the 2nd continent.


Above 60, there are still quests. (Some at 65 for example that will get you to 70+). In order to get to 65, this is where the grind starts. I highly suggest joining a guild or making friends to group with.

**[Tip]** When grinding monsters, grouping up will always yield more XP than soloing. Always try and look for a group on your current map!

Secret Chests (Massive XP)
Use google translate:

Most maps have a secret chest that you can open once per chest per character. The chests grant a massive amount of XP. In some cases, they will grant you over one full level of experience!

The chests have a minimum level requirements to open, however.

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