Wolcen Lords of Mayhem: Effective Crafting Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to Craft effectively.


Rarity and Quality

The Rarity of and Item is based on the color of item all Items can be crafted from blues to perfectly rolled Red items. With good luck of course.

Blue Items have 2 open slots. 1 Prefix 1 Suffix

Yellow items have 4 open slots.

Red Items Have 6 open slots. 3 Prefix and 3 Suffix.

Quality of and item is represented as stars on the top right of the item.

Each star Directly increases the primary Component of the item. Weapon(s) Base damage of weapon is increased. Armor all resistance or HP is increased. This is applied directly to the base of the item.

Materials for crafting

Second part of crafting is understanding the tools you have access too.

For adding a random suffix/prefix depending on the items open slot. You have Erieban Tear.

For removing a random suffix/prefix. You have Abyssal Tear.

For exchanging a random Suffix/Prefix for another. You have Ohm’s Echo.

For re-rolling the entire item’s list of suffix/prefixes. You have Entropy Orb.

Each of these have a FAR less common Red rarity version. That can only be applied to RED rarity items. These are typically used as last resorts after a failed roll going from YELLOW -> RED rarity.

Crafting Process

First you need to know what you are looking to obtain on an item.
For a list of possible options you can use https://wolcendb.erosson.org/

Example for ENDGAME gearing: I want a 2-handed material damage weapon.

1. What base item do I want?

The highest base item is T16 Profane Executor.

Starts Dropping around 60-80 mob level

2. What do I want for the Suffix/prefix?

I want to aim for 1 Flat Base material damage Suffix.

Highest Suffix starts appearing around mob level 140, 160 or higher is Ideal for farming removes lower Affix drop pool

This way I can Craft % Material damage using gems

Note: if the item can have 3 sockets you will need 3 sockets filled with gems on the item.

The suffix I want to see before crafting would be the Weapon life leech and decent Critical damage with a top roll Flat material damage.

This is a good investment of resources cause I know if i land the % material damage with my gems there is a very good chance this will be an upgrade or has the possibility to become a god tier item.

Some times it does not land but you can still have a chance to revert a bad roll with an Abyssal Tear.

IF you miss and remove wrong stat. Use an Eriban tear try to get correct stat back. Failing after using one CONSIDER THE ITEM BRICKED.

When you land the mods.

The suffix pool only has a few options left material ailment chance would be nice but not landing it won’t break the item.

LANDING another flat material is really what we are looking for either Toxic or rend both scale the same. (rend slightly favored with gates of fate options)

Going from Yellow to Red is done with the Dark Market.

This part is a PURE gamble using gems here will not help.

If you miss but it’s still an upgrade I HIGHLY RECOMMEND equipping the item for now and farming another. The odds of Removing and ADDING are far lower at this stage.

If the Item is not an upgrade try to remove and add the correct stat. I typically do not use gems at this point unless I manage to remove the % damage and the OFF stat this still gives a chance at redemption. Removing 2 Suffixes (damage rolls) Consider it a brick.

Good Enough VS Perfect
Sometimes you manage to get an upgrade at that point ALWAYS take the win.

Eventually doing this it WILL connect for god tier results.

Increase Quality

This is the last step it is expensive so I would only recommend this for items that are going to be around for quite some time.

Items that made it too becoming red through the crafting process and either went upgrade or god tier.

Acquiring Crafting Materials

Generally this just comes with farming. However there are a few things you can do to increase the rate you acquiring these materials.

1. Dark market has TWO options you can upgrade materials to legend grade (RED)
and you can create NORMAL upgrade materials consistently.

2. Seekers Garrison has a chance to have a Tier 3 mission to create Legend Materials (RED) it is random to have.

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