World Racing 2: All Achievements Guide (52/52)

The complete guide for all 52 achievements in World Racing 2 Champion Edition.
Estimated completion time: 20-25 hours depending on your skills, luck and how much time you’ll manage to save.
Cheats DON’T LOCK the achievements.


Part 1 (use Ctrl+F to find your desired achievement)

Beginner Careerist
Complete “Your Fastest Lap” mission in Career mode.Navigator
Complete all checkpoints within the allotted time in Waypoint Race mode.

Average Car Enjoyer
Take a car for a spin in Joyride mode.

Attentive Buyer
Take a car for a spin in Test Drive mode.

Practice Makes Perfect
Take a car for a spin in Training mode.

To The Junkyard
Destroy your car completely.

Natural Selection
Win in KO Race mode.

Driving On Eggshells
Win a race without taking damage.

Drive 100 kilometers in the whole game.

A Little Trip
Drive 250 kilometers in the whole game.

Drive 500 kilometers in the whole game.

Tour Hunter
Drive 1,000 kilometers in the whole game.

Manual Labor
Drive 50 kilometers using a manual gearbox.

Win 5 single races.

Win 25 single races.

Win 50 single races.

The End?
Complete “The Grand Finale” mission in Career mode.

Self-explanatory. These are easy to obtain and no further explanation is needed. You’ll probably get them while completing the achievements listed below.

Sunday Driver
Complete the “Aptitude Test” before starting Career mode.

Licence Acquired!
Complete the “License Examination” before starting Career mode.

Aptitude Test and License Examination are available before starting the career mode. If you complete Your Fastest Lap, you’ll lose access to them and you’ll have to create a new profile.

Bad Sport
Take a shortcut 100 times.

Cut corners anywhere you can. You’ll need it, trust me.

Lap at least one of your opponents and win a single race

There used to be a glitch which allowed you to get this achievement in the KO race but it was eventually fixed. However, there is another simple method. Choose “No Escape”, build up your advantage and you’ll be able to lap your opponents soon.

Didn’t Hurt So Much
Repair your car by driving into a special spanner symbol.

Got Nitro?
Top up your nitro by driving into a special refueling gun symbol.

You can find these icons mostly at the gas stations. The one on the screenshot below is located in Miami. Just stop there and you’ll have your car repaired and nitro refilled automatically. Note that first you have to slightly damage your car and use some nitro.

Uuuuu… Shiny!
Use a car wash.

Car washes are located next to the gas stations. Drive to one of them and your car will be automatically clean. The car needs to be dirty to a certain extent before so I recommend to wash it right after completing “Wait… Is that a feature?” achievement.

Dirt Drive
Drive until the car is totally covered in dirt.

No, you’ll NOT OBTAIN this achievement if you make your car dirty in the car wash while completing “Wait… Is that a feature?” achievement. Choose Joyride, Egypt and drive alongside the map boundaries. The car gets dirty much faster on the sand than on the grass. It should take you 20-25 minutes.

I Am Speed
Reach 500 km/h in any car.

Choose Joyride, Egypt, SC9 and go to the map boundary. There is a lot of empty space to get this achievement and SC9 is the only car which is able to reach 500 km/h.

Nitro Abuser
Use up a whole nitro charge in one burst without collisions and without slowing down below 50km/h.

Do exactly the same as for “I Am Speed” achievement but this time take a slower car.

Traveling Atoms
Find and use at least one of a few special teleporters.

You can easily find a teleporter in one of the pyramids in Egypt.

Achieve 100 points in a single drift.

Codename: DK
Get 1000 drift points in a single race.

The best place to get 100 points in a single drift is the last hairpin on Test Center 16. To get 1000 drift points, just set more laps. You don’t have to finish the race.

Fighting Against Gravity
Drive over the aqueduct on the Italy map without falling off.

If you drive straight ahead from the start point in Joyride, you’ll see a destroyed aqueduct in front of you. Getting up there is kinda pain in the a$$ because you’ll have to drive on the steep cliffs. The aqueduct has 3 gaps which you can fly over. Don’t drive too fast nor too slow. If you pass one gap, align your car properly and then drive to the another one. Get to the other side of the aqueduct and you’ll get the achievement.

Part 2 (use Ctrl+F to find your desired achievement)

Racing Pays Off
Earn 100.000 Speedbucks.The best way to grind speedbucks is to keep winning “No Escape” races. In them, you can get so much advantage over your opponents that you’ll be earning 10k speedbucks per race. You need to have 100k speedbucks in your account so don’t buy anything before you get this achievement.

Like a Kid in a Candy Store
Buy all rims available in the game.

Hubcaps Please!
Fit new rims to your car.

Self-explanatory but you have to buy all rims only for one car.

Buy every car available in the game.

Test Driver
Drive every car in the game at least once.

Buy every track available in the game.

Track Tester
Race on every track in the game.

After you collect 100k speedbucks, you can buy all cars and tracks in the game. To save as much time as possible, consider getting these achievements after completing the career mode. Not every car and track is used in the career so you have to choose them in single races. Fortunately, the game tells you on which track you’ve already raced and which car you’ve driven before. Both circuit and waypoint races are mandatory. You don’t need to choose cars or tracks downloaded from Workshop. If you see that you got the “Test Driver” achievement, choose SC9 and do remaining races. This is the fastest way to complete this busy work.

Ride on two wheels for 2 seconds.

Download this mod, choose Areal 6 and try to drive on the cliffs alongside the road.

The Flying Hawaiian
Successfully land a jump of least 200 meters over an unfinished bridge in Hawaii.

It’s virtually impossible to get this one with default cars because they always land improperly and the clean landing is necessary here. Thus, download Toi Toi car – believe me, it will always land perfectly after this jump. Choose Hawaii 1, accelerate up to 200 km/h and feel the wind in your hair.

Friends No More
Complete a race in Split Screen mode.

You need to plug in a gamepad for this achievement.

Number One
Reach the top position in Highscore.

High scores can be found in Statistics in main menu. Just earn enough speedbucks to obtain this achievement.

Endurance Lover
Win a race over 30 laps.

Choose Test Center 1 or 17, SC9 and set the lowest difficulty. This race should take you about 10 minutes.

Get 300 kilometers of mileage in any single car.

You can get 300 km either while grinding speedbucks in “No Escape” with Fabienne Rallye or while doing races with SC9 for the “Track Tester” achievement.

You Will Break The Car…
Get 100 “extreme driving errors”.

Just crash everywhere with high speed.

You Are The Champion!
Complete all missions in Career mode on gold.

The description is kinda misleading because you have to not only win all gold medals but also complete all races in carrer mode – even those which don’t grant you a medal. Basically, you have to see the ending video to get this achievement.

Hidden Achievements

Film Director
Enable “FreeCam” mode.Just press “V” to enable photo mode.

Have a N.I.C.E day!
Greetings from the past.

Complete the “Have a Nice Day” race in the career mode.

Wait… Is that a feature?
That’s not how the car wash should be used, you know that?

Drive to the car wash from the back and your car will become dirty.

Watch Credits until the end.

You know what to do.

One Eternity Later
Complete the mission “No Escape” after winning at least 10 races against AI opponents.

They Were Wrong…
You found a way to escape from an endless loop.

In “No Escape” race you get a head start which depends on how big advantage over your opponents you had in the previous race. However, it completely glitches out if you lap them multiple times. You’ll get such a large head start that you’ll finish the race before the opponents even start. Then you’ll be forced to wait 20 minutes or more because the race will end only if the opponents finally start driving. To prevent this, make sure you lap them only once.
About the achievements – win qualifications and 10 races, then in the 11th one get more than 23% damage to lose it.

Thanks to ArtKazimierz for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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