Yuppie Psycho Executive Edition Walkthrough (New Achievements Included)

This walkthrough guides you through the content that executive edition added. So this guide starts partway through the game from the 4th floor after you have collected Sintra family photo. The new achievements are also explained here.


Helping Chapman

After escaping from the Hive with the photograph, take the elevator to floor 2.
Speak with Chapman and offer to help with his promotion for credits.
Speak to the intercom and enter as Chapman.

Promotion Test

In the first test you need to walk over 5 boxheads that are smiling or have heart symbol at the back of their box. Avoid angry boxheads and those with symbol X. There is briefcase with glowsticks.

Test two makes you move a box in the grid and collect briefcases and rewards for few rounds. You need to collect 4 briefcases before a reward item appears. Make sure to collect the reward as soon as possible, otherwise it changes to a briefcase. Avoid colliding with stacks of paper or the test is over.

Test three wants you to prevent boxheads reaching the beach. You should run up, place few glowsticks to the ground and collect more from the briefcase. Push those boxheads away from the beach and after a while they turn angry and walk away. Some boxheads are easier to push back, others just stop (you can move back and then up again to gain some momentum to push them back).
I’m not entirely sure if there is a timer for this phase or if you need to make at least +10 boxheads to walk away over the starting line.

After completing the tests Chapman throws some money to the ground (200 credits).
Take the elevator to floor 3.

3th Floor

Before going to the security room, go and speak to Doshi on the right side to get some free glowsticks. Afterwards enter security and avoid patrolling guards by hiding. This area contains the security camera videos needed for [Monitor achievement].

  • Floor 0 – Chapman’s phone call
  • Floor 1 – Rostow complaining + Rostow zombie
  • Floor 2 – Baby carriage
  • Floor 3 – Doshi fixing computer
  • Floor 4 – Kate
  • Floor 5 – Hugo hallway + Hugo secret room
  • Floor 7 – Sosa & Mappy filming
  • Floor 8 – Smoke break conversation
  • Floor 9 – Devil
  • Floor 10 – Laughter

In here move west while collecting (coffee powder, 3 water cups, 2 batteries) and watching security video for floor 0 (Chapman). Avoid the guard and watch video for floor 1 (Rostow). Use srewdriver on the red monitor and collect security card from the tangled up guard.

Head north after guard and push the filing cabinet to make a hideout. While waiting for the guard to go down collect witch paper from the briefcase on the east. Continue north and kill a mine after monitor station 2. On the east there is another tangled up guard (collect security card and use srewdriver). Head west to save station (collect soda and save your progress).

Head north and then east while avoiding guard. Watch security video 7 (Sosa & Mappy) and collect 2 pencil and a blank VHS. Head west, kill the mine and watch security video 8 (conversation). Collect candy bar, 2 battery, security card and use screwdriver.

Backtrack to security station 3 and use VHS to watch security video (Doshi).
Go south on the left side of monitor station 2. There is a guard doing counterclockwise patrol route.
Head to T-junction and go north. Block the passage with the monitor and collect (bread, 3 glowsticks). Then head west and speak with Ms. Jung. She will promote Chapman to 4th floor [Promotion achievement].

After she leaves. collect slice of cheese and enter the vent. Watch security video (Kate), collect slice of bread and go back. Head south and then west to a larger room. Avoid the guard by hiding under the table, use middle pillar as cover, collect ink cartridge from the briefcase and head north.

There is monitor station 10 (come back later for the video) and tangled up guard. Collect security card and use screwdriver, then head west to the vent.

Two guards are patrolling this area. There is witch paper in the south. Head north and use the side passage to hide from the guard. Continue to the next side passage and hide in the closet. After the guard leaves continue north where you can use the pillar as cover.

Head east while avoiding the guard using side passages until you come to a vent. There is 1 pencil and candy bar in those cabinets and a raw pizza at the end of the corridor.

Kill the mine, collect coffee powder and move two file cabinets. Head north of the save station and interact with the last tangled up guard. Chase him where you moved the monitor and interact with him before he escapes. Get the last security card and use screwdriver.

Use the 5 security cards on the pillars to open the door to boss room.

Boss fight

Head north when the boss hits his head to the floor and red light vanishes. You can crawl under the rubble. Use the file cabinet as cover and push it until the wires on the ground.
Unplug those wires on the wall and choose [YES].

Use the tables as cover while heading to the next set of wires to unplug. The boss sends the security guard away if you helped those tangled up guards. Choose [4:3] and head north using the tables.
Push the button and sprint to the alcove where you push the monitor down until the moving cubicle blocks the red light from the last set of wires. Then head south and move the monitor to block the movement. Then unplug the wires. [Big Brother achievement]

After the fight

After defeating the boss, all the security guards are disabled so you don’t need to worry about them.
Loot the room after collecting the security camera from the boss.
After leaving the room head to monitor station 2 (baby carriage) and 5 (Hugo) to watch the videos.
Use the vent in monitor station 5 to come to the start of the area and go to the elevator.

You can now visit Chapman on 1st floor to get cigarette box.
Go to 5th floor and give the family photo to Sintra. Afterwards return to 3th floor and visit monitor station 10 (laughter).

Go visit floor 8 graveyard gate and return here to monitor station 1 (Rostow zombie).

8th Floor

Return to graveyard gate and head west. Avoid the fireflies using the bushes or by hugging the terrain while running south. You can collect a box along the way. Push the boxes to the river.
Now use witch paper on the fire and answer the questions.

  • Cheese
  • For seeing the Witch too many times
  • You use magic from the consumer-driven society of common folk
  • Controlling, obsessive and ambitious

Buy the Poison Gas contract (need the cereal box from 1st floor), collect cheese from the box and use vent to return to 5th floor. Take the elevator to the 4th floor.

4th Floor

Head west to the poison area there and collect loot (battery, 2 pencil, ink, 2 witch papers, electronic piece, dry noodles). Go inside the cubicle/bar and buy soda’s from the machine to talk about numbers. When you know what each number means you unlock [Forrest Kaysen achievement]

Now return to the elevator and head south. (Optionally visit Doshi on 3th floor and exchange the electronic part for lantern).

Loot the briefcase (20 credits) and push the button. You can move the file cabinet, kill the mine and get (3 water, ink). Head south and push the button, afterwards push the puker to the side and head west. Here you need to push the pukers to get access to the button. Kill the mine and loot (2 bread, coffee powder, 2 glowsticks). Return to the second button and push it, then head east.

At the junction head north, push the puker to get access to a button and push it. Those office workers are agressive so you can get hit. You can head south at the junction, avoid the rotaiting puker and get dry noodles and a VHS tape. Go east (grab the witch paper from the briefcase) hug the wall and run past the pukers when they turn (you might get hit). Grab the candy bar and save.

Boss – Dot Matrix

Loot the area while avoiding the pukers near the wall for (6 glowsticks, 2 ink, 2 cheese, 30 credits).
Open the closet to find Kate. Boss becomes active (don’t run if not necessary) and moves clockwise,
Head south and grab the button where the boss was. Use it in three panels to open escape route (correct panels are now randomized). You can grab coffee powder from the briefcase and pizza from the right side cabinet.

Poison pool

Use screwdriver and loot the cabinets for ink and a manual. Use ink on the boss corpse and blow up the corpse near the ladder. Lower the water from the north-east corner (soda on the left side table), go down the ladder to grab Corvo ID. Exit the area and loot bread and witch paper before going north.

Getting the Dagger

Go to your office on the 5th floor and use Corvo ID on the computer. Catch corrupted Sintra and talk to her to get the code [3x bell 3715]. Exit and go to the elevator to use the code.

Corvo’s Floor

You can get credits and familiar illustration from here. Go right, kill the mine and use Corvo ID.
Inside you get the graveyard key.

5th Floor – Office F

Grab the bloody key under the plant and go to office F. Inside are some mines and loot (witch paper, dry noodles, 2 battery, candy bar). Head to the north door.
Inside you need to go north (grab coffee powder) and push the middle button. Return and use the button on the center panel to move left cubicle up. Push the middle button again and use button on the left panel to move the remaining cubicles up. Head to the door.

Loot the room for 2 battery, 2 pencil and witch paper. Examine the painting to reveal a symbol. Switch the broken security camera with the one you got from the boss. Go back to return the key under the plant and go to 3th floor.

3th Floor

Go and watch security monitor 5 (secret room video) and monitor 9 (devil) and you should get the [Monitor achievement].

Loose ends

At this point before you go and get the dagger you should go and finish whatever shopping and making foods you need to do. And also if you want to get the [Lost Tapes] achievement go and grab the two lost tapes and watch them.

  • Tape 1 – In the videoclub room on 7th floor
  • Tape 2 – Go to the Goblin on the 8th floor and head to the river

Now you either go to graveyard and continue with the original storyline ending or go to Office F and grab the dagger to get the new added endings.

Office F

Return to the painting and grab the dagger. Hugo appears at the door so you need to hide. Head south and hide under the table (don’t use light). Run to the exit but watch out for mines in the next room. After successfully getting out of office F you get [Oh, Kalfou achievement]. Head to the elevator.

1st Floor

Talk to Rostow to get a sandwich. Talk to Kate and Sosa. Accept Kate’s coffee offer. Leave to 2nd floor.


Head south and enter the left door. Use the dagger on the II door and head inside.

Family Apartment

Once you wake up, heal, and you can save inside the wall crack.

Head to the door that Kate opened. Once inside head north, open door and go to bathroom on the left. Open mirror to get tape and head back to the first hallway. In here head to the door on the right.
Inside the living room, fix your glasses on the desk.

Now that you see again, grab the tea set from here, and a plant from the master bedroom north of bathroom. Inside the kitchen you can get candy from the trashcan and office key from the fridge.
Afterwards poltergeist chairs start flying so be careful when exiting the room.

Head to the office (left of living room) and grab cigarette and a piece of a photograph. You can save here. Use the button on the wall panel and head to Rei’s room (right of bathroom). Grab another piece of a photograph from here and talk to Hugo inside the closet.

Exit the room and prepare to be stabbed. Head to the living room to inspect the photo pieces on the desk. The idea is to create the scene on the photograph inside this room. Rei has blocked the exits with baby carriages and wants to play hide and stab. Go to the curtains and close them. Exit when Rei starts looking and go to the table and sit down until Rei leaves the room (works if Rei hasn’t seen you moving here). If Rei saw you and tries to stab you, give her a candy (timing can be tricky).

You can now

  • Visit Domori’s room and talk to her to get a note, open the box and hide inside the closet until Rei leaves after putting candy inside the box.
  • Go to master bedroom to get another photo fragment
  • Go to Rei’s room to see her hiding a frying pan
  • Use the TV and tune it (instructions on Rei’s room wall) to watch the Lost Tape #3 to get the [Lost Tapes achievement]
  • Get Marshall’s call at some point
  • Get the doll from Rei’s closet
  • Arrange the furniture and place the items on them

The plot can be advanced by getting and inspecting those photo fragments and getting key items and placing them.

When you get the doll and exit, you are in a room with baby carriages. Rei appears from them to stab you. Move left to the other end of the room to the door. The door returns to the start and you need to follow it to exit.

When Marshall calls, Rei appears and you need to hide and exit the hallway.
Rei hides one photo fragment under the plant at the entrance of the living room.

Once you have arranged the furniture the correct way and placed the key items (plant, doll, tea set) on them, you are instructed to take a bath. Fill the tub, exit, return and use the bath. [Daddy achievement]

You need to save now.

Go to the kitchen, light the cigarette, return and sit on the right spot and the picture is taken.


You are now controlling Domori. Head left until the devil tries to kill you. Escape to the opening in the fire at south wall. Snake appears at the swing and fire is surrounding you.

At this point on you can get the snake to bite you, get the red ball on the right side path in the fire maze and drink the blood from the pool before going to the coffin.

After escaping from the swing area, taking the left path you see a bookshelf and Kate starts to chase you. run around and path appears. Taking the path that leads up and right you come across a blood pool and office workers. Head right to the coffin while avoiding them.

You now see a scene where Domori is burned [Burn, Witch, Burn! achievement].

Kill the Witch

After taking the dagger from the ashes, you can save, head to the master bedroom and use the dagger on the vanity mirror. Head back, jump in the water, use the dagger or let the devil use it for you.
After you are about to leave, Hugo appears with the witch head.

You have the option to

  • leave through the door [Ending: Goodbye achievement]
  • go to the secret room in master bedroom with the head and use Chapman’s ID [Ending: The Secret of My Success achievement]
  • or use witch paper instead [Ending: The Boss of It All achievement]

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