Zcrew: General Guide

Just a general guide describing some of the gameplay basics because lets face it, the double tutorial is not that helpful when it comes to actually getting to play the game.


Game 101 – The Hub

Congrats, you have finished your very first mission and are dropped into the HUB of the game for the first time with no idea what to do, where to go, and with nothing explained.

In this screenshot can you see.
To the left: The Equipment/Character.
Middle: Mission Select (We will get to this later)

Same position as the previous screenshot, except more of a focus on the right.
Right: Weapon & Attachment Crafting.
You can also see the hallway that leads you to start the mission, but we will get to that later.

Behind The Mission Select:

Here you can join other multiplayer games.

Game 101 – The Map/Mission Selection

You now want to start your very first mission, congrats.
But the Mission selector only shows a single map called The Streets, and you can only play one mission at various difficulty levels and all the other missions are locked and ask you to finish other missions.
I got to admit, the development decision is a bit dumb but if you click on the back button will you be shown the REAL MAP!

From here you can choose different sectors, other missions, and unlock more stuff. Go wild now.

When you select a mission will a glowing arrow appear on the ground, follow it to the Mission Starting Area, pictured above.

Game 101 – Item Drops on the Map

You shot a few zombies in the face, they drop glowing stuff and you have no idea what they do.

This is an ammo drop. It refills your magazine.

A Health Drop. It recovers your Hp.

Attachment Crafting Drop. It will be randomly an Assault Rifle (AS), Sniper Rifle (SR), Shotgun, or SMG crafting drop. You need several of these to craft an attachment for your guns.

While on your mission will you come across different destroyable objects. Barrels, Treestumps, etc. Destroy them and they too will drop stuff like Merits (Money), Attachment Crafting Drops, or Tech.

Tech Drops. These are used to develope Technologies. (THose will be unlocked later. Consider them as passive Perks for when you get them.)

Merits. Those are used to buy guns or reroll perks on the mission map. You also get these by killing enemies. 1 Merit = 1 Dead Enemy.

Thanks to Scourge for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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