Zoria: Age of Shattering Prologue Controls

Zoria: Age of Shattering Prologue is a turn-based, tactical, party-based RPG that you are in in a world filled with magic, ancient history and countless mysteries. Dangerous dungeons, epic fights, magic, ranged and melee combat, a story of discovery and adventure. here is the basic controls for the game.


Movement and camera are mouse only for the moment:
click to move
right-click hold to rotate
scroll button for zoom

[C] for compendium access – lore & quest log
[M] for map – now access to world map, will soon update with local map
for inventory and character sheet
[R] for resting
[F] for gathering supplies
[ESC] for main menu during gameplay

1 – 9 keys for moving & using abilities; backspace for ending that player’s turn.

In combat you can move the camera with the WASD key, but unfortunately not outside of combat, yet.

Unfortunately for the Prologue we did not include controls remapping, but will certainly do this for the main game. The Devs into bringing remapping also to the Prologue as soon as possible, but can’t promise a target date yes, as there is already a patch in beta testing.

Credit to tinytrinket.games

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