Zwei The Ilvard Insurrection Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

100% achievement guide for Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection. I’ll attempt to cover everything you need to know, do and when you need to do it.


Achievement List

Story related, unmissable. Spoilers to match the hidden aspects of the achievements in the steam achievement list.

Mine-r Setbacks
Defeat Arch Shelob and recover Alwen’s Quake magic.

Wet Work
Defeat Ephemeroga and recover Alwen’s Freezing magic.

Adventures in Gardening
Defeat the Abyssal Flower and recover Alwen’s Whirlwind magic.

Flame Broiled
Defeat Fafnir and recover Alwen’s Inferno magic.

Home Sweet Home
Reclaim Castle Moonbria

King of the Mountain
Defeat Galgarion and claim the key to Luna Mundus.

Vampire Killer
Defeat Zahar in his true form in Luna Mundus.

The Storm Rages
Defeat Thermidor in the Spiral Fortress.

More Precious than Gold
Defeat Lucian the Gilded.

This is the end of automatically gained story related achievements. Some of the following are miss-able at various stages of the game. If you follow the walkthrough you won’t miss anything.


Getting Steamy in Here…
Take hot spring baths with Subaru, Odessa, and Alwen.

Nosiest Neighbor
Discover all three pieces of info about every character.

Drawn Into the Spiral
Complete the trading sequence and obtain Ragna’s Spiral Gear.

Collect all accessories.

Acquired over time/End game cleanup:

High Flier
Earn the “Ace Hunter” Treasure Hunter rank.

A Winner is You
Defeat the mightiest challenger in the G-Collisseum.

Uncharted Territory
Conquer the Illusory Labyrinth.

Collect all armors for Ragna.

Collect all armors for Alwen.

There’s a Widget for That
Collect all widgets.

With Our Powers Combined!
Learn all of the Arcanum combo skills.

Heavy Petting
Raise all pets to level 9.

Hungry Hungry Hit Points
Obtain every type of food at least once.

Penne For Your Thoughts
Earn a cumulative total of 500,000 penne.

Walkthrough Pt. 1


This guide will take you through the game and will grab every Nosey Neighbor character note along the way. Most achievements can be finished up in the end game section. Final boss achievement/Nosiest Neighbor will finish in the Point of No Return section, so you can reload an earlier save to continue playing after you’ve obtained those achievements should they not be your final ones.

New Game Start

You start the game as Ragna at Brandy Hill. Make your way up the hill to your crashed plane. There’s 3 pots that can be smashed on the hill for 100~penne. Penne is your currency. You’ll obtain penne from breaking pots, objects and killing enemies. Defeat the tutorial enemy to get treated to cutscenes. When you regain control, you’ll be in Artte Village. The game lets you save often, and has many save slots. Make use of them in case you accidentally miss something important. It’ll cut down on reload/backtracking/frustration.

To start progress on the Nosey Neighbor, talk to everyone in town. Some later events/character information may require previous characters to have been talked to. Most characters can be talked to up to 3 times for new dialogues. The exception is a few with [talk], like Caldina at the Hunter’s Guild. She’ll spout lots of tips and hints before repeating. There’s a few cases where X character needs to be talked to before Y tells you an info. I’ll make note of it when the time comes. Before talking to anyone, you’ll be at 7/252 notes. Ragna image, Miriam image, Theo image, Mei image, Alwen image, Ragna #1, Alwen #1 are all automatically unlocked.

==Artte Village==
Medicine Peddler image (talk to Medicine Peddler once)
Apple image (talk to Apple once)
Colin image (talk to Colin once)
Lipton image (talk to Lipton once)
Vermilia image (talk to Vermillia once)
Gen image (talk to Gen once)
Hattie image (talk to Hattie once)
Theo #1 (talk to Theo after talking to Caldina in the Hunter’s Guild)

==Panda Inn==
Huang Image (talk to Huang once)
Mei #1 (talk to Mei once)
Thermidor image (talk to Thermidor once)
Sephira image (talk to Sephira once)
Shester image (talk to Shester once)

==Hunter’s Guild/Museum==
Caldina Image (talk to Caldina once) 1 Bomb (talk twice)
=[Museum 1F]=
Greyn Image (talk to Greyn once)

==Church of Alpieste==
Isabella Image (enter church)

==Annette’s Boutique==
Annette Image, Annette #1 (talk twice)

==Private House 1== (beside Annette’s Boutique)
Maurice Image, Maurice #1 (talk twice)

==Private House 2== (Southeast of Panda Inn)
Mrs. Mondriaan Image, Mrs. Mondriaan #1 (talk to Mrs.Mondriaan twice)

==Fiona’s Mansion==
Anje Image, Anje #1 (talk to Anje twice)
Helena Image (talk to Helena once)
Anna Image (talk to Anna once)

When you’re ready to leave Artte Village, you should be at 33/252 character notes. Buy some bombs with your penne from Medicine Peddler as you’ll need them in dungeons to destroy rocks/cannons. You can hold up to 99 bombs. On the world map there’s a number of locations you can visit. Plot wise the Secundum Mines to the south is the next location. To continue Nosey Neighbor progress, first go to every location but Secundum Mines. Let’s start with Artte Airstrip to the west of Artte Village. Miriam sells bombs and widgets. Widgets are UI tools. They can be moved/turned off in the options menu. Some are useful, some are not. You need to obtain all of them for an achievement in one playthrough (There’s a Widget for That).

==Artte Airstrip==
Go near the blue plane on the runway for Norton image, Norton #1
==Gashler’s Garage==
Miriam #1 (talk to Miriam once to obtain Minimap widget)
Gashler image, Gashler #1 (talk to Gashler once)

Leave Artte Airstrip and go to Brandy Hill.

==Brandy Hill==
Touch the plane for a scene.

Leave Brandy Hill and go to Roalta Village.

==Roalta Village==
Baram image, Baram #1 (talk to Baram once)
Federica image (talk to Federica once) Dialogue choice: [Naturally!] [Not Really]. Not sure if choice matters, I picked [Naturally!]
Martha image, Martha #1, 1 Swiss Cheese (talk to Martha once). Save the Swiss Cheese for later.
Cless image, Cless #1 (talk to Cless twice)
Chief Wyzen image, Chief Wyzen #1 (talk to Chief Wyzen twice)
Wade image (talk to Wade once)
Albert image (talk to Albert once)

==Chief’s House==
Launi image, Launi #1 (talk to Launi twice)

==Pet Shop==
Bianz image (talk to Bianz once)

Leave Roalta Village and go to Ordium Shrine.

==Ordium Shrine==
Examine point at end of dirt path in front of shrine.

Leave Oridum Shrine and go to Aurone Forgetower. Starry Peak has nothing at the moment.

==Aurone Forgetower==
Marin image, Marin #1, Rikki image, Joe image (after cutscene)
Rikki #1 (talk to Rikki once after the cutscene)

Leave Aurone Forgetower and go to Gloomgeld Woods.

==Gloomgeld Woods==
Scene on entry, Learn that Alwen can fast travel.

Leave Gloomgeld Woods and go to Crystal Valley.

==Crystal Valley==
Scene when approaching big stone thing

Leave Crystal Valley and go to Secundum Mines. Castle Moonbria has nothing at the moment.

==Secundum Mines==
Scene on entry
=Mine – Entrance=
Scene on entry
Service Penguin image (cutscene, left side of mine)

==Outer Tunnels== Level 01
First dungeon. Dungeons consist of three floors. You get a medal on completion based on performance: Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum. Break all pots, don’t take any damage and beat the level within a certain time for platinum. There’s a widget from Miriam called Scoreboard that tracks these things for easy reference. You can always replay missions later when you’re stronger to do them quicker, and some missions you won’t be able to platinum first try anyway as you’ll be lacking certain tools.

Getting all 48 Mysterious Treasures is not required for achievements, but they tend to give nice penne bonuses along with a big bonus for finishing each set. Only Captain 21’s parts are required for Heavy Petting achievement.

Alwen uses long range magic, she has a mana bar that has a recharge time when empty. Ragna is melee, but his kills refill some of the mana bar. Alwen’s magic can turn on lightbulbs, hit distant targets, break pots. Ragna can turn off lightbulbs, activate switches/buttons and break barrels/cracked walls. Large rocks/cannons need to be bombed with the consumable item.

Walkthrough Pt. 2

Food is both a healing source and experience. Saving up 10 of one item and trading to Huang at the Panda Inn grants you 1 item that is worth more EXP. For example: 10 Cucumber Rolls (HP: 5, EXP: 4) exchanges into 1 Seven-Herb Porridge (HP: 15, EXP: 60).

For this dungeon you’ll want to eat food to hit level 2/3. You can momentarily skip the ! warning sign on the third floor and head right for a slot machine. Smash the slot machine with Ragna at the right time to get more free food, one time only. Eat up and then head back to the ! warning sign and plow through the Mega Blue Jelly miniboss. At level 1 Alwen will do 1 damage to the boss. Level 3 Alwen does 7. Grab the nearby chest for Mysterious Treasure (Topaz). Head back to the slot machine and go through the door to finish the level.

Cutscene. A Rest Stop save station will be before/after all dungeon levels. You can use Alwen’s magic (Menu>Navi>Warp) to teleport back to Artte Village to donate your Mysterious Treasure (Topaz) to the Hunter’s Guild for 500 penne. If you have 980 penne, you can grab the Earrings from Annette’s Boutique and equip them for +1 Mag to make Alwen do more damage. You could also opt to save up 2,500 penne and buy a pet from Bianz instead at Roalta Village.

Pets autoloot coin/item drops and can fight, gaining abilities as they level. They max out at level 9. There’s an achievement [Heavy Petting] for levelling up 6 pets to level 9. Cat/Bird/Dog are from Bianz, Robot is from mysterious treasure Captain 21 set, Kobold is hidden in a late game dungeon, Fairy is bought late game and Penguin is NG+ but not required for achievement. Cat likes to swat bombs around, bird makes bombs and dog digs up money/healing items. Dog is the safest bet for now.

Any time that you switch floors in a dungeon, all enemies will respawn. Warp back to Secundum Mines, Mine – Junction to continue. You can backtrack to Mine – Entrance Level 3 from here and re-fight the Mega Blue Jelly if you need some quick penne to buy the Earrings/pet. When you are ready to continue head to the right side of Mine – Junction for a scene with Odessa. Afterwards head left to the green sign Level 02 and enter Magistone Quarry.

==Mine – Junction==
Right side, scene. Odessa image, Odessa #1, Ragna #2 (cutscene)
=Magistone Quarry= Level 02
Floor 2: Swiss Cheese x1, Mysterious Treasure (Apatosaurus Leg Bones 980p)
Floor 3: Bomb x3, Bomb x3 (after Batcoot miniboss)
Blue chest after dungeon: A-Parts.

Take the A-Parts to Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage and talk to Miriam. Then talk to Gashler to upgrade Ragna’s Anchor Gear. [Make it COOLER!] (improved critical hit rate). Warp back to Secundum Mines, Junction – Mines. Take the right path this time.

==Spiderweb Burrows== Level 02
Floor 2: Egg (chest after first bell), Sentinel’s Gauntlets (chest after second bell)
Floor 3: Inaccessible chest (Need Anchor Gear Claw upgrade to move giant mushroom to the pressure plate)

Save game. This is the last chance to talk to all NPCs for [Nosey Neighbor] before they move. Character notes should be 61/252 at this point.

Proceed down the CAUTION!! tunnel to the first boss. Cutscene first, then we meet Terra Arachnid – Arch Shelob.
Smash Shelob’s feet with Ragna. After destroying one foot, Shelob will topple over for some free smashing time. After all feet are destroyed, Shelob now dangles in the air from it’s spider web. Use Alwen’s magic to shoot the spider to death. Cutscene, acquire Alwen’s Quake magic.

Achievement – Mine-r Setbacks

==After Arch Shelob cutscenes==
Rue image, Rue #1, Montblanc image

Go to the world map, then back to Secundum Mines and head inside. Service Penguin will be out of position. She’ll hint at you to use your Quake Magic to break the barrier from earlier. You can choose to do the dungeon now, or you can head back to Artte Village and exchange food/turn in treasure/work on [Nosey Neighbor]. I’ll assume you went back to town first.

==Artte Village==
Scene on entry
Caldina #1 (talk to Caldina once)
Greyn #1 (talk to Greyn three times)
Hattie #1 (talk to Hattie twice)
Apple #1 (talk to Colin once) Colin #1 (talk to Colin twice)
Lipton #1 (talk to Lipton once)
==Fiona’s Mansion==
Helena #1 (talk to Helena twice)
Anna #1 (talk to Anna three times)

==Panda Inn==
Huang #1 (talk to Huang once)
Shester #1 (talk to Shester twice)

At Roalta Village Wade wants to trade his Solomon’s Ring for a Pizza. You have to exchange 10x Swiss Cheese at Huang for a Pizza. You’ll only have 2 Swiss Cheese at this point if you saved them. You can obtain more at Ordium Shrine really soon. Keep this in mind and we’ll come back to it shortly.

==Roalta Village==
Bianz #1 (talk to Bianz twice)
Albert #1 (talk to Albert twice)
Chief Wyzen tells you to go to Ordium Shrine

==Starry Peak==
Joe #1 (talk to Joe once)
==Aurone Forgetower==
==Crystal Valley==

==Secundum Mines, Mine – Entrance==
Head to Secundum Mines. On the left path, use Quake Magic to dispel barrier. Enter Golem Caverns.
=Golem Caverns=
Floor 2: 3x chest for 3x Grilled Smelt, these re-spawn. Defeat the Golemites to open a door for a chest containing Scholar’s Hat (2 Mag).
Floor 3: Chest for 3x bomb. Chest for 1 Dumplings. Big metal block can’t be moved yet, need Claw Gear upgrade.

Gallandeau image (after cutscene), Pink Ticket, Gigant Hammer Arcanum, Solitus Arcanum.

==Sucundum Mines, Mine – Entrance==
Go left up the path to meet Service Penguin. She sees your Pink Ticket and opens the yellow door. Go in for a cutscene.

Gallandeau #1 (enter G-Colliseum cutscene)
Lotte image (talk to Lotte once)
Lotte #1 (talk to Gallandeau three times)

The G-Colliseum is where you can replay boss battles, compete in special 1v1 “Cup” battles, view your model collection and purchase some special items from the vending machine. The amount of Cup battles available is based on your Hunter Rank. Win each battle once for a model and a prize. Subsequent wins get you a piece of food. You can also earn a model of Ragna and Alwen for losing with both characters in any match. The Maurice and Odessa battles are pretty easy for Alwen to win. Gallandeau will likely destroy you at this point. Defeating Maurice gives a Haramaki (2 Str, -1 Mag) and Odessa gives Salubrious Charm (Poison Immunity).

When you’re done at the G-C, warp to Roalta Village and exit to the right. Head to Ordium Shrine.

==Ordium Shrine==
Scene on entry. If you played Zwei: The Arges Adventure you’ll recognize these two as Pokkle and Pipiro. They can’t get across so they leave. Examine the spot they were at for another cutscene. Entry to Ordium Shrine is now open! Before we go inside, warp back to Artte Village.

Pipiro image, Pipiro #1, Pokkle image, Pokkle #1 (first cutscene)

==Artte Village==
=Panda Inn=
Scene with Pipiro. Talk to her again for another scene. Pokkle #2 (2nd cutscene)

Head back to Ordium Shrine and head inside for a scene. Left side is blocked by fire pillars. Right side is locked. Only way through is forward. The first dungeon Esonarthex is where you can get Swiss Cheese. The red jelly enemies (Parajel) and blue Leaper Newts can drop Swiss Cheese. You need 10 to exchange into Pizza with Huang, then trade it to Wade in Roalta Village for Solomon’s Ring and Wade #1. Equip the ring and you can now talk to animals!

==Solomon Ring NPCs==
=Roalta Village=
Cows get names of Yoshie and Sachiko
=Artte Village=
Mrs.Mondriaan’s cats get names of Mii, Chocolat, Mr.Tiddles
Mr Lipton’s dog is named Clark
==Ordium Shrine, Shrine – Entrance==
Floor 1: Chest for Pedometer Widget. It tracks your steps taken. The achievement Getting Steamy in Here requires 60,000 steps taken. You’ve got a fair bit of time before this comes into play, so don’t worry about it for now. Just keep the Pedometer on. Alwen does not contribute to steps taken while shooting her magic. Goddess statue can be moved to reveal a hidden pot, but you need the Claw upgrade

Walkthrough Pt. 3

Floor 2: Chest: Shimeji
Floor 3: Chest: Mysterious Treasure (Apatosaurus Hind Leg Bones 980p)
Cutscene after finishing dungeon. Take the left path.

==Ordium Shrine, Shrine – Junction==
=Aquatic Sanctuary=
Floor 1: Chest 1: Lolipop. Chest 2: Hauberk. Chest 3: Lolipop.

After the dungeon you’ll get B-Parts from the blue chest. Take these over to Gashler at Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage to get the Claw Gear anchor upgrade. Now you can grab and drag heavy objects, or pick up small objects and carry them. Warp to Ordium Shrine, Shrine – Junction to continue. Take the right path.

==Ordium Shrine, Path to the Altar==
Floor 2: Chest 1: Hunter’s Nose. Chest 2: Dorayaki
Floor 3: Watch out at the final door. There’s a mimic that spawns in the air and it’s ready to bite you. Use the new Claw Gear to drag the metal block away for your slot machine. Character notes should be 87/252. This is the last chance to grab any missing info, as the NPCs will move again after the next boss.

==Ordium Shrine, Ephemeroga==
Cutscene, then boss battle. Ephemeroga can stab the ground multiple times, spit out a fish enemy, spit 4 pools of acid and slam it’s claw down in a pillar of ice magic. Use Ragna to stab the fish enemy. Use Alwen to blast Ephemeroga. At around 7,000hp, Ephemeroga covers the platform in ice. At around 5,000 hp, Ephemeroga goes for a swim while bombarding you with water bubbles. The platform will move based on your position, making movement tricky. Jump around to avoid being hit. You can fall off the platform, taking damage if you do. Depending on your level/damage output, it’ll likely swim 2-3 times before you defeat it.

<insert ephemeroga defeat achievement here>

Acquire Freezing magic, Dyguld image, Alwen #2. Cutscenes. After the scenes we’re back in Artte Village. Time for the usual Nosey Neighbor talking spree. Gloomgeld Forest is the next story destination.

==Artte Village==
Colin #2 (talk to Apple once)
Maurice #2, (Talk to Maurice once)
Gen #1, Talk to Gen once)
==Hunter’s Guild, Museum 1F==
Greyn #2 (Talk to Theo once) Caldina #2 (Talk to Theo twice)

==Panda Inn==
Helena #2 (Talk to Helena once)
Huang #2 (Talk to Huang once)
Sephira #1 (Talk to Mei once)
Apple #2, (Talk to Colin once)

==Annette’s Boutique==
Annette #2 (Talk to Federica once)

==Fiona’s Mansion==
Claude image, Fiona image (after scene with them)

==Artte Airstrip==
Odessa #2 (Talk to Odessa once for a scene. Talk twice for another scene. She leaves.)
Norton #2 (Approach Norton for a scene) Can talk to the pigeon with Solomon’s Ring.
=Gashler’s Garage=
Miriam #2 (Talk to Miriam once)

Secundum Entrance
Marin #2, Rikki once
Talk to Service Penguin, go to G-Colosseum and talk to Gallandeau for Fried Rice. Take it back to Service Penguin for one choice.

Endless stamina – Ginseng 5 (500 EXP)
Mad skills – Bomb 50
Cash money – Panacea-x 3 (3 30hp healing items)

If you ranked up to Seeker at the Hunter’s Guild, Pokkle’s Cup is now open in Lotte’s battle registration. Alwen can beat him easily, just circle him in the same direction that he spins and blast him. Reward: Pokkle model, Travel Scale widget.

==Roalta Village==
Bianz #2 (Talk to Bianz once)
Federica #1 (Talk to Yoshie twice. Requires you to equip Solomon’s Ring)
Martha #2 (Talk to Martha once). Chief Wyzen #2 (Talk to Martha twice.)

==Ordium Shrine entrance==
Cless lost Lucky Gold Coin (talk to Cless twice.)

==Starry Peak==
Scene with Pipiro/Pokkle

==Crystal Valley==
Scene with Thermidor (Talk to Thermidor once.)

With all that done, head to Ordium Shrine. Take the left path and use freezing magic to shatter the flame pillars.

==Underground Oratory== Level 07
Floor 1: Chest: Seven-Herb Porridge. Che Lucky Old Coin
Floor 2: Position the giant enemy crab to sit on the pressure plate, then run for the door. Inside is Mysterious Treasure (Frozen Mammoth 3,000p)
Floor 3: Turn the bulbs in each room on/off (Alwen on, Ragna off) to turn the traffic ligh all green. Chest in middle has Accessory Slot 2.

LET’S EXCERCISE! Learn Diamond Dust Arcanum. Head back to the entrance to Ordium Shrine and hand the Lucky Old Coin to Cless for a Seven-Herb Porridge.

Gloomgeld Forest
Scene on entry. 109

Left side is blocked by sand pillars, requiring wind magic. Right side is locked. Go forward to begin Vegetable Grove

==Vegetable Grove== Level 07
Floor 1: Chest 1: Sliced Ham. Chest 2: Math Game Widget. Drag the giant mushroom from the start to the first gate. Continue to drag the mushroom to the next pair of gates. Continue to drag the mushroom through the non-chest gate a long way until you find the locked door/pressure plate for it. Claim the Math Game Widget. This widget gives you 1 combo per correct answer.
Floor 3: Chest after space mushroom miniboss. Mysterious treasure Leafy Sea Dragon 300p

Cutscene after level end. Subaru image, Subaru #1.

Left path is blocked by a large gap/platform that requires wind magic. Head right into Umbral Glade.

==Umbral Glade== Level 08
Floor 1: Chest 1: Sliced Mackerel
Floor 2: Chest 1: After CAUTION!! battle, mysterious treasure Tyrannosaurus Hind Leg Bones 980p
Floor 3: Chest 1: Evil Sorcerer’s Robe

Save after the dungeon. Cutscene. Attack the bushes with Ranga and fail for another cutscene. Aurone Forgetower is now open, so head over there. Cutscene on entry into the tower. Left side is blocked by ice pillars (fire magic required). Right side is locked. Head up on the switch activated platform. If you’re low on bombs, you might want to buy a bunch to deal with enemy cannons that you’ll encounter here.

==Aurone Forgetower, Tower Foundations==Level 09
Floor 1: Chest 1: Pizza – During the platform ride. Chest 2: Mailbox Widget – After Fire Jelly miniboss.
Floor 2: Chest 1:Mysterious treasure Ruby 500p. Shoot the targets on both sides of the platform as you travel across (you can see them on minimap). This opens the door to the chest.

Cutscene on level completion. Climb the right stairs for another cutscene. Use freeze magic to hit the two flame switches. Cutscene. Head inside for another cutscene. We can finally begin Railroad Station. The stairs that were at the left side require wind magic, so that’s a no go.

==Railroad Station== Level 10
Floor 1:Chest 1: Portable TV Widget
Floor 2: Chest 1:Jump over the second jump pad and fall below to a hidden area for mysterious treasure (Apatosaurus Chest Bones 980p Chest 2: Chicken Kabob (near exit stairs)
Floor 3: After Magmass miniboss. mysterious treasure Anomalocaris 300p

D-Parts from blue chest after level. Take these to Gashler at Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage to get the Flame Gear upgrade. Now you can set things on fire! Next destination is Gloomgeld Woods, Woods – End. This is your last chance to talk to all the NPCs for Nosey Neighbor before they move again for Phase 4. You should be at 111/252 character notes. Swap your accessories for DEF/STR boosting ones, as Ragna has to fight the next boss. When ready, burn the bushes and head inside for a cutscene. A second cutscene when you approach the witch’s house. Flashback cutscene, another cutscene. Boss fight.

Carnivorous Vine, Abyssal Flower – Level 11
Alwen’s magic has no lock-on here, so Ragna’s Flame Gear will be put to use. Dodge the vine attacks and smash them when they are on the ground. After the first set are destroyed, more are created with new attacks. Smash the rest of the vines when they slam on the ground. Repeat the process one more time and finally smash the flower’s head in for victory. Whirlwind magic get! Cutscene into another cutscene.
When you regain control, 3 notes have been added. Ra-Laira image, Ra-Laira #1, Exmachina image. Before you leave the hut, talk to Subaru for a scene.

More Nosey Neighbor progress to make, so start in Artte Village again.

Walkthrough Pt. 4

==Artte Village: Panda Inn==
Talk to Odessa for a scene
Talk to Mei for two choices, talk twice and pick both. [Seems like a cool guy] Mei #2. [Looks like a real player] Sheshter #2
Theo #2 (Talk to Theo three times)

==Artte Village==
Pet Food x1 (Talk to Mrs.Mondriaan once). Mrs.Mondriaan #2 (Talk to Mrs.Mondriaan twice)
Vermilia #1 (Talk to Vermilia twice)
Isabella #1 (Talk to Isabella twice)
Anna #2 (Talk to Anna once)

==Private House== (SE of Panda Inn)
Lipton #2 (Talk to Lipton once)

==Church of Alpieste=
Talk to Sephira for a dialogu=e choice: [Let’s get outta here]. Sephira leaves the church and heads to Brandy Hill. This is required for a future character note. [You should pray] Sephira stays in the church. If you pick this option you’ll miss a character note later. You can talk to her again to get her to move to Brandy Hill with the first option.

==Hunter’s Guild: Museum 1F==
Isabella #2 (Talk to Greyn once – Requires you to talk to Isabella first!)

==Fiona’s Mansion==
Anje #2 (Talk to Anje once). Medicine Peddler #1 (Talk to Anje twice)
Examine Fiona’s door for a scene.

==Brandy Hill==
Sephira is by the plane. You can talk to her to learn that she still can’t find her groove (talk twice).

==Artte Airstrip==
Norton’s pigeon has some insightful information if you talk to it multiple times. Miriam has a reaction if you talk to her once.

==Secundum Mines: Mine – Entrance==
Lotte #2 (talk to Service Penguin once)

At Explorer rank you can challenge the Pipiro Cup for Pipiro Model, Equanious Charm (prevents confusion). Pipiro will sling some nasty spells as her HP gets lower, so expect a challenge (compared to the previous three Cup battles). You can also opt to do this later as well when you’re stronger.

==Aurone Forgetower==
Rikki #2 (Talk to Marin once)

==Roalta Village==
Albert #2 (Talk to Albert twice)
Launi #2 (Talk to Launi once)
Baram #2 (Talk to Baram once)

==Gloomgeld Woods: Woods – Entrance==
Take the left path, using your new whirlwind magic to activate the platform. Head inside.
==Monsterville== Level 13
Floor 1:Chest 1: Drag the giant mushroom to the floating platform for a Shiitake.
Floor 2: Chest 1: Pet Food x2 – In the Sweet Insect Jelly room. Chest 2: Mysterious Treasure (Money Tree 7,800p) After defeating Kobold King.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Emerald, 500p) After the hole passageway, destroy the cracked walls and bomb the rock. Defeat the zombie and examine where he came out of the ground to find the chest.

After the dungeon…Now then, LET’S EXERCISE! Learn the Grand Stream Arcanum.

Warp to Gloomgeld Woods: Woods – Junction. Use whirlwind to activate the platform on the left and enter the door.

==Golden Quagmire==
Equip the Salubrious Charm to become immune to poison. You can safely jump through the poison marshes in this dungeon.
Floor 1: Chest 1: Fried Rice – After hitting switch, in room to the left.
Floor 2: Chest 1: Panacea-x x3 – Chest at start to the left. Chest 2: Hero’s Scarf – Behind cannon in poison marsh section.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Captain 21’s Battery, 1,480p) – Move goddess statues, bomb the rock and go in hole. Bomb the next rock, go through the door to find the chest at the end.

C-Parts in blue chest after level end. Take these to Gashler at Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage to increase Ragna’s attack speed. You can take the Salubrius Charm off now. When ready, warp to Aurone Forgetower, Tower – Junction. Take the left path and use whirlwind magic to open the door.

==Blast Furnace== Level 11
Floor 1: Chest 1: Run straight ahead from the starting doorway and jump to the jump pad. Get Soldier’s Gloves (2 STR)
Floor 2: Chest 1: Bomb x3 – Chest in centre of map. Chest 2: Mysterious Treasure (Captain 21’s Body 1480p) – Hit the three targets around the map.

Save. Last chance to talk to NPCs before they move. Characters notes are 131/252 at this point. Proceed ahead when ready for a cutscene and a boss battle.

=Flamewyrm Fafnir=
Use Alwen for this fight. Keep a medium distance while circling and jumping as needed. Fafnir has a variety of attacks. It’ll barrage you with fireballs from it’s mouth and wings. It can send out ground shockwaves (jump over them). If you get too close, it’ll spin and sweep with it’s tail. When it flies, the shockwaves are amplied. It can spin and leave a trail of shockwaves. It can also fire barrage you while in the air. Hitting Fafnir with Alwen can cause it to plummet, allowing for some free smashing time with Ragna.

After the battle, get Inferno magic. Cutscene into cutscene into cutscene. Then you get to play villager roundup. Grab the villagers from behind with Claw Gear and carry them to Alwen. Afterwards, cutscene into cutscene. When you resume control, it is now night. Castle Moonbria is the next story destination. For now, there’s Nosey Neighbor information to get so let’s go get it!
Bianz and Wade are in the Pet Shop. Might as well buy any pets you’re missing now.
Claude #1, Fiona #1, Fiona #2 obtained automatically from cutscenes.

Exit Roalta and walk over to Secundum Mines. Cless is here.
Cless #2 (talk to Cless twice). If you somehow missed giving him the Lucky Old Coin, he’ll take it now.
Head inside the mines and go left to Service Penguin. Wake her up for a free Pizza.

All the shops are open in Artte Village. Miriam is here too for widgets. Buy/exchange food/donate treasure while you’re here. You can return later still. When ready, warp to Aurone Forgetower: Tower – Entrance. Head left, melt the ice pillars with your new inferno magic and head inside.

==Research Tower== Level 13
Floor 1: Chest 1: Accessory Slot 3 – Use Alwen’s magic to shoot the target on the platform to make it move. Alternatively, jump while shooting Alwen’s non-elemental magic and you’ll make it to the platform. This trick can be used in a variety of places.
Floor 2: Chest 1: Defeat the Big Flaming Bird to drop a portal. Enter for Mysterious Treasure (Galactic Rocketship 5,800p)
Floor 3: Chest 1: Shiitake – Ride the whirlwind-activated platform to reach a far chest.

After dungeon, meet Gallandeau for the fourth time to learn Dragon Flare Arcanum.
Gallandeau #2, after learning Dragon Flare.

Head to Castle Moonbria for a cutscene. Run into the castle doors for another cutscene. Afterwards, there’s 3 paths to take that can be done in any order. Each path is 1 dungeon and a boss afterwards.

Left path
==Waterfall Chasm== Level 13
Floor 1: Chest 1: Curry Rice – Jump over the fan blade in the prison area.
Floor 2: Chest 1:Fairy Cape – After the double spike wall room.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Sarcophagus 9,800p). Behind end level door there is a hole. Jump down and follow through for this chest.

==Chasm – Depths== Level 14
Fellblade Thermidor
Thermidor is back again with his sword this time. He can send out a barrage of swords that stick into the ground. He can slice multiple times that send out blade shockwaves. His whirlwind takes up a large area near him. He can slam the ground under him for a shockwave. He can stop time, getting in a few free hits on you (keep your HP high). Use Alwen and keep your distance.
Thermidor #1 (after defeating Thermidor)

You should have enough points to rank up to Rumor Chaser (180 – I was at 193 here). You’ll get a Virtuous Charm (prevents curse) as a reward. Subaru Cup in the G-Colosseum will be open now as well. Use Alwen to easily defeat Subaru there for the Bomber’s Crest (prevents explosion damage from allies and enemies) and Subaru model. The Bomber Crest will make your Bird pet friendly when it reaches max rank and lays explosive eggs. While you’re at the G-Colosseum, pick up Accessory Slot 6 from the vending machine if you have 20,000p.

Walkthrough Pt. 5

Middle path
==Inner Quarters== Level 13
Floor 2: Chest 1: Werewolf Ring (STR: 3, MAG: 3, DEF: 3) – Hit the switch behind the spike wall on the right side of the map, then head back to the centre of the map to the now opened room. This accessory inflicts poison, paralysis, confusion and curse on you. Equip the Salubrious, Autonomous, Equanimous and Virtous charms if you want to use the Werewolf Ring while also being status immune.

Floor 3: Chest 1: Chestnut Jelly. Chest 2: Mysterious Treasure ()- The locked gate in front of the chest is actually fake. Use Claw Gear to drag it into the room to claim the chest.

Save and proceed ahead for the next boss. Cutscene then fight.

Dyguld – Level 14
Ragna can make really short work of Dyguld with the Werewolf Ring/4 charms/Soldier’s ring equipped while using Flame Gear. Trade blows and beat him with ease.

Cutscene after battle. Dyguld #1 (after cutscene)

You can try to go back upstairs to get told no. Do so twice.

Right Path
==Burial Grounds== Level 13
Floor 2: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure – () There are 6 wisps here with golden crowns. Use Claw Gear to grab them and deliver them to the flaming pit. One wisp will be off in a side room sleeping, the others will be in the hallways near the flaming pit. Chest 2: Chocolate – Near sleeping wisp.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Rider Suit – Save the small mushroom from it’s captors, then Claw Gear it and carry it through the level. There will be a big mushroom behind a door eventually, and the door will open if you present the small mushroom to it. Drag the big mushroom to a pressure plate on the left nearby to open the door.

Save your game! Proceed ahead for the next boss battle.

Spell-Catster Montblanc Level 14
Ragna’s time to shine here in this gimmick battle. You may end up using more food than usual for this fight. You can always reload your game after you’ve seen how the fight is for a smoother battle.

Montblanc will spin in a big circle along with her Fundead Jamboree zombies. She is only vulnerable at certain times. At the start of the battle, wait directly in the middle of the arena. She has two spells: Magical sound/swooshing noise/”You’re done for!”/”Hi-yaa!”: This spell connects magical lines to her friends. This attack will completely miss you in the centre of the field. If Montblanc meows/”Eat this!”, she will make 3 shockwaves in a row, jump over these. After 4 failed attacks Montblanc will taunt you with “nya nya nya nya~”. This is when she’s vulnerable to a Ragna smack. Hit her once and she’ll fly up while becoming invulnerable. The zombies will spawn randomly around and will explode after a short time. Jump over the shockwaves. Do this twice and then head back to the middle to repeat the process.

As Montblanc’s HP lowers, the circle spins faster. If you run outside of the circle all the zombies will jump at you and pummel you, so don’t do that. Stay in the middle. You’ll have to predict Montblanc’s movement as the speed increases to smack her, but don’t stare too much at the moving circle as you may experience motion sickness.

Save trying to platinum her for end game. It is possible to 1 hit her later on. Cutscene after the battle. The path to Zahar is now open in the castle entrance upstairs.

Montblanc #1 (After Montblanc cutscene)

Approach the upstairs for a cutscene. Examine the portrait on the left for a cutscene. Examine the portrait on the right for a cutscene. Head inside for the next dungeon.

==Sanctum== Level 15
Floor 1: Chest 1: Sage’s Hat – Chest after second pressure plate/2 Black Weasel ambush.
Floor 2: Chest 1: Pizza (Ogre Nix carries this chest – Close the chest after). Chest 2: 10p (Close it after). Chest 3: 5p (Close it after). Chest 4: Mysterious Treasure () – Close all chests in the map to open the door to this chest.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure () – To the right of the starting stairs. Chest 2: Hamburger Steak

Save. Head back to Artte to shop/donate/exchange/rank up. G-Colosseum’s vending machine has accessory slots too. You should have enough points to be a Lore Seeker now and get a Grilled Eel as a reward.
If you’ve been performing really well/went back and platinum ranked some early levels, you’ll even have enough to be a Dungeon Delver now (I was 236, next rank at 240). Dungeon Delver is rewarded with a Designer Purse (Increase Penne drops from enemies). Fiona’s Cup is open to Dungeon Delvers in the G-Colosseum, though you might want to wait until later to do it. She’s capable of one hitting you at this point when her HP is low. If you decide to fight and somehow win, Fiona’s model and the Manly Man Headband are yours. The Manly Man Headband increases your STR as your HP decreases. We’ll touch on this again later if you skip it now, as you probably should.

When ready, warp back to Castle Moonbria: Sanctum – End. This is the last chance to talk to NPCs before they move. Character notes are 139/252. You’ll be locked out of dungeons/G-Colosseum runs for a little while after this, but it’s only temporary. Head up for a cutscene, then fight.

==Zahar== Level 16
Fight? Ha! Run up and give uncle Zahar a hug. You’re not intended to win this fight. Cue cutscene, cutscene, cutscene. When you regain control, Ragna is now alone.
Zahar image, Zahar #1, Exmachina #1 (Cutscenes)

Walkthrough Pt. 6

Time for more Nosey Neighbor information roundup!

==Secundum Mines==
Scene on talking with Gallandeau

==Roalta Village==
Wade #2 (Talk to Wade once)
Federica #2 (Talk to Federica once)

==Gloomgeld Woods==
Scene with Odessa, Odessa #3 (from cutscene)

==Crystal Valley==
Joe #2 (Talk to Rikki twice)

==Brandy Hill==
Scene on entry.

Ragna needs tools, so head over to Artte Airstrip and talk to Miriam. Toolbox obtained! Head back to Brandy Hill. Approach the broken plane for some cutscenes. After the scenes, Subaru joins,
Subaru #2 (cutscenes)

Starry Peak is the next plot destination, so let’s go everywhere but there first. Start in Artte Village.

==Artte Village==
Service Penguin #1 (Talk to Service Penguin once)
Vermillia #2 (Talk to Vermillia once)
Anna #3 (Talk to Anna once)

==Annette’s Boutique==
Scene with Ra-Laira (Talk to Ra-Laira once)
Annette is back with her shop, talk once for a comment on Ra-Laira.

==Fiona’s Mansion==
Anje #3, (Talk to Anje once)
Thermidor #2 (Talk to Claude once)
Scene with Fiona (Talk to Fiona once)

==Secundum Mines==
Scene with Gallandeau on entry

==Roalta Village: Pet Shop==
Pipiro #2, Fiona #3 (Talk to Pipiro/Pokkle for scene)

==Starry Peak==
Cutscene. You need a combination to open the mountain doorway. Touch each statue once: Far left statue, far right statue, inside left statue, inside right statue. Cutscene.

Save. Head forward for the only dungeon here. Subaru fills in as the long range attacker with shuriken spam. Subaru uses MAG for damage. If you are low on bombs, go buy some as they are required for this dungeon.

==Training Grounds== Level 17
Floor 2: Chest 1: Cavalry Gauntlets – Behind the fans in the wind area. You can jump from platform to platform to get out of the wind. You can also brute force your movement by jumping with Subaru while attacking. Chest 2: Grilled Eel – Jump on the floor plate to make the sprouts grow.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure () – Defeat Spa Suzaku.
Cutscene on dungeon completion. More cutscenes.
Elder Tenzan image, Kai image (Cutscenes)

After you leave the building, head left and go down the stairs. Save! There’s a cutoff point soon to claim the Nosey Neighbour character notes from this place, and if you’re careless you’ll miss it.
Head back up to to the building you came out of and go right.

Ruri image, Ruri #1, Kai #1 (Talk to Ruri once)
Kai #2 (Talk to Ninja to left of Tenzan’s Manor once)
Sarasa image, Sarasa #1, Elder Tenzan #1 (Talk to Sarasa once – Across the bridge at the bathhouse) Sarasa #2 (Talk to Sarasa three times)
Gen #2 (Talk to Gen once)
Akane image (Talk to Akane once) Akane #1 (Talk to Akane twice)
Akane #2 (Talk to Ninja left of Tenzan’s Manor – Must talk to Akane twice to trigger this response!)
Medicine Peddler #2 (Talk to Medicine Peddler once/He gets renamed Karasu)
Daigoro image (Talk to Daigoro once – He’s far south of the bridge beside Medicine Peddler/Kurasu)
Yasaku image, Yasaku #1 (Talk to Yasaku once) Daigoro #1 (Talk to Yasaku three times)
Kappa image (Throw 100p into the well – it’s the brown box thing left of the southern bridge)

Walkthrough Pt. 7

==General Store==
Hikome image, Hikome #1 (Talk to Hikome once). Hikome #2 (Talk to Hikome three times)

Sunset happens when you leave the General Store. Head up the stairs for a cutscene. Head to the bathhouse and enter for more cutscenes. Lots of cutscenes. You get a save point after, use it.

When we get control of Ragna, everything is on fire and there’s baddies about. Defeat the two yetis in the manor and head outside. There’s another yeti to the right. Head left and go down the stairs for another cutscene.

Alwen joins the party again! Head right of the stairway into the door for the rear path. Descend for a cutscene. Alwen can now use Aurora magic. It fires a beam of light that stays in place that hits multiple times. Head back to Starfall Hamlet and attempt to go to the Bathouse for a scene. Hikome’s shop is open now. You can find him beside Kai in the lower area. With Alwen back you can fast travel again.

Warp to Artte Village. If you didn’t have Dungeon Delver rank before, you’ll likely have it now if you rank up. Might want to consider equipping your new Designer Purse. There’s an achievement for obtaining a cumulative total of 500,000 penne. Annette’s Boutique is open if you need it, Huang’s food exchange as well. When ready, exit and go to Brandy Hill.

==Brandy Hill==
Sheshter #3 (Talk to Sheshter once – He’s at the top of the hill by the plane)

==Gloomgeld Woods, Woods – End==
Head over to the Witch’s Hut. Talk to Ra-Laira inside for a scene.

Warp to Starry Peak, Mountain – Junction. Take the right path.

==Snowstorm Steppe== Level 18
Floor 1: Ignore the giant pit beside the exit door for now. You need an upgrade that you’ll acquire after beating this dungeon.
Floor 2: Chest 1: Accessory Slot 4 – You might see an “Eeeeek!” message pop up. You need to be quick on this one. Equip your Claw Gear and unequip your pet. Run to the bridge and smash the giant rock log sticking to it. Then, run back and go into the windy path. You’re chasing after the Koboltess that is riding in a bucket. You need to catch her with your Claw Gear before she falls into the pit at the end. There’s a safe area to the right just before the pit. Grab her and wait in the safe area. She’ll break free of your grasp and wait there. If you throw her she’ll likely die. Use the nearby jump pad and go right. Kill the enemies in your way to find a switch. Hit it and eventually you’ll be back at the start of the map. Go back through the windy area and meet up with the Koboltess. Be careful not to accidentally kill her as she tries to follow you. Either kill the Yeti or run by it, Koboltess should follow. You need her to reach the gate to open it (Yeti can’t hurt her). Claim your prize! You can equip your pet again.
Chest 2: Bomb x3 – Go back to the start of the area. In the windy area, go left while avoiding the wind and jump on the stone logs. The chest is at the end.
Floor 3: Mysterious Treasure (Tyrannosaurus Chest Bones 980p) – Defeat the Great Yeti. Chest 2: Pasta Carbonara – Near level end.
Bonus! The yetis holding balloons will give you bonus food items if you can pop the balloons before killing the yeti. Try using freezing magic.

After level end, Blue Chest: E-Parts. Take the southern path for a jump pad. Bomb the rock and go down the stairs. You’ll be in the Strange Chamber. Continue for a scene. There’s a special miniboss here that only spawns based on your current time. If the clock reads :00, :15, :30, :45, then you’ll get a CAUTION!! message and Neutrino will spawn. This enemy is immune to magic. It will also flee if you take too long, which is about 1 minute after spawning. Defeat it once for Mysterious Treasure (Amber, 500p). This enemy will keep re-spawning when the time matches the requirements, but the mysterious treasure is a one time only drop.

Warp to Artte Village and head over to Artte Airstrip. Go see Gashler in Gashler’s Garage to upgrade your Anchor Gear with Glide Gear! Now you can fly over big pits in Starry Peak. You can also play the snowboarding minigame by talking to Kappa in Starfall Hamlet.

Head back into Snowstorm Steppe. Use Glide Gear to fly over that big pit you ignored earlier to claim a chest containing the Typing Game Widget. Leave the dungeon.

Warp to Starfall Hamlet and throw 100p into the well. There’s an achievement for getting all the Arcanums, so you’ll need to beat Course 3. The model is a bonus collectable and is not achievement related. Get it if you want it. You can play this minigame later if you want as well, this is just the earliest it can be done.
Kappa #1 (Talk to Kappa once after acquiring Glide Gear)

Choose [I was BORN ready] to play snowboarding. There’s 4 courses. It costs 100p to play every single time, so make sure you have a good amount of penne with you. You need to smash all the pots, don’t take damage and beat the level within the time limit to win. If you fail the same course 5 times, Kappa will offer to make it easier for 400p (500p because you’ll begin the level again). He’ll offer to make it even easier if you fail 10~ times without winning for another 400p (500p). This applies to all courses. There’s no penalty for making it easier, other than your penne loss. You can re-position yourself by jumping or slowing down. It takes a bit to get used to the controls.

The final course you need to beat the Kappa clones to the finish while breaking all pots and not getting hit. Kappa hits the finish line at about 43 seconds. After making it easy, I nudged in at the finish around 42 seconds, so it was a close one.

Course 1: Bronze Medal – Make it easy! – Can miss 4 pots.
Course 2: Silver Medal – Make it easy! – Can miss 5 pots.
Course 3: Gold Medal, Aurora Magic Arcanum, Kappa #3 – Make it easy! – Can miss 4 pots, take 1 damage. Make it super-easy! – Can miss 8 pots, take 2 damage.
Course 4: Platinum Medal, Rue Model – Make it easy! – Can miss 2 pots, take 1 damage.
Win any course for the second time: Kappa #2, Yasaku #3

When ready, warp to Starry Peak, Mountain – Junction and take the left path.

==Sword Shrine Ascent==
Floor 1: Chest 1: 5p – At start. Chest 2: Turkey
There’s an Ichimokuren enemy in the far lower right that drops a hat with blue flowers on it. Use Claw Gear and take it back to the giant mushroom at the start of this floor. The hat this giant mushroom is wearing is actually an Ichimokuren. Kill it and then give the flower hat to the giant mushroom. This will be important later for a chest. Head to floor 2.
Floor 2: The left path is blocked, but you can talk to the Ichimokuren to open the door for 1,000p for the easy route. Refuse and it’ll spawn a Wheel of Pain. Pay the toll and you can go to Floor 3 quickly, though you’ll be missing things on this floor if you do.
Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Captain 21’s Head – 20,000p because it’s the final piece) Take the right path. Eventually there will be a small hole to go down into. This path leads you to the Clay Guardian, a self-healing chicken. Deal more damage than it can heal for a reward.
Floor 3: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Buddha Statue – 15,800p) – At the mushroom foot bath sign, go through the gates. A scene occurs when you approach the small mushroom.This happens because you gave the giant mushroom the flower hat on Floor 1. The gate to the chest is now open. If you didn’t do the hat giving, there would be no scene here.

After the dungeon, warp to Artte Village and donate treasure. Then go to the Museum’s 2F. In the top left section, you’ll see Captain 21. Examine it and you’ll get the Robot pet!

When you’re ready to continue, warp to Starry Peak: Mountain – End. NPCs will move again after this. Character notes 182/252. If you did the snowboarding mini-game, 185/252. Proceed ahead for a cutscene, then a boss battle.

Walkthrough Pt. 8

==Stone Gaurdian Galgarion==
Galgarion has two phases.
Phase 1: You need to jump attack with Ragna and hit it in the mouth to open it. Then blast away with Alwen’s magic (non-elemental, fire). Galgarion can punch with it’s right arm. It can slam it’s right arm down and sends out a shockwave on impact. It can summon rocks that fall from above, targeted at you. It can breathe fireballs out in cone, leaving it’s mouth open and vulnerable to magic.
Phase 2: Near 28,000 HP Galgarion will slam both arms down, sending you flying into the air behind it. Bomb items will periodically be created, as they are required to be used to down Galgarion. Galgarion will turn around and have new attacks. It can summon rocks and rain them down from above. It can breathe large fireballs out. Every step it takes causes shockwaves. After downing Galgarion with a bomb, jump on it’s back and smash away at the green area. If you jump towards the middle of it’s back as it stands up, you can remain on top and smash away for free DPS time.

Reward: Moon Pillar Sword (It’s a key!). Cutscene into cutscene. Alwen is gone again for the time being, so we’re back to no teleporting/no dungeon runs for a bit. Subaru is also out of commission with injuries.

Elder Tenzan #2, Exmachina #2, Zahar #2 (Cutscenes)

Head into the room beside the one you’re in for a scene with Subaru. Exit the building for a cutscene.
Rue’s magic lets you warp to plot-related areas for convenience. Rue also strengthens Ragna’s spin attack. We need to talk to Ra-Laira, Pipiro and Fiona to continue. There’s some other stuff to do instead for now.
Rue #2 (Cutscene)

==Starfall Hamlet==
Akane #3 (Talk to the Ninja to the left of Kappa’s well twice)
==Residence, right of General Store==
Ruri #2 (Talk to Kai for a scene, then talk to Ruri twice after the scene).
==Residence, left of General Store==
Hawk Carving, Yasaku #2 (Talk to Yasaku once) Daigoro #2 (Talk to Yasaku twice).
The Hawk Carving is the start of the trading quest to get Ragna’s Spiral Gear (also an achievement). You won’t be able to finish this quest at this point in time, but you can do about half of it. Here’s the parts you can do:

Give Hawk Statue to Theo (Artte Village, Panda Inn) to get Flashlight.
Give Flashlight to Helena (Artte Village, Fiona Mansion, left room) to get New Notebook, Helena #3
Give New Notebook to Bianz (Roalta Village, Pet Shop) to get Odd Pet Food, Bianz #3
Give Odd Pet Food to Huang (Artte Village, Panda Inn) to get Hot Towel.
Give Hot Towel to Sarasa (Starfall Hamlet, General Store) to get Canned Urchin.
Give Canned Urchin to Baram (Artte, Panda Inn) to get Foxtail (can’t proceed any further as G-Colosseum access is denied for now)

Note: You can also give the Odd Pet Food to Clark (Artte Village, it’s Lipton’s dog) for 4,000p but you will FAIL this quest. You will also miss out on character notes by failing this quest. So you know, don’t do this option.

==Artte Village, Hunter’s Guild==
Caldina #3 (Talk to Caldina once)
==Annette’s Boutique==
Annettte #3 (Talk to Annette once). Annette she says she reduced the prices on the things you didn’t buy yet by 50%. There’s 2 new items in stock as well. Ribbon, Scarf.
Hattie #2 (Talk to Hattie once)
==Church of Alpieste, Church Confessional==
Scene on entry.

==Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage==
Colin #3 (Talk to Colin once)
Norton’s Pigeon has 3 rumor hints: A door somewhere requires the Travel Scale widget to monitor your weight (eat stuff to get fat – in a location you can’t get to yet)
Every 15 minutes a boss spawns (Neutrino in Starfall Peak, Steppe – End, Strange Cavern. Done already)
A mushroom in Starfall wants a hat (Starfall Peak, Sword Shrine Ascent. Already did it)

==Artte Village: Panda Inn==
Chestnut Jelly (Talk to Service Penguin once)
Mei #3 (Talk to Mei once). Gashler #2, Theo #3 (Talk to Mei twice)
Baram #3 (Talk to Baram once)

==Gloomgeld Forest==
Scene (talk to Cless)

Plot related
==Artte Village, Fiona’s Mansion==
Talk to Fiona for a scene. Fiona and Claude move to Crystal Valley.
==Artte Village==
Pipiro is in the area left of the Hunter’s Guild. Talk to her for a scene to move Pipiro and Pokkle to Crystal Valley.
==Gloomgeld Forest, Woods – End. Walk to Woods – Depths, Witch’s Hut==
Ra-Laira #2 (Cutscene). Ra-Laira moves to Crystal Valley.

After Fiona, Pipiro and Ra-Laira have moved to Crystal Valley, go to Crystal Valley. Cutscene mid-entry. Say no to being prepared and talk to Pipiro/Pokkle for a scene. If you’re ready to proceed, talk to Ra-Laira to open the gate to Luna Mundus. Cutscene. Talk to Pipiro before you climb the stairs.
Pipiro #3 (Talk to Pipiro once after Luna Mundus gate is opened)
Head up the stairs. Cutscene partway up. Cutscene in next area. Odessa joins the party as the ranged attacker. Cutscene further up. Welcome to Luna Mundus, floating above the actual moon.

==Lunar Gallery== Level 20
There are purple gravity spheres in this dungeon. You can destroy them with Ragna but there’s a gimmick that involves them being intact, called For Rabbits Only. For this challenge, take your pet off, unequip STR gear and equip Claw Gear. You’ll need to waste a bunch of food (20-22 pieces or so – I used Chestnut Jelly as enemies here drop it). Your reward is Analog Clock Widget/Mysterious Treasure (Diamond – 500p).

For Rabbits Only requires you to find the Battle Bunny and bring it to three different areas. On Floor 1 at the second gravity sphere, walk off the platform southwest of it and head northwest to the next platform. At the end of this area is Battle Bunny. Battle Bunny will slowly follow you. If you get too close, it will run away/teleport away. You can also grab it and run with it for a short distance (let it break free to minimise the damage it takes).

For the first chest simply murder Battle Bunny for the Analog Clock Widget. Head to Floor 2 to re-spawn Battle Bunny and head back to it’s location.

For the second chest, you need to bring Battle Bunny to the hole behind the door to Floor 2. At the purple air stream, use Claw Gear to grab Battle Bunny and bring it over to the platform. Be careful not to kill Battle Bunny as you deal with the enemies. When you get it to the hole, you’ll hear a noise and Battle Bunny will thank you. Enter the hole to continue. Battle Bunny will be fully healed. Eliminate the enemies and make your way to the For Rabbits Only door far northwest. The enemies at the giant mushroom initiate a scene if you get close, hinting at what to do (Solomon’s Ring required?). Take the left path to reach the Weight Here door. Equip the Travel Scale Widget and eat food on the scale until you’re heavy enough to open it at 99kg. Send Battle Bunny into the hole and follow it.

Take Battle Bunny a short distance northwest to the For Rabbits Only door. Two Golden Bats will attack you, eliminate them. Don’t attack the Forest Kobold or the Sand Mole. When Battle Bunny reaches them, you’ll hear a noise. Claim your chest for Mysterious Treasure (Diamond – 500p). Now you can murder them.

Floor 1: Chest 1: Pineapple – Area to the left shortly after second gravity sphere.
Floor 2: Mysterious Treasure (Tyrannosaurus Foreleg Bones 980p) – Behind exit door.

Walkthrough Pt. 9

Cutscene on level completion. Save. Cutscene up the stairs. Boss fight.

==Dark Alwen== – Level 21
Mash away with Ranga’s Flame Gear for a quick win. If you want to have a little more finesse, use Odessa to strike at a distance while avoiding attacks to pick up a gold/platinum medal with little effort.

Cutscene after the battle.
Montblanc #2 (Cutscene)

==Path of the Chessmaster== – Level 22
Take your pet off on Floor 2 and equip Solomon’s Ring to see a scene halfway through. You’re going to need to use Claw Gear to net two rewards for carrying things in this dungeon.

Floor 2: Take the second balloon platform ride (sleeping Guardian in front of it). There’s a scene with a fish and frog talking. The eavesdropping mushroom here can be taken to the Execution Site for a reward. Hit the balloon enough to get the platform moving, then Claw Gear the mushroom and hop on. You’ll throw the mushroom a fair distance if you let go, so don’t lose it. You may wish to drop the mushroom off safely after the ride and continue ahead to eliminate all the enemies first. Your goal for the mushroom is the green door/balloon platform ride northwest of the exit level’s green door area. There’s also a Flowerpot far southwest of the 2 green door intersection. It too can be taken to the Execution Grounds. You can do both without resetting the level, but you won’t see the scene for the second one if you do (Do mushroom first, throw flowerpot into the pit). If you reset you’ll need to see the scene with the fish/frog first, then take your target to the Execution Grounds.
Warp back to Luna Mundus, Junction – 1 to reset. Feel free to execute the executioners when you’re done.
Take the Mushroom: Chest 2: Accessory Slot 5.
Take the Flowerpot: Chest 3: Wonton Noodes.
Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Ammonite – 300p) – Final northwest path after the first balloon ride.

Dyguld #2 (after dungeon clear cutscene)

After the dungeon, save your game. This is the last chance to go see Odessa’s bathhouse scene in Starfall Hamlet. The Bathhouse reopens at 60,000 steps taken on the Pedometer Widget. If your Pedometer is short of 60,000, you can run into a wall with a weight on your left or right keyboard arrows. You’ll get 200 steps per minute by running into a wall. I was short by about 12,000 steps at this point, so I just let Ragna run into a wall for an hour while I did other things. You can also replay Lunar Gallery or Path of the Chessmaster if you want to grab some more food from enemies.

When you have 60,000+ steps taken, warp to Starfall Hamlet and enter the Bathhouse. Use Ragna to enter the bath. It seems to be random if Odessa joins. In my testing I’ve had her join on attempt 1, 4, 8, 14. 17, 23, 33. Just keep entering with Ragna until it happens.

With that done, warp back to Luna Mundus, Junction – 2, save and proceed up the stairs for the boss fight. Character notes 204/252 (207/252 if you did snowboarding). Might want to hold off on exchanging food, as healing items will be valuable soon with tougher enemies.

==Warfiend Dyguld== Level 22

Odessa unleashes her full power as a werewolf. This is the only time you get to play her like this, so feel free to try it out. Ragna’s Flame Gear will do more damage though. You can burst Dyguld down in 20-25 seconds by mindlessly mashing with Ragna.

Dyguld #3 (Cutscene)
Odessa passes out and Ragna is left to proceed solo. Head back down the stairs and save if you wish. Proceed up the stairs when ready for another dungeon.

==Sealed Gardens== – Level 24
Floor 1: Chest 1: Mysterious Treasure (Black Pearl 29,800p) – Hit the switch near the exit level door to open the door to the chest.
Floor 2: Chest 1: King Trumpet – Send the right yellow moon ball rolling and follow it.
Chest 2: Hero’s Gloves – Send the middle yellow moon ball rolling. Kill the Moonbreed enemy for a chest.

After dungeon end, save. Equip all the STR accessories you can for a quicker fight. If you’re ready, head up the stairs for a cutscene, then boss fight.

==Dark Trueblood Zahar== – Level 24
If you’re quick, you can run up to Zahar and smack him with Ragna for a free cheap shot before he can react. You can only hit Zahar once each time. After being hit, he’ll make small yellow bats near where he was standing, so avoid them. The he’ll summon magical orbs that explode. When Zahar reappears, he’ll start throwing out big waves of energy. Dodge around them and smack him again. Repeat a few times till he’s down.

Cutscene. Boss fight.

==Vampiric Marquis Zahar==
Alwen is back in the party. Swap accessories for STR/MAG or DEF now. You’re going to need to swap between Alwen and Ragna to deal damage. Zahar becomes immune to one type after a few hits. The purple shield means he’s immune. it dings and shows 0.
There’s a gravity sphere floating around to let you jump really high.
When Zahar is really low HP (25,000), he flips the screen upside down and reverses your movement.
Cutscene after winning. Alwen obtains Everdark magic. Cutscene, video, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene. When you regain control, you’re in Artte Village. Go save your game. Time to Nosey Neighbor/trade quest/Getting Steamy in Here…
Zahar #3, Exmachina #3, Ra-laira #3 (Cutscenes)

==Arte Village==
Hattie #3, (Talk to Hattie once)
Maurice #3 (Talk to Maurice once)
Gen #3 (Talk to Gen twice)

==Brandy Hill==
Scene at the plane.
The scene here lets you pick a dialogue choice. Make sure you pick [I still need to prepare]. This opens up Gashler’s shop, which you’ll need once you finish the trade quest soon. Choosing [I’m ready anytime] will forward the plot, and we’re not ready for that yet.
Gashler #3, Miriam #3 (From scene)

==Arrte Airstrip==
Norton #3 (Talk to Norton once)
Odessa scene (Talk to Odessa once)
Pokkle scene, Pokkle #3 (Talk to Pokkle once)
Claude scene, Claude #2, Claude #3 (Talk to Claude once)
Ra-Laira scene (Talk to Ra-Laira once – end of runway)

==Starfall Hamlet, General Store==
Hikome #3 (Talk to Hikome once)

==Starfall Hamlet, Bathouse==
Sarasa #3 (Talk to Sarasa twice)
[Enter the springs] as Ragna and hope Alwen joins for [Getting Steam in Here…] achievement. Just like with Odessa it seems to be random if she joins or not. I’ve had her enter in the first few tries, after 6 or 7 tries and once it took 20 attempts to get her to go in.

==Starfall Hamlet==
Kai #3 (Talk to Kai once)
Kappa’s well (throw 100p in) If you skipped out on snowboarding before, now would be a good time to do course 1,2,3 and repeat a win on 1 to earn Yasaku #3, Kappa #2, Kappa #3 and the Light magic arcanum. You can do course 4 if you want platinum instead of gold and Rue’s model. It’s optional, as it’s possible to get the [High Flier] achievement without this extra hunter point.

==Roalta Village==
Wade #3, Chief Wyzen #3 (Talk to Wade once)
Federica #3 (Talk to Federica once)

==Gloomgeld Forest==
Scene on entry for Marin #3, Rue #3
Fairy shop is now open.

==Crystal Valley==
Scene with Montblanc (talk to Montblanc once)

==Secundum Mines, Mine – Entrance, right path==
Service Penguin #3 (Talk to Service Penguin twice)
The four Illusory Labyrinths are now open. One here in Secundum Mines, Ordium Shrine, Gloomgeld Woods and Aurone Forgetower. Ignore it for now.

==TRADE QUEST, continued==
Give Foxtail to Lotte (G-Coliseum) to get Pruning Shears, Lotte #3
Give Pruning Shears to Ninja (Outside of Elder Tenzan’s Manor, right side) to get Shuriken.
Give Shuriken to Chief Wyzen (Roalta Village) to get Voice Modulator.
Give Voice Modulator to Vermillia (Artte Village) to get Bandage.
Give Bandage to Cless (Starfall Hamlet, near Kappa’s well) get Map of Arges.
Give Map of Arges to Kurasu/Medicine Seller (Artte Village) to get F-Parts, Kurasu #3.
Take F-Parts to Gashler at Brandy Hill. Upgrade complete! Spiral Gear is the ultimate weapon for Ragna. You also got an achievement for that.

Walkthrough Pt. 10

If you didn’t rank up during Luna Mundus, you’ll have enough to be Master Hunter (300) now easily. The Triumphant Towel reward is your key for platinum medals. If you have full HP, Alwen won’t use any of her magic bar to cast spells so you can spam to your heart’s content. You can opt to do the Illusory Labyrinths and G-Colosseum battles now, or you can wait a little longer to get to the Point Of No Return. I’m going to keep pushing towards the Point Of No Return and then info dump the Labyrinth/G-Colosseum then.

Head over to Brandy Hill and talk to Miriam. Tell her [I was born ready]. Cutscene, cutscene, movie, scene.

==Brandy Hill==
Subaru scene (Talk to Subaru at top of hill). Gashler moved back to Gashler’s Garage at Artte Airstrip if you need his shop.

Warp back to Melzedek.
==S.F Melzedek: Hall of the Transgressor== Level 26
Floor 2: Chest 1: Shortcake. Chest 2: Battle Armor – After Tyrant enemy. Chest 3: Mysterious Treasure () – After killing Tyrant, door opens. Kill 3 Tyrants to open another door for a chest.
Floor 3: Mysterious Treasure in portal maze.

After dungeon, save. Head up for a boss fight. Cutscene first.

==Crusader Thermidor== Level 26
Thermidor is back with some fancy crusader armor and new attacks. He’ll spend a lot of time flying around, so counter that with Alwen’s fireballs.

Win for a cutscene and Thermidor #3. Head back and save and then come back up and continue on.

==Spiral Nexus== – Level 28
<insert dungeon info here>


Save after level end. This is it, the Point of No Return. You will face the final boss after this point, and there will be no more dungeon runs or anything else open to you after this point. To finish [Nosey Neighbor], you will need to beat the final boss. There’s an epilogue portion where you can walk around and talk to people to pick up the missing 18 character notes (You should be missing 19, and there’s a reason for that). The 19th note is one you can still pick up, and it’s from the G-Colosseum after beating Gallandeau’s ultimate fighter.

Here’s what there’s still left to do for achievement cleanup. There’s the four Illusory Labyrinths, G-Colosseum battles, Collections: Level all pets to 9, get all accessories, get all widgets, get all armors, get all food once, get 500,000 cumulative penne.

If you can beat Gallandeau in the G-Coliseum, he’ll give you the G-Plate item. It replaces the level on dungeons if you examine the level plate with a higher level of difficulty. Enemies drop T3 foods pretty much every single time, model drop rates are increased and penne drops are greatly increased. While not needed to platinum rank dungeons, it’s a good 2-for-1 deal to use it to get food/money while you’re running the easier, early dungeons at least. If you beat Gallandeau, you’ll be asked if you want to face the ultimate brawler. Make sure you’ve got a good supply of food, because this next opponent hits HARD. Behold the ultimate fighter: Service Penguin! Beat her and you’ll get an achievement: A Winner Is You! and Service Penguin #2. If you didn’t beat any prior Cups, beat them now as well.

Walkthrough Pt. 11

==How Illusory Labyrinths Work==
There’s 20 floors and 2 bosses. You get a save point before both bosses after Floor 10 and Floor 20. If you leave, progress is reset. There’s always 1 switch to hit to open the door to progress. There’s usually 2-3 chests per floor. Enemies don’t drop food but they can drop models. The chests here can drop all of the tier 3 and tier 4 food items.

==Illusory Labyrinth: Earth== Level 99
Boss 1: Hydra. It spits fireballs and moves slowly. Abuse Alwen’s magic as you keep distance and spin in a big circle around the room.
Boss 2: Nightlord. Can teleport. Can throw out several flaming swords on the ground. It can shoot out two volleys of arrows in a full circle around it. It can shoot out a flaming laser a medium distance. It can spin with a laser a medium distance from it.
Reward: Dark Impulse Arcanum. You’ll likely have found all the food types now and reached level 30. All foods nets you [Hungry Hungry Hit Points] achievement.

You can go do the other three labyrinths now as well to get the final pet for [Heavy Petting] achievement, and the final armors for Ragna and Alwen (required for achievements [Fundergarments] and [Wondergarments]). You may still be missing an armor from Marin’s shop.

==Ordium Shrine, Shrine – Entrance, Illusory Labyrinth: Water== Level 99
Reward: Kobold Pet
==Gloomgeld Woods, Woods – Entrance, Illusory Labyrinth: Wind== Level 99
==Aurone Forgetower, Tower – Entrance, Illusory Labyrinth: Fire== Level 99

<achievement for beating all 4 illusory labyrinths>

Hermit’s Scarf: Spiral Forestress Melzedek
Giver’s beard: hunter rank
inase face; hunter rank
anti-trap:hunter rank
acceleration ring: fairy shop
crown: defeat service penguin
1 dress: fairy shop
1 dress: labyrinth
1 armor, labyrinth
1 pet: labyrinth

Walkthrough Pt. 12

Warp to Melzedek junction and proceed ahead for the final showdown. You might want to have a healthy amount of food in stock. For New Game players, you’ll want your Hunter Points to be at least 434 at this point to pick up [High Flier]. At 434 I’m assuming you’ll acquire a Gold medal and Bronze Medal. Cutscene, then fight.

S.F Melzedek, Melzeldek Core = Level 29
The core is immune to magic, so equip STR accessories and Ranga’s Spiral Gear. This fight is relatively easy and you should be able to snag a Gold medal by not using food/beating in the time limit. You might even Platinum it. The core makes pillars appear, jump on them to jump at the core and air attack it.

Cutscene after battle, then boss fight. Now the real battle begins.

Lucian the Gilded
There’s a lot of visuals in this fight, and this is where having a bunch of food will come in handy as you learn the attacks.

Cutscene, movie, cutscene, synopsis, cutscene. When you regain control, Mia is following Ragna now. You’ll have been automatically promoted and received a penne reward based on your rank. The “food set” is a NG+ item, you’ll start with 1 of every food of that tier. The final thing to do is pick up the remaining 18 [Nosey Neighbor] character notes. The runway on Artte Airstrip starts the final cutscenes/credits/NG+ clear save file, so don’t go there until you’ve obtained [Nosey Neighbor].

==Artte Village==
Vermillia #3 (Talk to Vermillia twice)
Lipton #3 (Talk to Lipton twice)
Elder Tenzan #3 (Talk to Kai once)

=Church of Alpieste=
Isabella scene, Isabella #3 (Talk to Isabella once)
=Church of Alpieste, Church Confessional=
Service Penguin scene, Gallandeau #3 (Talk to Service Penguin once)
=Hunter’s Guild, Museum 1F=
Greyn #3, (Talk to Greyn once)

=Panda Inn=
Ruri #3 (Talk to Ruri three times)
Daigoro #3 (Talk to Daigoro once)
Huang #3 (Talk to Huang once)

=Private House (southeast of Panda Inn)=
Mrs. Mondriaan #3 (Talk to Mrs. Mondriaan once)

=Annette’s Boutique=
Annette scene (Talk to Annette once)

=Brandy Hill=
Scene at top of hill.

=Roalta Village=
Sephira #3 (Talk to Sephira once)
Martha scene, Martha #3 (Talk to Martha once)
Albert #3 (Talk to Albert once)

=Gloomgeld Woods=
Joe #3 (Talk to Joe once)
Rikki #3 (Talk to Rikki twice)

=Crystal Valley=
Montblanc scene (Talk to Montblanc once)
Scene on attempting to leave (If Cless was given Old Lucky Coin early in the game)
Montblanc scene, Montblanc #3, Cless #3 (Approach Montblanc)

=Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage=
Apple #3 (Talk to Apple once)

You should now have [Nosey Neighbor]. Head to the runway to finish the game. After the credits you can save your game to begin New Game+. Use “Load Game” from the main menu and select the save slot/Clear Data you just made.

Minimalist Walkthrough

Just want to get through the game as quickly as possible so you can get to NG+ to fully experience everything? Here you go. Kill enemies for food. Get 10 of one food to convert into 1 better EXP food at the Panda Inn – Huang/Mei. Food is also healing items, so balance your exchanging as needed. Buy the dog pet at Roalta Village, Pet Shop once you get 2,500p. Dog autoloots drops and digs up 30hp items randomly at level 9. Artte Village: Annette’s Boutique has some armor/accessories. Buy when you have spare penne for an early game boost.

Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage – Talk to Miriam for minimap (helps with dungeon navigation).
Secundum Mines – Complete Outer Tunnels, Spiderweb Burrows. Defeat Arch Shelob.
* Optional (Earth/Non-element Magic Arcanum upgrade): Secundum Mines: Golem Cavern (Use Earth magic on the green pillars)
Roalta Village – Talk to Chief Wyzen. Go to Ordium Shrine. Complete Esonarthex, Aquatic Sanctuary. Get B-Parts from chest after level.
Go to Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage. Talk to Miriam, talk to Gashler. Upgrade for Claw Gear.
Warp to Ordium Shrine: Shrine – Junction. Complete Path to the Altar. Defeat Ephemeroga.
*Optional late game weapon upgrade prerequisite/Fire Magic Arcanum upgrade. Enter Ordium Shrine, left path (use freezing magic on flame pillars). First floor, second chest: Old Lucky Coin. Give to Cless in front of Ordium Shrine. Finish this dungeon for the Fire Arcanum upgrade.
Go to Gloomgeld Woods. Complete Vegetable Grove, Umbral Glade. Attack bushes at end until cutscene occurs.
Go to Aurone Forgetower. Complete Tower Foundations, Railroad Station. Get D-Parts after level, give to Gashler for Flame Gear upgrade.
Go to Gloomgeld Woods, Woods – End. Burn bushes and defeat Abyssal Flower.
*Optional Wind Arcanum upgrade: Complete Gloomgeld Forest: Monsterville (use wind magic on sand pillars)
Go to Aurone Forgetower. Complete Blast Chamber. Defeat Fafnir.
*Optional Fire Arcanum upgrade: Complete Aurone Forgetower – Research Tower (Use fire magic on ice pillars)
Go to Castle Moonbria. Complete Waterfall Chasm, Defeat Fellblade Therimdor. Complete Inner Quarters, Defeat Werewolf Dyguld. Complete Burial Grounds, Defeat Montblanc. Complete Sanctum.
Complete Starry Peak: Training Grounds, Sword Shrine Ascent. Defeat Galgarion.
Talk to Pipiro in Artte Village, left of HUnter’s Guild. Talk to Fiona in her mansion in Artte Village. Warp to Gloomgeld Woods: Woods – End and talk to Ra-Laira. Go to Crystal Valley and say you’re ready.
Complete Luna Mundus: Lunar Gallery. Defeat Dark Alwen. Complete Luna Mundus: Path of the Chessmaster. Defeat Warfiend Dyguld. Complete Sealed Gardens. Defeat Marquis Zahar and Trueblood Zahar.
Go to Brandy Hill and say you are ready to go. Complete S.F. Melzedek: Hall of the Transgressor. Defeat Crusader Thermidor. Complete Spiral Nexus. Point of No Return is here. Defeat Melzedek Core, Lucian the Gilded.
Talk to the following NPCs before going to Artte Airstrip’s runway. This info will carry over to New Game+ so you won’t need to reach this Point of No Return area on your next run.

==Artte Village==
Vermillia #3 (Talk to Vermillia twice)
Lipton #3 (Talk to Lipton twice)
Elder Tenzan #3 (Talk to Kai once)

=Church of Alpieste=
Isabella scene, Isabella #3 (Talk to Isabella once)
=Church of Alpieste, Church Confessional=
Service Penguin scene, Gallandeau #3 (Talk to Service Penguin once)
=Hunter’s Guild, Museum 1F=
Greyn #3, (Talk to Greyn once)

=Panda Inn=
Ruri #3 (Talk to Ruri three times)
Daigoro #3 (Talk to Daigoro once)
Huang #3 (Talk to Huang once)

=Private House (southeast of Panda Inn)=
Mrs. Mondriaan #3 (Talk to Mrs. Mondriaan once)

=Annette’s Boutique=
Annette scene (Talk to Annette once)

=Brandy Hill=
Scene at top of hill.

=Roalta Village=
Sephira #3 (Talk to Sephira once)
Martha scene, Martha #3 (Talk to Martha once)
Albert #3 (Talk to Albert once)

=Gloomgeld Woods=
Joe #3 (Talk to Joe once)
Rikki #3 (Talk to Rikki twice)

=Crystal Valley=
Montblanc scene (Talk to Montblanc once)
Scene on attempting to leave (If Cless was given Old Lucky Coin early in the game)
Montblanc scene, Montblanc #3, Cless #3 (Approach Montblanc)

=Artte Airstrip, Gashler’s Garage=
Apple #3 (Talk to Apple once)

Go to Artte Airstrip’s runway to finish the game. Save after the cutscenes and load this save game to start New Game+. You’re now ready to do everything. All collectables, all achievements, new content, ect. Play the game up to the Point of No Return in S.F.Melzedek, following the full walkthough to pick up all the character notes and other missables for achievements.

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