Chair Simulator: How to Get Coins and Level Up Quickly (Best Chairs)

Here is a quick way to get lots of coins in this game so you can get better chairs and then more coins.


Chairs to buy

Pretty straightforward.

Collect ‘coins’ and ‘experience’ by sitting yer keister on a chair and then standing up when it starts getting uncomfortable.

Get about 80 ‘coins’ and go by the piano chair.
Get about 800 ‘coins’ and go buy the barber chair.
Get about 1250 ‘coins’ and go buy the toilet.

Then just collect until you can buy all the chairs.

Tips for getting coins better

Get yourself a programmable keyboard and set it to repeat the following.
Tap ‘E’ then wait 1.8 seconds
Then tap ‘E’ again and wait x more seconds.

x depends on how long you comfortably sit on a chair.
The first chair is 25 seconds
The barber chair is only like 6.5 seconds
The toilet is 150 seconds

Set that up and leave your computer for a little while and watch the ‘coins’ roll in.

Credit to Darkin20


If you are new to the game, you should check out this guide for you to start the game. enjoy the game.


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