Muck: All Powerups Guide

Here is a list of all the powerups in Muck.  as the game is released yesterday. this list may be not complete. please let me know. if there is any more powerup.

Note: Powerups are found in Chests. They provide the player with increased stats or special abilities like Double Jump.


Attack ups

Orange Juice (White)- + Attack speed
Dumbbeli (White)- +Base strenght
Horshoe (Blue)- Increased critical chance
Crimson knife (Blue)- Lifesteal
Bulldozer (Blue)- Chance to knock back enemies
Sniper Scope (Yellow)- Small chance to deal chunky damage
Adrealine (Yellow)- Falling below 30% of max hp will boost damage
Knuts Hammer (Yellow)- Deals extra electric damage ( And his hammer was elctric)
Wings of glory (Yellow)- Deal bonus damage when falling
Berserk (Yellow)- The lower the health, the higher the damage

Health ups

Broccoli (White)- Health Regeneration
Red pill (White)- Increase max hp
Blue Pill (White)- increased shield
Danis milk (Blue)- More defense? (Stronger bones)
Dracule (Blue)- Permamently increase max hp on kill


Janniks Frog (White)- +1 jump
Sneakers (White)- +Movement speed
Jetpack (White)- Increased Jump Height(To the moon)


Peanut butter (White)- +Stamina
Checkered Shirt (Yellow)- Increased damage to resources
Piggybank (Blue)- Better loot in chests (I’m feeling lucky, time to *hog* all the loot)
If you want to get all Powerups with numbers, you can check out this full list. the new list won’t miss anything.

Thanks to Quacked Up for sharing this great powerups list. enjoy the game

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